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Haz reviews
  • DAN
    For me it worked great
    Power source used: HKing 3S LiFePo4 4200 batteries.
    Used on: HKing Vandal with 3300KV generic brushless sensorless motor.
    I made it "waterproof" (I hope :) ) using Nanoprotech spray; disassembled it, sprayed it on, than assembled it back;
    Added extra layer of cheap eBay thermal pads (cheapest I found really);
    Used a power analyser to check the Amps the motor draws; It was about 70 Amps max with the config I had;

    About the product:
    - the fan is rated for 12 Volts, so using it with 2S LiPo will get the ESC hot in the long run, so keep that in mind; if you use 2S I would recommend using a proper fan;
    - good build quality, good solder joints;

    Programming the thing :)
    - use set button + manual (that I do not remember having it in the box) - did not use this method;
    - use USB Programming Adapter for HobbyKing X-Car 120A & 60A ESC; PRODUCT ID: 351000018 - I used this method, it works great!
    - use Turnigy Speed Controller Programming Card; PRODUCT ID: TG-Prog - I used this method, it works great also!

    No overheating issues, but that is normal considering the 9.9 Volts supplied by the LiFePo4 3S; Other users experienced problems using regular LiPo 3S and/or sensored motors. With my setup it was not the case, so for me it worked good.

    Exact same size as HKing 120 X-Car ESC, but I think the inside is different;
    - fan a bit slow even with 3S, so that might be a problem over time...

    Mar 03,2016

  • Marcos
    great esc great price
    Beatifull esc looks like an expensive esc great quality of construction an can be programed with hobbywing program card the one you can connect to pc and can also change software, great esc and super low price.
    i recomend to change the fan with a 6v fan because it came with a 12v fan.

    May 21,2016

  • Thobias Vincensi
    Best low coust.
    High quallity for the price.
    unbeatble price.
    Upgradeble with Hobbywing LCD program box.
    works like a hobbywink 2.1v.
    No cons.

    Sep 12,2016

  • Alfredo
    TSKY 120A Sensored Brushless ESC
    Excellent TSKY 120A Sensored Brushless ESC for 1/10 and 1/8 car, good quality and low cost

    Dec 21,2017

  • ANU
    Decent Price for the Specs. Build quality is good. Still need to test.

    Sep 14,2016

  • Vancsa
    great esc
    Great esc for the price. Got 2, have been using them on 3s for months

    Aug 05,2017

  • shayne britton
    Tsky 120A
    great esc you can program with hobbywing program boxs
    none so far

    Dec 30,2017

  • maria mar
    Funciona perfectamente, programable, sensored impecable. Montado en mi 1/10 con 2s no hay problema de ventilador.
    Nada en general, podria ser estanco, pero por este precio...

    Sep 26,2017

  • Alfredo
    se ha estropeado al segundo uso y no me han devuelto el dinero.
    El esc se ha vuelto loco por contacto por cables pelados.
    El esc se ha vuelto loco por contacto por cables pelados

    Aug 22,2018

  • Neto
    ESC 120A
    Produtor. Muito bom bem construído e muito bom recomendo.

    May 22,2018