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  • Niko
    Good VR helmet.
    Used it for few days, and i can say its pretty good VR helmet, price is good, quality of the build is also good. I'll definitely recommend this one to my friends.
    Its a bit heavy, but just slightly.

    Dec 20,2016

  • jalal
    Good Gearbest Top
    Thnkas You Gesr Best I lOve You Thanks You I am Good Top Site GearBes
    Thnkas You Gesr Best I lOve You Thanks You I am Good Top Site GearBest

    Dec 02,2016

  • alex
    Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses with Remote Controller - COLORMIX WITH REMOTE CONTROLLER 17
    hi all,
    yesterday received my new toy:)
    good packing, no damages, but box was sealed with standart packing band (either by Gerabest either by producer)
    tested with my Samsung s9+, despite producers description that this model is for mobiles with screen up to 6.2", my Samsung did not fit properly in the nest. with first run (on Fulldive VR) it takes time for your eyes to get used to 3D, so image was blurred a bit, and adjustment by instruction does not helped well. So small text and images are barely recognisable. Also earphones jack is located only on one side, and is not allowing to fit it well in you Samsung S9+ (and also with Samsung S6) because in that position, your phone screen is not turning.
    It sits well on your head, very comfortable, but there is a huge con!: it do press on your nose with all weight of the mobile+VR box, so at the end you feel like punched by Tyson :) so it doesn't allow you to use it more then an hour.
    coming to remote control: there is no apps for it, neither on producer website, neither in the search . So when you setup your VR with QR code in instruction (by the way QR code is so bad printed, I had to find it in internet) it sets up for a different model then Z4 (and does not have remote control)

    Resuming: it is a good toy for your first testing VR. but later go to more pro models :)

    Sep 18,2018

  • andrey
    bobovr z4
    Отличные (даже наверно лучшие) очки виртуально реальности, до 30$! Главное их преимущество - это хорошие высококачественные линзы с углом обзора в 120 градусов! Боковых рамок почти не видно, они очень маленькие. (можно даже сказать, что их нет!). Так-же могу отметить, что встроенные наушники, тоже достаточно хорошие. По крайней мере, для youtube и vr игр - большего и не нужно=) Очки на голове сидят очень удобно. Регулировок на ремешках хватает, весят они немного и голова совсем не устаёт, в процессе погружения в виртуальную реальность. А кожанная отделка частей где очки прилегают к лицу, ощутимо добавляет комфорта. + Хочу дополнить, что голова и лицо в них не потеет! Вентиляция здесь продумана превосходно! С моим телефоном xiaomi mi5 (5.15дюймов, full hd) - совместимость оцениваю в 100%. =) Пульт идущий в комплекте, подключается по bluetooth как устройство ввода. И на экране телефона может отображать указатель мышки. С google daydream - не совместим (впрочем, что и не удивительно)). Но с google cardboard и daydream youtube VR - крайне удобен!
    P.s: крайне рекомендую именно эти
    За эту цену для таких очков, и понимая, что это за технология - считаю, что их нет!

    Если писать об общих недостатках, то они присутсвуют у абсолютно всех моделей очков, выполненных по данной технологии(где дисплеем является экран телефона). После продолжительного использования (более нескольких часов) может появиться усталость, головкружение или даже головная боль. Но у этой модели, эти недостатки сведены к минимуму, засчёт широкого угла обзора. И если делать перерывы, и не сидеть в них по многу часов - эти недостатки ника не буду проявляться. (повторюсь, что это не недостатки данной модели очков, а всей технологии в целом). Я же, bobovr z4 - доволен. P.s: поигравшись с этой технологией, мне это очень понравилось... Теперь даже подумываю, начать копить на htc vive :D

    May 11,2017

  • David Jareson
    Xiazohai BOBOVR Z4 VR Glasses Review
    'Before I start, I just got my pair today and have to say they have met all my expectations form what I've seen said about the prouduct and own observation, so lets get to the review.'

