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Haz reviews
  • Ipse
    Nice summer strap that fits any diver watch with 22mm LTL
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love the color and the soft material. Easy push spring bars make changing the strap very easy. Hopefully it is durable.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    none so far, but I just got it.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Eitie
    Comfortable strap
    The good thing about this strap - it is even more comfortable to wear it than the original one. Visually it is also nice but stainless steel buckle looks not so shiny as on original. Also the buckle sometimes slightly harder to fasten because it is more loose. But that is minor thing. The main thing - it is more soft, slim and elastic so you could fasten it more tightly during excising with less discomfort.

    Jul 29,2019

  • Nuno Pires
    Muito Boa!
    Material bastante aceitável, com material mais rígido o que melhora a vida útil da pulseira. Apesar disto mantém boa adaptabilidade ao pulso e não altera em nada o conforto em relação às originais. O vermelho é muito próximo com o fornecido pela Xiaomi na pulseira original.Em suma, é um bom produto a um bom preço.More Reviews:

    Oct 25,2018

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Accessories market has always targetted customers with cheaper margins rather than better quality, very few brands like Anker who makes us feel that yes there could be a reliable brand for even accessory products with lower margin but high quality and better brand advertisement through precise product packaging

    Oct 20,2018

  • Giovani
    good strap
    Comparative to original one is a lillte bit soft but permits to be straighted or loosen in much way because of The many wholes. Easy to install and much lighter.

    May 24,2018

  • Grant
    22mm silicone strap
    Very cheap and almost as comfortable as original silicone rubber strap that comes with amazfit pace smart watch. Easily fitted with quick release clips no tools required. Good looking 2 tone strap with nice detailing.

    Jun 28,2018

  • aetius
    Good product
    Good band as the original one, it doesn't have written AMAZFIT like the original one but doesn't matter it's a good product for the price. Higly recomendedps very fast delivery, ordered on 6th august and recived on the 14th

    Aug 17,2018

  • Oliveira
    Excelente pulseira.
    É um bom produto. Materiais de boa qualidade e bom acabamento. Possui pino de engate rápido, assim como a pulseira original.
    O material e a construção são um pouco inferiores à pulseira original do Amazfit, mas não deixa de ser um excelente produto.

    Apr 28,2018

  • Samtech
    Amazfit Smart watch 22mm Sillcone strap
    - Vary Soft material along with vibrant color which enhances the strap look. - strap lock quality is good,
    - Metal parts not look much premium - Nothing more .

    Feb 17,2018

  • Lazaro
    pulseira monta perfeitamente no Pace
    pulseira em borracha, tato confortável e flexí parte onde se prende a pulseira tem um pino para mantê-la no local desejável.

    Dec 12,2018