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Haz reviews
  • MrFogs
    Very good value for money !
    Very happy with my order the leds are little but they do the job there are really bright, for the price een if the power supply is not included im very happy with my purshase great value for money !
    You need to find the right power supply but when its done its very easy to set up the led strips.

    May 14,2018

  • Eduardo Simiao Come
    Awesome, it's time to make life colorful
    I liked the led and I hated the fact that I have to buy extra item to make it work, you should put the power supply inside and charge a price for that, instead of just put a part of that.
    Works fine, you can see in the pictures above.

    Jul 20,2019

  • Fladramon
    I added 2 meters inside my computer case, it worked FINE with my motherboard. My mobo had 2x led rgb PINS and i could set any light combination from windows desktop. The opther 3x meters i used them in my library

    Nov 22,2018

  • giota6
    very nice
    It's very cheap normal quality just a regular rgb strip light. It is a full set the colors are good and works just fine

    Mar 15,2018

  • Carolyn L Simon
    I've bought multiple of solar string lights from different manufactures, came in a white box, so I was little worried about the quality

    Mar 26,2018

  • David Filipe graça Tavares
    ameei muito
    I chose this classification because the product came impeccable and in good condition did not come with problems.I liked the LED very much, I did not like it, it was just coming from the charger wire, but it was all good .. I recommend this very good store.

    Sep 13,2018

  • Artur
    Лучше бы взял сразу с блоком питания
    не увидел что нету блока питания в комплекте у нас эти блоки стоят дороже чем Лента сама Лента неплохая за свою цену пойдёт

    Jan 05,2019

  • Eric Hornbacher
    These lights really look great around our fountain, small but just the right amount of lighting, worth the small price

    Oct 01,2018

  • Lacie Marie
    Nice bright led lights, the twinkle mode is a nice touch and stay lit until morning I've had them up for about a week

    Feb 12,2018

  • Matixs
    Nice look
    pleasing to the eye
    Easy connection
    minus no Power supply

    Jul 14,2018