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Haz reviews
  • Mushtago
    Ultrafire UK98 LED Flashlight Set
    Sturdy body construction, the light is very powerful and can be focused from wide to narrow beam. Has been dropped several times onto concrete floor with no issues.
    Brightness can be altered from bright to med to low for close up inspection work, etc. and has a regular flashing mode as well as an SOS flash should you ever need it? Rim extends past the lens and prevents lens contacting with the surface if stood on end. Comes with good charger unit and EU adapter plug for CN plug on charger
    Beam focus is via a slide rather than screw motion so needs to be re adjusted if bumped or placed on end. pocket clip is quite weak and bends out of shape relatively easily, also the retaining screws came loose first day so thread lock required or you will lose them and the clip. As mentioned the strength of light can be adjusted by clicking the on/off button but you have to cycle through all modes to get back to the one you want, which is a pain. Battery has to be removed to charge by unscrewing the on/off switch this cap is easily cross threaded so may be a weak point after several charges I applied a wipe of grease as threads got a little tight and slivers of aluminium visible from repeatedly screwing the end cap on and off.

    Nov 25,2015

  • Haagemans
    Awesome flashlight
    Really bright
    Uses 18650
    Comes with all necessary accessories

    Jun 29,2016