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  • Hefu
    Best purchase so far
    I wanted a robot for a long time now. I watched several reviews online and read a lot about different robots from different companies. Since I am from Germany we also have several companies who are building robots itsself. I only know about Xiaomi from a friend so I was curious to find out, what this brand was all about. Because of the high prices of the products of German companies Xiaomi presents at least taking the price into consideration a good solution. So after watching a couple of videos the S50 was the best robot in the year 2018. So I thought lets try it. I found a really good deal which was offering shipzment to germany from Germany so very short period. I orered it and everything went fine with the payment. The robot arrived 4 days after my payment and I am fully satisfied. the config the app and the robot are very easy and of high quality. I am very happy with the cleaning process so I would definitly recommend to buy it!

    Jun 18,2019

  • Alexandre
    Efficace et régulier
    Voilà un Robot qui fait son taf sans rechigner !Je vous le conseille vivement pour autant que vous ayez la majeure partie de votre habitation qui soit de plain pied, sans marche ou différence de niveau. Il permet de gagner deux bonnes heures par semaine et nous oblige à être plus vigilant dans la tenue de notre foyer, en effet s'il traîne des choses par terre, il est moins efficace. Un petit reproche à l'application, je n'ai pas encore trouvé comment créer et enregistrer plusieurs pièces à vivre différentes. Effectivement le réservoir à poussière est un peu petit ce qui oblige à vérifier régulièrement s'il ne faut pas le vider, mais je n'y vois pas d'inconvénient.Trouvez lui un petit nom, c'est plus vivant et permet de le remercier s'il a fait un bon travail :-) nous l'avons appelé Rocco.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Joanne Kelsen
    So far so good!!
    This vacuum cleaner is just wonderful and that’s exactly what I was looking for. The first day collected so much dust and hair from the floor that the dust bin was full after one hour of operation, I didn't know I was losing so much hair before. Today in its second round was less dust to vacuum so you can see how effective it is. It went under the bed in the room, between chairs, in the bathroom, closet, and kitchen.....I walked behind it to see how it behaved, works exactly as the control I gave it on my phone. For the clean effect, this thing works as advertised, nothing to complain about.With the price point, I hope it has durability, but so far, I’m very satisfied.

    May 31,2019

  • stempi
    Good choice
    Received in two days after purchase (DE-PL). I do not have any experience with such device. First automatic vacuum cleaner I bought.Great device - was really afraid how will it work. If dust collection will work fine. After few firs uses I would say great WOW! It collected so much dust! It works when I am out of home so need to be careful not to leave something stupid on a floor what will block wheels of cleaner. No need to run it every day. Every second day is enough. Mopping function works also fine for me. Clear application. I am really satisfied of S50 Vacuum cleaner

    Aug 04,2019

  • Marlon Walker
    Quite nicely surprised!
    The Xiaomi S50 smart robot vacuum cleaner is absolutely worth the price! Today was the second day I use this vacuum cleaner. It charges maybe about four hours and that lasts for a long time of operation. I can control its clean area on my mobile phone via APP, the operation is sooo easy just like playing a game. The special filter design makes it awesome at control the water flow, sweep & mop, using all-round close water tank, evenly clean the floor. 2000Pa super suction brings brilliant performance, this little robot has gone all around my apartment and has made my self-esteem regarding how clean I thought I was going down below the minimums.

    May 31,2019

  • Michael Ernest
    Works great
    When my wife and I started our robot vacuum cleaner search, we needed one cleaner that was quiet and able to control by phone. This one fit our needs perfectly and has a stylish appearance.Here are some pros on how things have been over the last two weeks:- It's very quiet! I was blown away at how quiet yet powerful this vacuum is in a quiet setting.- It fits perfectly under our kitchen table, and it finds its way out even tho there are only two places it could get in/out.- It picks up quite a lot of dust. I empty out the bin about every other run because it’s so full.- As the vacuum is cleaning, you can watch it map out where it's been through the mobile app.

    Jun 04,2019

  • Patrick
    Vom ersten Moment an begeistert!
    Ich finde bisher einfach nichts auszusetzen. Direkt nach dem auspacken haben wir den RoboRock einmal die komplette Wohnung saugen lassen, die Route und das Mapping funktionieren super, es wird keine Stelle ausgelassen. Auch die Saugkraft überzeugt, ob feiner Staub oder größere Krümel, alles ist weg. Für 50qm hat der Roboter knapp 40min. gebraucht und von Anfang bis Ende alles selbstständig durchgezogen. Wir hätten nicht gedacht das so viel Staub anfällt, aber das zeigt, dass er wirkungsvoll ist. Wir sind begeistert, auch von der Bedienung der App und der Steuerung über Amazon Echo. Wir werden das Gerät auf jeden Fall empfehlen und noch viel Freude daran haben!

    Jun 13,2019

  • Mark
    Very good
    Fast shipping,IT works. Funny drive on the flat.A little bit loud but this is not a problem.Somethimes it don't know what to do but work and clean.The package come very well Packed. Without using knife It's imposible to open.Thank you. A New Toy will works perfect.The wather option not tested yet.

    Aug 06,2019

  • GPM
    Awesome Vacuum at a fair price
    Very good robot. App works like a charm. All the bells and whistles from a more expensive one. Can get on top of carpets with ease. Can schedule times for clean ups for specific times, it will clean the whole house and then come back to the dock to charge itself. If it runs out of battery during the clean up, it will recharge itself and continue where it was.Has several clean power modes (from loud to quiet). All round awesome robot vacuum!

    Sep 12,2019

  • Zdravko B
    Great Xiaomi robot
    Roborock arrived quick and everything was ok. Seller responds fast on any questions, but asked for extra money for shipping to Croatia after itemwas already paid for.Robot works great and it is easy to set up. I would definitely recommend it.

    Sep 19,2019