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Haz reviews
  • Tr
    Looks great! Lasts for an overnight ride :) Easy to install :) Uses one std. 18650 cell (NON button top) included :) The higher your MAH, the longer the runtime is :) Definitely worth the 32$ :) To those that cannot get the device recognized once hooked up to your PC: If connected and software shows "No device connected", simply press the reset button on the unit and it will recognize the unit and allow image creation/uploading :) Have fun riding! ;)
    Need to be traveling pretty quick to see the images fully, being only two light bars per side :( The images also tend to be sideways when displayed :( Does NOT allow user gifs to be added (unlike other competing products at twice the cost) as it only accepts its own default gifs that come with the software :) It only displays 8 bit images and black is alpha/transparent, so, be warned that any images with black in them, the black will NOT be visible (it will be transparent/alpha) :) It only allows 18 frames to be stored, limiting your selections, ESPECIALLY if you add a gif as each frame of the gif is counted against the 18 total images allowed :)

    Jul 28,2017

  • ShadeWolf
    Bicycle Light
    1 -Fast Shipping! 2 -Excellent product. 3.- Easy installation and programming.(Gif- and picture) 4.-Easy to use software- 5-Guaranteed to attract the eyes in the night and liven up the atmosphere of cycling. ;);) 6.-I recommend both adults kids. 7. *****5 STAR!!!
    - Not found!

    Aug 14,2015

  • Ivan
    Отличная светодиодная подстветка
    + Самый главный плюс, заставляет крутить педали более тщательно, что бы окружающие увидели полный рисунок, из за этого езда становится более интенсивной, и не дает тебе отдохнуть, и ты понимаешь что способен на большее.+ Можно загружать свои изображения.+ Пользуюсь уже второй сезон, нареканий нет.
    Минусов нет.

    Jun 30,2018

  • Gilberto Castro
    Buen producto
    El producto me agrado mucho, es de muy buen material, el precio pues digamos razonable por que lo encontre con descuento, se ve bastante bien al andar con ella, en general si se recomienda comprarlos mas el para para que uzca completamente la bicicleta
    El software fue un poco complicado instalarlo ya que viene en chino y pues alguien que no lo comprende pues si es dificil poderlo instalar correctamente, para quien lo ocupe como recomendacion instalelo como administrador para que no tenga problemas en ejecutarlo, otro contra es que aun que compre la version mas chica en cuestion de lo largo deberian de hacer una regleta aun mas pequeña por lo menos de unos 5 cm menos para que se pueda instalar en bicicletas mas pequeñas .

    Nov 18,2015

  • Aironesbt
    Ottimo prodotto.. come da descrizione.. grazie al software è possibile inserire qualsiasi immagine.. oggetto veramente bello per rendere unica la bici.. consiglio a tutti.. spedizione regolare..!

    Sep 14,2019

  • Nikolai
    Bicycle Wheel light
    Received in good condition. Tested-ok, At the moment not installed. Pictures attached. Thank you.
    Received in good condition. Tested-ok, At the moment not installed. Pictures attached. Thank you.

    Feb 13,2016

  • katherine
    yes yes gearbest i already wrote a review bout these LED wheel lights, but it never showed up. they are pretty cool and they didnt take long to arrive. thanku☺ happy customer

    Nov 05,2015

  • Ronald Marinier
    Awesome display, work like a charm, very easy to install, long life battery didn't need to charge it since I've got it 3 weeks ago. Very easy to install new design.
    Little disk witch may malfuntion if not carefull installing in drive reader, I have copied and put the program on my hard drive and didn't had any problem since. MAKE SURE WINDOWS DO NOT UPDATE THE PROGRAM, disconnect from internet when opening the program or windows will try to update it.

    Jul 24,2016

  • emily1191
    Amusing product
    Good product! it worth the price paid. DIY programming that can make any picture on to my bike,really love it. Cool accessory for my bike.
    no cons

    Aug 18,2015

  •   Sean
    Absolutely amazing colors Easy to set up Package complete with everything you need High quality
    No cons

    Jul 18,2015