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Haz reviews
  • Carlos
    Works !!
    Small. The software was easy to install. The 5 ghz band works really fast. Incredible speeds !!
    So far i have any.

    Nov 23,2017

    Dual band wifi adapter
    Unfortunately can't use the cd to install the drivers on a tablet. However, the wifi adapter still works with my tablet but it does not work to its full capacity.
    No cons

    Mar 27,2018

  • Antonio
    Fantastic piece of technology
    Nice little adapter, very convenient for daily usage. If works perfectly with Windows 10, and improved drasticaly my wifi connection. I use it with my laptop and also with my tablet with the proper mini USB converter.
    none so far

    Mar 14,2017

  • emanuele fotia
    works well with windows, even without installing the provided drivers, android doesn't recognize it though. With my laptop that doesnt support 5ghz wifi band the difference shows, like 3 times faster. it's very stable
    doesn't support android, at least I could not make my tablet see it

    Dec 09,2017

  • Mike
    Can't say much considering the price point it's a good value, it does what it says plain and simple with a good range of wifi and download speed since I use it mainly for streaming movie from a media server on my lan.

    May 04,2019

  • CDA Tech
    WS - WN681A1 Adapter
    I have a couple of different adapters but this one definitely works best. Stable 5G connection with good throughput speed

    Dec 06,2018

  • Gonçalo
    Good item
    Really usefull, everything works perfect! With a cd to install and then you just need to put the pen and work on.
    Really usefull, everything works perfect! With a cd to install and then you just need to put the pen and work on.

    Mar 08,2018

  • Carlo Moro
    Good signal reception Has 5ghz support Portable Plug and play

    May 31,2017

  • Roberto Luis
    Funciona como descrito
    Rapido e funcional alem de pequeno. Aumentou minha velocidade máximo até o contratado pelo provedor de internet. Antes meu note chega a somente 36Mb e agora chega a 60Mb. Valeu a pena.
    Nada contra. Funciona como deve.

    Apr 25,2018

  • Lada
    WS - WN681A1 WiFi Adapter
    Fast and reliable 5GHz Easy installation in Windows10 Acceptable price
    I do not know about any

    Jan 07,2018