MGCOOL Explorer Pro 30fps Cámara Deportiva 4K
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MGCOOL Explorer Pro 30fps Cámara Deportiva 4K

- NEGRO 212262901

Explora Maravillas en Gran Angular de 170 Grados. Capture Momentos de Cámara Lenta de Lapso de Tiempo!
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Principales Características:
Equipado con el chip Allwinner V3 , presenta vídeos de 4K / 30fps de alta calidad
IMX179 sensor de imagen , funciona bien en condiciones de poca luz, la velocidad del marco y el consumo de energía
Lente 6G "sharkeye" , corrección de distorsión
170 grados ultra gran angular
Soporta la función de disparo entiempo-lapsoycámara lenta
Con el módulo WiFi integrado, "MGCOOL Explorer Pro" APPcontrol
Batería de iones de litio 1050mAh extraíble
Estuche impermeable IP68 de 30 m



Aplicación: Deportes extremos,Ski,Submarino
Nombre de la marca: MGCOOL
Chipset: Allwinner V3
Circuito integrado auxiliar: Allwinner
Características: Inalámbrico
Funciones: Lapso de Tiempo,Impenetrable,Wifi
Modelo: Explorer Pro
Tipo: cámara Deportes
Tipo de Cámara Fotográfica: 4K


Requisitos de habilitación de clase: Clase 10 o por encima
Tarjeta externa: TF 64G(no includo)


Pantalla: Con Pantalla
Tamaño: 320x240
Tamaño de Pantalla: 2.0 pulgadas
Tipo de Pantalla: TFT


Capacidad de Batería (mAh): 1050mAh
Tipo de Batería: removible
Modo de Carga: Carga USB por PC
Tiepo de carga: 2,5 h
Tiempo en espera: 2h
Tiempo de Trabajo: 100 minutos a 4K

Información Principal

Lente de cámara: gran angular de 170 grados
Diámetro de la lente: 20mm


Formato del imagen: JPEG
Formato de vídeo: WMV
Velocidad de fotogramas de vídeo: 120 fps,30FPS,60FPS
Resolusión del video: 1920 x 1080,2.7K (2688 x 1520),4K (3840 x 2160),1280 x 480


Lenguas (Idiomas): Inglés,Francés,Alemán,Italiano,japonés,coreano,polaco,Portugués,Ruso,chino simplificado,Español,Chino tradicional
Visión nocturna: No
Lapso de tiempo: Sí
Resistente al agua: 30m ( con funda impermeable )
Impermeable: Sí
Clasificación impermeable: IP68
WiFi: Sí
WiFi Distancia: 13m
Tiempo de la toma de Fotografías: Sí
Enfoque Automático: No
Anti-vibración: No
Fotografía Aérea: No


Tamaño de paquete: 11,90 x 11,90 x 11,60 cm / 4,69 x 4,69 x 4,57 pulgadas
Peso de Paquete: 0,4800 kg
Tamaño del producto(largo×ancho×alto): 5,90 x 2,90 x 4,10 cm / 2,32 x 1,14 x 1,61 pulgadas
Peso de Producto: 0,0650 kg

Contenido de Paquete

Contenido del Paquete: 1 x MGCOOL Explorer Pro Cámara de Acción con Funda Impermeable, 1 x Soporte para Cámara, 1 x Clip, 1 x Cable de Datos USB ( 72cm ), 1 x Soporte para Bicicletas, 2 x Base de Casco, 1 x Conector + Tornillo, 1 x Manual de Usuario en Inglés

Explora Maravillas en Gran Angular de 170 Grados. Capture Momentos de Cámara Lenta de Lapso de Tiempo!

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  • mgcool explorer pro
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    Best part of a drone
    On paper this looked good value for money. Given a sale price it was a bargain.Having the mgcool brand behind it was reassuring as were the large volume of reviews of it. I could be sure I would get what I paid for, perhaps more so than for bigger brands which, trading on their name, are more prone to fakes.Anyway,decent sensor, tickwide angle, tickhardare assisted, hi-def, H264 video compression, tickThe lens quality is harder to quantify but reviews were positive as was my experience. I have bought cheaper cameras before and the lens was what would let down an otherwise solid speck, by, for example tending to ridiculous sphere-like wide angle distortions.The wi-fi works okay although if I were reviewing the app I would have only given 3 out of 5.

    Nov 14,2018 08:57:37

  • Md Sabir ali
    Sí (2) Color: Black
    Best 4k Camera Forever
    when this camera launched from that day i want to buy this because it has some good advantage which i can not find in any other 4k camera with the similar price.i as using this camera now a days and i will make full review.i will explain you the advantage for mgcool explorer pro. 1. it is coming with 2 year warranty from mgcool which will be a big advantage for us. 2. it has 4k recording with 30fps. 3. the battery is better than other cam. 4. the 1050mah battery can make 4k recording upto 100 minutes. 5. it has shark lens which is good for clear,good and full images. other than this all are same like other cam with the same range action camera.but i will tell you one thing that if you will buy this camera in this price then you will never regret.
    i did not find any cons for it but if i want to say something about cons then i will say that it is coming with limited usable accessories. My friend who bought elephone explorer s which is coming with more accesories. But whatever they gave is good for me and i am using.