    The BOBOVR Z4 are an excellent entery level VR glasses for those who want to get a good starting grip in the VR world, here are the Pros:

    +Great feeling material coating on the visors and on the velcro strips.
    +IPhone 6 runs flawlessly with them.
    +Has a QR code included for easy adjusment of the screens in apps and games.
    +Lenses don't tire the eyes as much as other VR Glasses.
    +Comes with a moderate level earphones.
    +Straping the Glasses on and adjusting the velcro is easy.

    Overall a great pair of VR Glasses for the price of 25-30$, Couldn't ask for more.
    As of now there are no cons I can think about, but I do recommand using the glasses in a dark room because light can get in easily from the top of the phone chamber.

    Aug 15,2016

  • Giuseppe
    BOBOVR Z4 3D
    ordinato il 04/07 e arrivato il 15/07 veramente veloci calcolando la spedizione per l'italia. già possessore del bobo z3 ero un po' perplesso ad ordinare lo z4 ,per via di un esperienza un po deludente del predecessore,ma vedendo le ottime recezioni ho deciso di ordinarlo.
    devo dire che il miglioramento c'e' stato, ora c'e una visione più immersiva ,anche se le lenti a mio parere ingrandiscono di piu' lo schermo facendo apparire un po' di più i pixel . il reparto cuffie devo dire che non ho avuto problemi ,sia con il filo ( possessore di un lg g3 ) che opposto al ingresso del jack ,quello arrivatomi ha un filo più lungo e ci arriva senza problemi .Ottimi le regolazioni per la messa a fuoco e distanza inter pupillare.
    nel complesso ottimo visore anche in qualita' del costo veramente irrisorio.

    Jul 17,2016

  • Luca
    Visore eccellente!
    Spedizione veloce ed oggetto veramente di ottima qualità (soprattutto considerando il prezzo)! Lenti come pure le cuffie (non capisco davvero chi si lamenta di un comparto audio simile ad un simile prezzo)... Il telecomando bluetooth è facile da usare e molto comodo, io lo uso anche per il pc.. Probabilmente mi aspettavo una qualità video migliore, ma in questo caso credo che non dipenda dal visore o dalla sua qualità ma più che altro dagli smartphone attualmente presenti sul mercato: ho provato il visore con alcuni top gamma, di marca diversa, e i pixel sono sempre visibili.. In ogni caso niente di grave e nessun difetto dovuto al visore secondo me! Lo consiglio assolutamente a chi si vuole avvicinare alla realtà virtuale, il rapporto qualità prezzo è davvero ottimo!
    spedizione perfetta e prodotto come da descrizione, ottimo lavoro gearbest!

    Jan 11,2017

  • burak
    Order cancel - Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses with Remote Controller
    lens are high quality
    pupils cane be adjusted and fit almost everyone
    There is an OK button at bottom which helps you proceed during games
    Headbands are adustable too
    Right next to phone case is a 3.5mm jack .This jack enables you to use built-in headphones and sound quality is better than my expectation
    There 2 holes along the sides of cover that enable us to charge our phone or use another headphone
    Product is made of high quality material and still its lightweight
    Headphones are adjustable too
    Remote controller helps you experince 3d vr without any intervention
    Sun light cause us see phone's case and it is disturbing to see it

    Jul 23,2016

    Nice in every aspect
    Easy to use.
    High quality plastics and leather in contact with the person.
    Very well integrated speakers with surround feeling.
    Easy adjustment lenses and mobile.
    Does not tire the eyes after one hour.
    Have good ventilation.
    Well Packed.
    The product is such that the description.
    The quality exceeds the price.
    The sound is better than expected.
    Actually it's a good VR with good price.
    I recommend for sure.

    Aug 16,2016

  • Muneer Ahmad
    Amazing VR
    Absolutely unbelievable, it's like setting in a cinema. There is a huge improvement from my noton Vr.

    The headphones and controller are a huge plus. The focus Adjustment is a huge option that was lacking in my noton.

    This is sooo much more comfortable than my noton vr, its doesnt get fatigued and i watched a whole 2 hr movie in it, i couldn't use my noton for more then 20min.
    Nothing i can find yet.

    Jul 14,2016