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  • Bruno
    Best phone for the price
    No other phone can beat the speed, functions and design with a low price like this. I was looking between ZUK Z2 and Mi5, but I decided to go for Mi5 Pro because it have an awesome premium design and sturdiness. I'm coming from Galaxy S4 and this is the best phone I ever had, the difference on performance and battery life is like night to day.

    My country (like most) doesn't have this phone avaliable, so now every place I go somebody notices my phone and ask where I bought or how good it looks (specially the back, because it looks like an iPhone lol). Really, I don't regreat my buy and recommend it to anyone, even the non-Pro version. In the future my next buy will certainly be a Xiaomi phone.
    No overall cons, but I was surprised that the phone is not MHL compatible, don't have USB3 speeds (the provided cable is Type-C to USB2, but I tested with an USB3 cable) and besides MIUI having good built-in funtions and easyness, also have some bugs (Global ROM

    Apr 09,2017

  • Yuriy
    Xiaomi Mi5 4/128 Excl. Edition Ceramic
    - Качество сборки.
    - Эргономика (берешь в руки и потом не хочется отпускать). Идеально сидит в руке. Для меня важно, т.к. не люблю лопаты, а тут 5,15 дюймов и очень хорошая компактность.
    - Керамическая задняя панель (правда только в топовой версии 4/128).
    - Дизайн больше плюс, чем минус (напрягает только излишняя маркость).
    - Соотношение цена / качество. С кэшбэком мне обошелся в 380 долл!
    - Быстродействие колоссальное (опять же из-за топовой версии 4 Гб оперативной).
    - Отсутствие слота памяти с 128 Гб на борту не напрягает вовсе.
    - Экран большой и сочный.
    - Камера достойная.
    - Маркость корпуса.
    - Прошивка, которая установлена по умолчанию. Если не пользовались ранее MIUI, то можно подумать что то "китайское" ПО которое стоит и есть родной MIUI. На самом деле была установлено крайне косячное ПО, которое не позволяло нормально пользоваться телефоном - вылеты, зависания, не работала часть функций, кривой перевод на русский. Потребовалось много времени (т.к. ранее этим никогда не занимался и пришлой изучать мат. часть) на поиск верного решения и установку нормального заводского ПО, которое работает стабильно и обновляется по воздуху (статья в помощь
    Стоит отметить, что я написал в поддержку претензию и Gearbest компенсировали мне часть моих затрат по решению вопроса с ПО.
    В этом плане претензий к магазину НЕТ.

    Mar 30,2017

  • Andrea
    best smartphone i've seen
    The phone arrives in a very simple but original packaging. The phone is gorgeous, thin and the ceramic back cover has a beautiful effect. The technical specifications are top of the range, and the miui is an excellent rom optimized on this terminal. It has a snapdragon 820, shermo 5.15 "and a brightness to say the least good.The camera has the OIS and the difference is seen.Running and fast in all conditions, UFS 2.0 memories make you feel the difference.
    very delicate

    Dec 18,2017

  • Mi5 Pro Ceramic
    Beauty & Performance
    The best looking in the market. Strong and scratch-proof. Ceramic Body and GGlass 4. The Best. Right size 5.2 inch
    One of top performance CPU, Memory, Graphics. Plenty of space to keep applications and data - 128GB
    Plenty of high-speed memory to run everything smoothly. Front fingerprint detects easy and fast.
    Screen size, bright and 4K image, wonderful. Pretty smooth operating system shell Miui.
    Good and well-balanced camera. Good battery with Fast charge.
    none till now

    Mar 28,2017

  • Ulisses
    Best phone of the world
    One of the best smartphones of the moment and will be for a long time.
    The Pro version has the big difference of the back being in ceramic.
    And Gearbest has ceramic White.
    If you buy the ceramic white and it comes in a white box, you can make sure it's the pro glass.
    The rear is quite different and the device weighs 20 grams more.

    Oct 28,2016

  • Juan Lopez
    Beautiful phone
    You can see the quality in the materials and in the construction. The ceramic cover is lovely, but slippery, you need to buy a protective cover or it will fall from your hands .. Fast and friendly version of Android, MIUI. In fact, has many opcions that you have to install separately as apps if you have a plain Android.
    The ceramic covery: lovely, and scratch-proof as they say, but without

    Mar 16,2017

  • Fernando Lemos
    MI5 PRÓ 4 GB RAM 128 GB ROM
    Produto excelente, leve, preço acessível em comparação aos TOPS de linha. O smartphone mais lindo e sensível do mundo. Ele é tudo que se fala de bom. Câmera excelente, desempenho, fluidez, rápido, bateria dura em média 4 a 5 horas de uso de tela, e da pra passar o dia inteiro sem carregar a não ser que use 5 horas seguidas, mas a vantagem é carregar em 1 hora e meia com o carregador original. Sem dúvidas Recomendo.
    sensível, comprem uma capa que aguente queda. Eu só deixei cair uma vez da altura da cadeia mas não quebrou. fora isso nenhum contra!

    Jul 06,2017

  • Andrea
    This phone is amazing, the best phone I have ever had.
    Miui is crazy good and clean, great looking.
    the ceramic body is incredible, I have no words, way better than I have ever thought just by watching reviews on youtube.

    Nov 30,2016

  • Oleg K
    XiaoMi Mi5 5.15 inch 3D ceramic body
    I like! All the "plus" ... Smart, sensitive, a day of work - 35% of the charge, writes that he is ready to work another 1 day and 19 hours, the time of full charging from 4%, less than two hours ... yes! Hotspot is working fine.
    The cost is big, this "minus" .... I was lucky, I bought for an adequate price.

    Apr 30,2017

  • Stefano
    Xiaomi Mi5 4/128gb Ceramic Black
    Avevo già acquistato mesi fa, lo stesso dispositivo, in un'altro sito. Lo ho usato per circa sei.prima che mi cadesse, per rompersi. Devo dire che è il migliore telefono che abbia mai prodotto Xiaomi. Leggero, veloce, batteria che dura fino a sera, fotocamera fantastica. Lo consiglio
    Nessun difetto, solo pregi.

    May 16,2018