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Haz reviews
  • Jay
    Mood Lighting Just Perfect
    I ordered this USB strip to act as a back light for my computer monitor so my eyes get less strained using my computer at night.

    First impression was of a decent build quality. I plugged it in to a USB port and it lit up right away.

    The warm white light is perfect and as long as you tuck it away behind your monitor nicely it's not too bright and reflects off the wall giving a nice glow to the monitor.

    Because it's USB I was able to plug it straight into a USB hub I have and the power supplied to it is controlled by turning my machine on or off which is perfect for this use.

    The included backside tape on the strip meant I could just stick it on and it was done - it seems fairly strong for what it's needed for.

    The colour is perfect and my flatmate was so impressed I ordered another right away for his use and a second one for me so I can use it as a back light on my television.

    Nov 11,2018

  • Johnny Dye
    These lights add great ambiance to my outdoor deck at night, but collectively the entire string or a couple of them provide enough ambient light that it's possible to see in the evening without turning on my glaring patio lights, so no matter where you hang this string of lights you'll probably see an extension cord running right up to the first bulb

    Nov 26,2017

  • DRP
    This type of light string can occasionally be difficult to find and can vary greatly in quality depending on who made them, I am happy to report that these lights are the best you can expect in seasonal lighting and that the price is reasonable, I use these for patio lighting and find their light to be much warmer and more pleasant than LEDs

    Oct 21,2017

  • Jacob
    PERFECT for 3D printers
    This product is perfect if you need bright LEDs, they were much brighter than I was expecting! I ordered them to be used on my 3D printer and they are amazing! Would recommend!

    Aug 09,2019

  • NanaEvans
    These lights were perfect for what I wanted, they're just the right amount of yellow light for the Pinterest look

    May 04,2018

  • Michelle
    Lightweight strings, in a semi-enclosed porch connected to an outdoor outlet controlled by a light switch, super easy to install, I am very happy with this purchase and totally recommend

    Sep 17,2017

  • Cyberwiz
    The lights are very bright and fantastic for the patio area, it adds a warm glow on any night and very happy with not only the purchase but the support that came with the product

    Aug 03,2018

  • Alisa A.
    I was surprised to find my now felled tree

    Feb 26,2018

  • Brendan Rasmussen
    I was super pleased with these lights, there isn't any wires in the actual strand so you don't have too worry about bending our breaking any wires and shorting out the lights

    Jan 20,2018

  • Mbetter
    We did his room over and he just thinks it's awesome, years old and wanted a new mature look to his room, they are just bright enough for the room, they are great quality

    Jun 19,2018