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Haz reviews
  • Morgan
    good quality!!!
    I like wearing it with my brown, Nice-looking and stylish leather upper, very durable,This pair of shoes is designed in relying on the good shoe last, and its upper fabric and sole material both are soft and flexible. I get a very comfortable wearing experience.
    None at all

    Jun 09,2018 06:22:20

  • Sung yup
    오래 신을 수 없을 듯한 내구도
    디자인 쓸만하고 발시원하고 좌우로 잘 늘어나서 나름 맞는다
    마감 안좋고 신발 밑창에 보이는 격자 무늬안이 텅텅 비어있다신고다니기에 푹신해서 발은 편하지만 내구도는 의심이 된다

    Jul 26,2018 03:52:18

  • roger
    Der Versand hat zwar etwas länger gedauer habe die Ware aber jetzt erhalten bin mit den Freizeitschuhen zufrieden

    Aug 17,2018 09:54:01

  • Hanspeter Novotny
    Tolle Sommerschuhe
    Leicht wie Sandalen, sind aber keine klassischen “Schlaaapfen“

    Jun 08,2018 22:02:07

  • Hercules
    Good ...modern style Nhjhgfdsertyyuihgfftrrdd
    Nothing ...ghytrfdreswawerdtygftrdfhhjkoiuggbb

    Dec 06,2017 13:11:36