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Haz reviews
  • SmartShopper
    Men British Soft Manual Casual Oxford Shoes - GOLDEN BROWN 44
    Delivery time was excellent, 20 days after dispatch. The price was also very good because of reduced pricing for my particular foot size. Further, I took advantage of another discount for spending more than USD50 in the order. The shoes looked very stylish in the pictures. Was not disappointed after receiving the product. The microfiber upper gives a "smart" suede-looking appearance. With the rubber outsole, the shoes are very light, soft and comfortable. They fit me very well even though I normally require "wide" shoes. A perfect pair of shoes for summer/dry days.

    Dec 17,2018

  • SmartShopper
    Men British Soft Manual Casual Oxford Shoes - BLACK 44
    Delivery time was excellent, 20 days after dispatch. The price was also very good. The black microfiber upper gives a leathery-looking appearance, not as nice as the "suede-look for the "GOLDEN BROWN" shoes. Nevertheless, they are just as comfortable. Some minor fault at the toe areas as the excess materials were trimmed properly; however, that was not a big deal, I fixed that easily with a pair of scissors. Highly recommend and would hope the shoes are very durable!

    Dec 17,2018

  • Александр
    Первое положительное впечатление от упаковки: упакованы в матрас и затем стандартная пупырка. Второе положительное: туфли на ноге как родные. Заказывал размер согласно таблицы соответствия размера в см. Стелька похоже с эффектом массажа, так как в районе носка присутствуют пупырышки. Пока все положительные моменты.

    May 14,2018

  • Eduard
    Casual Shoes
    Nice-looking and stylish leather upper, very durable, too. I like wearing it with my brown, khaki or gray pants. The soles are very comfortable. I am considering buying another pair. More importantly, thanks to it, I’ve got a lot of compliments.

    Jun 14,2018

  • Oliveira
    Sapatos confortáveis
    Sapatos muito bonitos e com bom acabamento, muito confortáveis. A encomenda chegou bem rápido, e tudo como previsto. Até agora sem problemas. Aconselho a quem precisar de material identico a usar este sitio. Muito bom.

    May 10,2019

  • Mike
    Oxford shoe
    Great comfy shoe , ordered another pair ,price is very good and delivery fast , had lots of nice comments and told friends where to buy them

    Jul 13,2018

  • André
    Men British Soft Manual Casual
    Trabalha bem
    é um produto que certamente ficará satisfeito
    Uma qualidade excepcional

    Jul 04,2018

  • Alexei
    Отличные макасины. материал не кожа. запаха выветрился очень быстро, приятные на ощупь. Очень лёгкие. Рекомендую к покупке .Но по скидке . Упакованы достойно, не помялись.
    Минусов за такие смешные деньги нет и быть не может.

    Aug 15,2018

  • Alexei
    отличные туфли. Под джинсы самое оно. Материал не кожа. Носятся не плохо , но только в сухую погоду. Ногам удобно. Брал по скидке за 320 грн. За эти деньги недостатков нет.

    Sep 29,2018

    Love it
    Greeaat Product,received on time,i will be happy again from Gearbest.Thanks a lot!! Happy Customer!!

    May 09,2019