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  • Jose Luis Silva
    Get to know your appliances power consumption
    Very useful to check appliances power consumption and even monitor them for long period of times. Big display, easy to read. It has earth connection. Several modes possible and different readings available. I cannot judge about the precision of the readings but from the tests performed, it should not be far away from the reality.
    None up to this time.

    Feb 08,2017

  • Stef
    Quite good & useful
    Solid build, works as expected. Pretty useful to get an idea of how many KWh your x,y,z electronic consumes.

    I had read some comments about the internal battery not working (settings disappeared after unplugging it). I did happen to me but after leaving it plugged for several days / weeks the battery started working properly.
    It's a bit bulky, depending where you try to plug it in, you might have trouble plugging it itself or will consume multiple outlets.

    May 23,2018

  • AND
    TS-836 240V 50Hz Watt Volt Amp Energy Meter Analyzer Socket - многофункциональный прибор. Прост в управленн полезенв домашних условиях.
    - много функций
    - достаточная точность измерений(перепроверял силу тока одновременно токовыми клещами)
    - простота настройки
    - информативный дисплей
    - наличие внутри небольшого аккумулятора для сохранения настроек
    - отличная служба сервиса по устранению недотатков.
    - аккумулятор внутри довольно малоёмкий.
    - получил прибор с неработоспособным аккумулятором, но служба сервиса прислала другой, полностью рабочий прибор

    Jun 25,2017

    super pratique
    outil super pratique pour controler la consommation electrique de ses appareils electriques
    informations visibles
    la consommation en KILO WATTHEURE
    la puissance en WATT
    l intensité en AMPERE
    la tension en VOLT
    ce n'est une prise française standard avec terre. un adaptateur secteur sera nécessaire

    Jul 29,2017

  • Olena
    Очень понравилось устройство. Есть текущее потребление в ваттах. Идет текущий отсчет общего времени работы тестируемого прибора. Если прибор не потребляет энергию - время останавливается. Также есть измерение нагрузки в амперах. Считает общее потребление прибора пока он включен через это устройство. Настроив цену можно ухнать общую стоимость потребленной электроэнергии.
    минусов данного устройства пока не обнаружено. Все работает так, как должно работать.

    Dec 30,2016

  • treemop
    Nice device
    A simple device to measure the consumed watt. Able to show current consumption, total consumption after connection, the amps, the maximum and minimum consumption, there is a timer of consumption, shows the current voltage, you can configure the price calculator.
    Could use a backlight. After disabling quickly forgets all the data and the price per watt.

    Mar 11,2017

  • Pedro
    Very good and usefull Energy Meter now you can know how much your appliances are spending at your home, can be input the cost of kW per Hour so it will display it for you

    Jun 06,2018

  • DmytroZ
    Great thing
    I didn't now this thing has battery already built in.
    It didn't recharge in 2 weeks so it can keep all the settings and remember numbers.
    I costs more than 20$ here and local seller doesn't even bother to localize language in it so I bought it here
    Controls are a bit too complicated when it comes to settings price. Protective film wasn't matching.
    Unclear how minimum wattage is calculated (obviously minimum is 0 but it shows bigger numbers).

    Aug 14,2018

  • Oleksandr
    Very useful device
    Great device for monitoring energy consumption of certain devices. Also helpful when testing electronics. With this device its easy to know real power of different electronics.

    Jan 06,2017

  • Denis
    Great watt meter
    Helps me to measure real power consumption of different devices. Sometimes helps to win disputes when real power consumption doesn't match describred power consumption.
    Haven't found.

    Dec 30,2016