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  • Panos
    Sí (0) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    It is a great product, much better than what i was expecting. So few explanations: - It dosent need batteries - The video and sound from camera to transmiter is always on, so when you sit in the other room you can watch and hear anything from your baby - If you want to speak to the baby you need to press a button - It has a function to play baby songs, there are 3-4 lubbalies. - I put it in the more distance room of my apartment and signal is perfect, its about 7-8 meters far and in between 2 walls.
    The only cons i could say its has not any screw or sticker to attach it to the wall or wherever you want to place it

    Mar 25,2017

  • Daniel
    Sí (1) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    Great Product at a low price
    Clear Picture (pretty good in dim lit rooms as well) Easy to Set Up (took a few minutes and all ready to go) Easy To Use (straight forward controls/functions) Viewer has a little built in stand which is Handy Mine even came with an adapter for Australian power sockets (it didn't specify this so was a bonus) :)
    The lullabies sound a bit distorted (but I didn't buy it for this function) :)

    Jul 04,2016

  • Joao
    Sí (2) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    Very good quality over price. Sound is good both ways. Battery is good and holds on for some hours, if the monitor goes to sleep, will turn on with noise (like baby crying) and it saves battery making it last whole night. Presence light can be turned on remotely. Zoom function.
    The range is not the best. Lullaby quality is very poor. Room temperature is not very reliable.

    Aug 08,2017

  • Luis
    Sí (0) Color: White Tamaño: US Plug
    great camera/baby monitor
    Good cuality, sound is good, microphone is good, the screen works great, very easy to use, adjust brightness, contrast, volume, can play some baby lullaby (i do not nedded it) it has a white light on top of the camera, good resolution, good reach of the wifi antena, does not requires wifi internet to work, just plug it and it´s done. batteru life average, about 30-45 min. you can use it with an external battery or pluged, no problem.
    one of the micro usb adapters is not always working, but no problem, you can use the one from any cellphone

    Sep 29,2016

  • Nuno Santos
    Sí (0) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    A litlle fragile
    Great price, great image, great product. It came with two powewr suply transformres (one for the camera and one for the screen) and i though it was a plus. All it was needed to satr the product was turn the two gadgets on and: voilá! Great.
    The box was very chunky, and you can see is a cheap produtc. But it does what is intended to do.

    Nov 24,2016

  • Jason
    Sí (0) Color: White Tamaño: US Plug
    baby monitor
    This is the best baby monitor I have bought. The clarity & the fact that you can zoom in on images is wonderful. Night vision, night light, audio (u can talk & listen through the camera), also has thermometer to tell the rooms temperature, plays lulibys, & the battery life on the monitor is great.
    No cons at all, product is built very well.

    Mar 16,2017

  • Antonio Rosa
    Sí (1) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    baby monitor Top
    Precisamente o que pretendia. Funciona lindamente. Bom sistema microfone para comunicar com o bebé, câmara bastante aceitável (funciona no escuro!) e termómetro para controlar a temperatura ambiente. Permite ainda colocar uma luz de presença pouco agressiva e sons para embalar o bebé. Recomendo seriamente!
    Nada a referir

    Feb 16,2017

  • Mustafa Soylu
    Sí (1) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    bebek görüntülü telsiz
    paket özenli ve düzgün kargolanmış sağlam bir şekilde elime ulaştı. bebek telsizi almaya karar vermiştik ama görüntülüsü daha işlevsel oldu. fiyat performansına göre güzel netlik biraz daha iyi olabilirmiş genel itibariyle güzel ürün memnunuz.
    hd yada daha net kameralı olsa iyi olurmuş netlik orta düzeyde.elektrik kesilse bile çalışırdı kamerada keşke batarya olsaymış daha güzel olurdu.

    Jan 18,2018

  • Kamil
    Sí (2) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    SP880 Wireless Baby Monitor
    + good quality of product + very good price + easy to use + sufficient quality of video and sound + sound is both ways
    - battery could be better - not removable battery - it is a pity that camera don't have battery (to work must be plug-in electrical socket) - green light on camera is too strong

    Feb 12,2018

  • Antonio Rodrigues
    Sí (0) Color: White Tamaño: EU Plug
    You have a baby? Got have one of this
    If you have a baby, this is a must have. You won't find a monitor with this features on this price range. Works really well on the darkness
    Got what i was looking for. The materials don't seem to be top quality, but on this price range, you won't find better

    Sep 02,2017