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The KLARUS objective is to offer superior quality, reliable products that function consistently in all weather conditions. Our flashlights are ideal for use by Law enforcement, Police and Military or for outdoor, industrial or civilian purposes. Product lines include the vehicle-mounted rechargeable R series, the tactical XT series , the high-end civilian ST and P series, the keychain Mi series, bicycle light BK series, the diving SD series and others.

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  • Klarus Mi7 Mini Linterna LED Klarus Mi7 Mini Linterna LED

    These things are great. Nice and compact yet super versatile. They are happy to run off of a regular AAA battery but if you put in a 14500 cell you get a much brighter light. Its a shame these are really hard to buy now but if/when they are available grab yourself one!

  • Klarus C4 Cargador de Batería Klarus C4 Cargador de Batería

    хорошая зарядка. всеядная. трудится уже больше 2 лет, по 4 акка в день. клон известного производителя. но работает не хуже

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