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  • ShoperReviewer
    LED Flashlights bike bicycle 2000LM
    EN:Small size. The length of the power cable from the full-sized USB = 110 cm (this is enough from steering the bicycle to the seat to connect to the powerbank in the bike bag).The outer shell is metal. Two bright white light LEDs. Adjusts the brightness of the glow by 3 levels. The button is rubberized. There is an indicator of power supply to the cable.Two hose clamps silicone. Larger and shorter lengths for different bike handlebars.RU:Небольшие габариты. Длина кабеля питания от полноразмерного USB = 110 см (этого хватает от руля велосипеда до сидения, чтобы подключить к powerbank в вело сумке).Внешний корпус металлический. Два ярких светодиода белого света. Регулируется яркость свечения на 3 уровня. Кнопка переключения прорезинена. Есть индикатор подключения питания к кабелю. Два хамута крепления силикон. Большей и меньшей длины для разного диаметра руля велосипеда.UA:Невеликі габарити. Довжина кабелю живлення від повнорозмірного USB = 110 см (цього вистачає від керма велосипеда до сидіння, щоб підключити до powerbank в вело сумці).Зовнішній корпус металевий. Два яскравих світлодіода білого світла. Регулюється яскравість світіння на 3 рівні. Кнопка перемикання прогумована. Є індикатор підключення живлення до кабелю.Два хамут кріплення силікон. Більшої і меншої довжини для різного діаметру керма велосипеда.

    Sep 13,2018

  • firefly
    Great torch for dark night journeys
    Arrived in two weeks. I tried it right away in a dark night and as you can see, the result is awesome. It shines like a star. It has three levels of intensity and the lowest one is enough to bright a night to be able to see but I of course recomend to use higher level to feel comfortable. Anyway, it gets pretty hot after few minutes of working but if you ride a bike it cools down...I guess. I have not tried it yet on my bike.

    Sep 13,2018

  • Light up Cincy
    This is by far the best lighting for tents, I have a lantern also but the light is very dim and spread out and is really a frustrating form of light, on this unit the headband and harness is very good quality, the actual light itself is powerful and the low setting is more than enough light, I would imagine the higher settings are for trail hiking possibly, I can't imagine ever needing the high setting while inside the tent

    Aug 12,2016

  • Paul Cohen
    I've used these on several camping trips and they've become an essential item in my pack, with the different lighting settings these can be used to read in the dark and not strain my eyes and also provide plenty of brightness while walking in the dark, I haven't quite figured out what I would need the blinking red lights for other than creeping out nearby campers, these are a good value purchase

    May 17,2018

  • Dawn Goswami
    I have low vision and this is really handy for tasks in low light, my hands are free for whatever I am doing, my head is on the small side but the adjustable elastic band stays put, medium and high beam, and then two flashing red lights to be visible at night while jogging, my only complaints are the high beam is not enough for walking outdoors in the dark

    Mar 22,2017

  • Max Smith
    I bought this item in order to be able to see in low lighting conditions or when the electricity is shut off such as doing electrical fixes, I had originally thought of a few uses but I've come up with a lot more uses since the product is easy to use, it is light weight and bright enough to light up any specific area

    Jul 16,2018

  • Mindaugas
    Very good choose
    This lamp is a very good choose for bike riders. I often use it outdoors. Connecting my power bank and go nicely with light in a front of me :) Also I think that this specific lamp does not take a lot of energy from power bank, because it can keep light from a 20 000 mAh power source a very long time and that is super !

    Jul 18,2019

  • Ricardo Rodrigues
    Pequena e potente Lanterna LED para bicicleta de alimentação externa
    Muito boa e potente. Alimentada via ficha USB por uma bateria externa ou através da porta de carregamento USB que algumas bicicletas eléctricas possuem. O corpo é em alumínio o que é bom para dissipar calor, mas no teste que fiz não aqueceu um grau. É um produto que recomendaria sem reservas a um amigo

    Oct 28,2018

  • Bogdan J
    This is the best
    Arrived in 10 days to Romania, which was a great surprise. I have parcels not received since 2 months ago, on paid shipping.The light is as strong as car's.It works nice on small powerbanks that can be fixed on the handlebars
    It gets pretty hot after 15 minutes.

    Feb 16,2018

  • TMacK
    Or just outright awful ... Myself on the other hand have seen only the good side to this product, :All of the headlamps I received worked perfectly, battery life is quite superb, but I would recommend rechargeable batteries, because as soon as the batteries start to die the light dims down

    Oct 01,2018