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Gamesir G3s Series Control de Juegos Inalámbrico Bluetooth
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Gamesir G3s Series Control de Juegos Inalámbrico Bluetooth

- Negro

2.4GHz + Conección Inalámbrica Bluetooth 4.0 para Android / PC / PS3
4.81 654 Opiniones de los usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Principales Características:
Gamesir G3s Series Control de Juegos Bluetooth V4.0 + 2.4GHz para Android / PC / PS3 (Edición Mejorada)
Diseño estilo PS4
Microcontrolador 32bit MCU
Conección inalámbrica Bluetooth 4.0 + 2.4GHz
Soporta plataformas de Android, iOS, PC y PS3
iOS 5.0 o superior, Android 4.0 o superior
Función Turbo
Conéctelo y juegue
Diseño simplificado, perfecta sensación al tacto
Voltaje de carga: 3.7V - 5.2V
Tiempo de carga: 2 - 3 horas
Rango de funcionamiento: Aproximadamente 7m
Adecuado para tableta PC / Serie NEXUS / Serie Xiaomi / Serie Samsung TAB

Apropiado para sistema Win7



Modelo: G3s Series (Edición Mejorada)
Funcions: Bluetooth,Vibración
Versión Bluetooth: V4.0
Compatible con: Smartphone,Sony PS3,Tablet
Características: Cargador
Tipo de conección: Bluetooth
sistema operativo: ordenador personal,Androide


Tipo de Batería: Incorporado
Capacidad: 600mAh
Modo de Carga: Carga USB
Tiempo de carga: 2 - 3 horas

Dimensiones y peso

Peso de Producto: 0,1830 kg
Peso de Paquete: 0,4600 kg
Tamaño de producto: 14,00 x 8,70 x 3,30 cm / 5,51 x 3,43 x 1,3 pulgadas
Tamaño de Paquete: 20,00 x 17,00 x 8,00 cm / 7,87 x 6,69 x 3,15 pulgadas

Contenido de Paquete

Contenido del Paquete: 1 x Gamesir G3s Series Control de Juego Inalámbrico, 1 x Receptor Inalámbrico, 1 x Cable USB (Aproximadamente 0,8m), 1 x Manual de Usuario en Inglés / Chino

Gamesir G3s Series Control de Juegos Inalámbrico Bluetooth- 1#_64GB

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Opiniones de los usuarios

4.81 de 5
  • 548
  • 92
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  • AlMu
    Sí (1) Color: Black
    Gamesir review
    The only issue I have had so far is the initial pairing. I had to go online and search how to do it because the gs3 kept rejecting my phone. All you have to do is turn on both devices. On the Bluetooth screen of your phone, a device named "Gamesir G3GCM" will show. Don't click it. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute and then click "Scan" or "Search" for more Bluetooth devices. "Gamesir G3S" will show up and pick that one. The clip it came with is quite sturdy and i trust it to not drop my phone. An issue why I gave it 4 stars is that for some reason when I tested it on my n64 emulator the dpad was not recognized. On all other emulators it was. Although it could have simply been the emulator itself. I haven't tested the wired or 2.4ghz connection. I will update this review as soon as I test those and test the remote on another n64 emulator to see if the issues persist. Again, on all other emulators, the controller works great with no issues.
    Funky to pair. But easy enough to figure out if you read the manual

    Overall: Awesome controller that feels Excellent in hand and that works with multiple devices.. I am using mine with my Android fire TV

    Nov 07,2016

  • Martinez
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    Work fine on PC with all my game
    Tested on a PC with The Witcher 3 and GTA IV and GTA V without any problem.
    Detected imediately as a XBox Game pad (Tested on Windows 10)
    Very good quality product. Look nice and great

    Mando de juego utilisado en windows 10 con The Witcher 3 y Gta IV & V sin el menor problema. Reconocida de imediato pour windows 10. Los mandos caen perfecto y se maneja de muerte.
    Mejor que todos los otros gamepad (officiales o no) que e utilisado asta ahora.
    La recomiendo

    Gamepad agréable et à la tenu parfaite. Respire la qualité et la robustesse. Acheté principalement pour mes jeux sur windows 10 mais fonctionne tout aussi bien sur mes tablette samsung et noname
    Recommandé à 100%

    Sep 28,2016

  • i
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    Gamesir G3s Series Wireless Gamepad
    Gamesir perfect who wants to play on the computer, and those who want to make your device a portable console, and + is that it can combine the desire, which is why its main advantage I think multiplatform, with one joystick, you can play as the and on your smartphone or on your computer, and if there is no 2nd gamepad for consoles will be even better. As he did not disappoint, good build, fast response, good battery supply and indeed its presence makes it even more advantageous. Especially for the price, but $ 35 is now unfortunately for good, or at least a normal gamepad is not very much the same popular IPEGA though is cheaper but the difference is felt immediately in the hands of thundering toy, namely a good gamepad.

    Oct 21,2016

  • DG
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    Its real ENHANCED version of gamepad for great price!
    Very comfortable to hold. Connected easily with PC with USB 2.4GHz dongle (included) (in X-Mode), with Android TV-Box by Bluetooth.
    It's REALY G3s - enhanced version of Gamesir G3. Support Bluetooth / 2.4GHz (USB dongle included) / Wired connection. Compatible with: PC / Android / XBOX / PlayStation. I think there is NO device you cannot connect with this gamepad!
    The difference with other more expencive versions - there is NO Phone holder (I dont need it!) and NO microUSB-to-microUSB cable (it can be replaced with regular USB-to-microUSB cable + OTG adapter).
    But version with this options included are have MUCH HIGHER price! So i'm very very happy! :) Highly recomend it!
    None found

    Jul 07,2016

  • Sahith
    Sí (1) Color: Black
    A great Wireless Controller
    Works as advertised for PC, PS and Android. One thing that it ALSO does, which was NOT advertised, is that you can turn on Android Input when it is connected to a PC, which means if you have third-party programs like Padstarr and JoyToKey, you can create your own control scheme for any game out there.

    Performs well in all areas with good responsive controls, good range, long battery charge for playtimes, etc. etc.

    I basically love the **** out of this thing. It's the only decent wireless controller I could find which had symmetrical analog sticks, which I prefer. Basically, if you want a Playstation-style controller that works for EVERYTHING, this is your best choice.

    And great delivery service by GB, too.

    Sep 17,2018

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Sea el primero en hacer una pregunta. ¿Quieres Puntos GB? Sólo tiene que escribir un comentario!

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