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  • Josephine
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    Exactly what I needed
    I purchased this due to the fact of air quality in my town due to refinary's and also the multitudes of fires burning in California at any given time lately. What I was surprised to find that my own house was polluted due to the fact that due to the fires we were keeping our house shut down tight. Due to all the products that gas off (I'm just learning this) in any persons home, it is best to have a fresh air supply available via open windows "daily" with fresh air or a good quality air purifier to clean a shut up house when avoiding pollutants outside. This meter has been a true life saver to me. The best part is that you can pretty quickly discover how good or bad air quality is anywhere you go. I'm not easy to please, this monitor has really helped.

    Mar 25,2019

  • Lester
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    Very Nice
    I was having trouble with severe eye irritation. It would go away if I slept with the window by my bed open. I left the windows open in the house overnight to clear out the pollution. By the end of the day the gunk in my eyes would make it impossible to read or use the computer. I used the air quality monitor to "sniff" out the sources (there were several) of the TVOC and formaldehyde and got them out of my house. Plastic containers (not food grade) and garden chemicals...laundry detergent in a plastic bottle. All were stored in the laundry room, which made it easier to find them. Life is much nicer now!

    Jul 01,2019

  • Blithe Henrietta
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    truly amazing
    My house is recently renovated, I was serious about the air quality because I have kids.This monitor does the job well and gives me good insight into my indoor air quality. And it is very lightweight and very easy to use. A must for anyone cares about clean air. Monitoring the air quality in a newly built/remodeled home is very important for my family so I search online and finally find this device with relatively low price and good quality. It can detect both HCHO and TVOC level within such little device, which is truly amazing.

    Mar 15,2019

  • Lyndon
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    Pleasantly suprised
    Global climate change has changed our environment forever. Forest wildfires are all around us. We bought an Air Scrubber for our furnace to clean our indoor air from particulate matter. It seemed to work but did it really? So I bought an air quality monitor. The device works as described on the website. This is just what I wanted to do. So, this is high praise from me. I compared air quality readings from inside and outside the house and yes our indoor air quality was better. Thank you for your product.

    Jul 03,2019

  • Emma Warren
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    This PM2.5 PM10 air quality monitor, very good!
    I just moved in a house and need a small equipment to monitor the air quality inside. Very easy to use. It monitors the air quality in my house, especially in my basement. Good Product, easy to use and shows the precise data. This portable monitor measures HCHO and TVOC easily, happy or sad face shows the pollution level, small enough to test the air quality anytime and anywhere. highly recommended.This is good quality monitor for PM2.5 Air Pollution Detector

    Jun 17,2019

  • Robert Morton
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    Simple but Powerful Monitor
    I like this device and can track my air quality in the house. I spend most of my time inside and it is interesting to see how much of a difference having a monitor makes you think about indoor air quality. I notice how much cooking will raise pollution levels and try to use my Atem to reduce particles and CO2. It also show weather and outside air quality which is nice. It's a nice display and works very well for me.

    Jul 17,2019

  • Virgil Giles
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    Works great!
    This has been awesome. We're having our basement finished and it's nice to be able to see when work is getting done and when we need to turn on the air purifiers. It updates quickly, and seems dead accurate. We love the ability to get notifications when the AQI goes over a user-defined threshold so we don't have to always check on it. A fantastic device if you care about your air quality.

    Aug 12,2019

  • Cliff Moses
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    I can't say enough good things about this monitor, it shows the time, particle levels, temperature, humidity and outside air quality .The monitor also shows the CO2 levels, so I know when I should open the windows. Having more fresh air has helped my asthma a lot. Now I feel I am in control of my indoor air quality.

    Jun 03,2019

  • Jacob Steinbeck
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    It's worth the recommendation.
    My house is undergoing remodeling and I would like to have some idea of the air quality change, so I bought this monitor. It is fairly easy to operate. It shows the precise data and indicates the pollution level by a happy face or a sad face with or without an alarm. The price is also very affordable.

    Sep 10,2019

  • Faithe Sally
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    Highly recommend it.
    I bought a product to replace a similar but larger thermometer, and ended up with an alarm function that I don't need or want, I don't know how to reset the time. I will study it slowly, except that I want it to be more functional, then it is absolutely perfect, so I can see the screen further.

    Sep 11,2019