    Jun 03,2017 11:20:48

  • A average camera but the best price for buy
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    This camera actually records in 1080p but generates fake 4K video using software.
    Why should you choose it? Well, it is very economical and does almost the same as a GO PRO but costing three times less, I'm talking about the GO PRO HERO but cheaper because if we talk about the GO PRO HERO 6 in that case this camera can cost almost 10 times less and I know that not everyone has big budgets and this camera you can give it to your child quietly to make their pictures and videos without having to leave the wallet and also includes all the accessories that are needed even to record on the beach.
    The photos are really not very sharp especially in low light conditions you need to use them in the daytime with the sunlight and without backlighting.

    Jun 15,2018 23:00:24

  • Anubhav
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    Mgcool Explorer Review After a year of Use
    I bought this Camera last year in 2017 and its been one year since I am using it.Pro's:1. Bought it for $39. At this price it has been one of the best action camera's around.2. Its really sturdy and after traveling with me to several countries in the last few months , still looks like brand new without much wear and tear.3. The videos in the day with sunlight are really good. Takes a hit during during no sun though.4. The battery is also good and last for a long time even when shooting at 30 fps.5. Accessories provided are built to last. All of them are working till now.
    1. Videos without light are not so good and therefore most of my shooting is done during good light.2. Not many accessories are provided. I feel they can do much more here.3. It's prices have only increased during last few months. For the price it is selling now I recommend go for the Eken H9R . I am using that also now as my primary action camera.4. The Mcgool app is frustrating sometimes and it can be a problem while connecting to your camera every now and then.All in all one of the best during 2017 but now EKen H9 is the king of $50 action camera range.

    May 27,2018 18:20:30

  • Gearbest Mi5
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    Equipped with Allwinner V3 chip, presents high-quality 4K / 30fps videos IMX179 image sensor, perform well on low-light condition, frame speed and power consumption 6G "sharkeye" lens, distortion correction 170 degree ultra wide angle Support time-lapse and slow-motion shooting function With integrated WiFi module, "MGCOOL Explorer Pro" APP control Removable 1050mAh Li-ion battery

    Jul 20,2017 19:34:10

  • SON
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    THIS IS a really nice feel action camera.We have had different cameras in the past but this once fir the bill.This is not a real 4k camera but it is good enough for the price.i haven't used the supplied accessories yet. audio is not the best but it is still enjoyable.There are so many cameras but we chose this one because of the Sony component.
    there is nothing much that we don't like about it.MAYBE THE BATTERY SHOULD be doubled but that's all it is about it.

    Mar 30,2018 23:38:53

  • Zarak
    Sí (0) Color: Silver
    Best camera for the price.
    I loved a camera! Already had a new version 1080p 30fps, but this one, is much better! I bought the promotion and got a good price. It does not have the same amount of accessories that some cheaper ones have, however, one can buy, separately, the accessories kit which category. Battery is awesome! Wifi controls is amazing, and, should be saving battery because displays is off, but, don't it happens.
    It does not have the same amount of accessories that some cheaper ones have. For the price, maybe night mode

    Aug 03,2017 03:42:00

  • Sashitha
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K 30fps Sports Camera
    I always wanted good 4K action camera for low budget.So I ordered this camera because it has SONY IMX179 sensor,4K 30FPS Video and 1050MAH Battery. So It's capable to shoot 4K video up to 100 minutes.And this camera has WI-FI also.So I really recommend this camera for anyone who is looking for Budget High Quality 4K camera with more features..
    For this price I don't have any cons..

    May 21,2018 17:27:50

  • Justin88
    Sí (1) Color: Silver
    decent, not great
    inexpensive on flash salebattery life is surprising, roughly 3 hrs on 0.5 sec timelapse... cool for road trips.decent in daylight.accessories seem to be well made, especially the waterproof case.wide angle lens is super slow modelove the time lapse mode sample image and video below
    low light performance is very poor and very pixelatedany audio collected is far from useable, pretty big let downsome videos seem to have lagging quality is never amazing and is only decent in day light

    Sep 01,2017 06:31:41

  • Audrius
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    Good camera
    Camera was pre-ordered and item was sent 05.26, received 06.09. Destination country: Lithuania. Pretty satisfied with the speed of delivery. Very good packaging. Lots of accessories. Product built very good and all the details match description. It's very easy to use and very intuitive navigation. My kid is very happy about the camera :)
    One of the camera accessories is defective (you can see it in the picture) - does not hold the camera in the camera mount, so we'll have to buy another one.

    Jun 12,2017 20:05:19

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