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  • Elizabeth Santana
    You'll want to use the remote or app if you want any special settings such as spot clean or edge clean, winky and Alexa and the phone app were easy to set up, a word of caution - we let a young child play with the remote and that night Winky performed what we thought was an unauthorized cleaning at midnight, when I looked at the remote there was a different cleaning set for midnight, just a heads up that the app and remote do not sync with each other apparently, it is easy to accidentally set a cleaning on the remote if a kid randomly pushes buttons, on auto clean she moves in a random pattern around the house, if you want the edges of a room cleaned you have to do that separately using the app or remote, if you set her to clean daily I feel overall the floor is very nice because she'll get spots one day that she missed a different day, the spot clean makes her go in ever widening circles and seems fairly effective, she clears the transitions between our rooms just fine and one is fairly tall, very thin carpet and thin rugs, our carpet is blue and our rugs are mostly shades of brown and she has no problems with them, our floors have never been cleaner

    Oct 24,2018

  • vvurdsmyth
    It is pretty amazing how long it goes around cleaning and then finds it's base to recharge, i have it on the lower suction setting because we have all hardwood/tile floors with a few short pile throw rugs, it has no problem climbing on top of our Oriental area rugs and floor mats by the doors ... with the exception of one very light carpet it just pushes around the floor and cleans underneath it, would be nice to limit which areas and rooms to allow it to clean, we have to much square footage for one poor little ecovac and some rooms don't need it everyday, i'm happy with my purchase and my wife

    Oct 19,2018

  • Jill LaPierre-Berger
    I wasn't sure about this purchase, i new this was a basic Robot Vac, i thought I had a clean house, i have found that after only getting about half way through a charge I need to empty the bin and it is packed full of dust and pet hair, the most important thing is to pick up as much as possible so it has a clear path throughout your house, i have hardwood floors through out my house, it actually does better with the thicker rugs, it occasionally gets tripped up on the thinner rugs rolling up under it

    Oct 22,2018

  • Mattia
    È con assoluta certezza il miglior robot aspirapolvere che possa esserci, pulisce casa in poco più di un'ora (circa 120mq) senza lasciarsi dietro praticamente nulla. Molto utile anche la vaschetta che può contenere l'acqua che col panno riesce a togliere facilmente le macchie più leggere, peccato che la capienza non è abbastanza da coprire l'intera casa (ci riesce per circa un 70/80%). Ottima e molto utile anche l'app che permette di vedere e seguire il robot da telefono ed inoltre segnala ogni possibile problema che può incorrere. Consigliatissima anche per possessori di animali.

    Sep 21,2019

  • Panagiotis Dardanis
    Eventhough I only have it for 3 days, I know that it will change my life. Living with 2 cats is strenuous in the cleaning department. I can schedule it to vacuum whenever I'm not at home and I return to find everything clean and without cat hair and cat litter. I love it... and for the price (compared to the competition) it's a "no brainer" purchase

    Jul 27,2019

  • Alia M Toro
    I always wanted a robot vacuum but I had my eye on one of the more expensive models that maps its path, after all it does have great reviews, i was really surprised that it got all the edges and it cleaned the rugs better than our shark vacuum does, we usually have to use a rubber broom to get all the grass and dog hair out of one of the rugs we have but after this ran it's full cleaning cycle it looked like a new rug

    Oct 10,2018

  • LuxuryPrincess
    I've been intrigued with the idea of having a vacuum cleaner bot for several years, powerful conventional vacuum, it's just perfect for quietly and unobtrusively pick up all the dust bunnies, leaving the house looking neater and cleaner, it gets under beds and furnitures where standard vacuums can't go, theoretically it should return to its charging station when it runs low on battery

    Sep 12,2018

  • Jane Johnson
    He has gotten stuck a few times but it was over stuff that I should of known better and moved, this is defintely not a replacement to a real vacuum but for the price and for his daily use he is wonderful, i loved the simplicity of setting him up and the fact that the app is easy to use, i am able to see his battery life his main brush life and side arm life so I know when to replace it

    Sep 30,2018

  • Gls
    Finally a device that will clean for me
    DHL timely delivered the S55 in excellent condition.
    After a fast recharge it started the “dirty “ job.
    Several options/set ups that will require to invest some time to fully exploit S55 capabilities and control it remotely
    Alternative: just quick press the on/off button and it will clean the room

    For the time being : it worthy

    Oct 05,2019

  • Skip C Walnut Creek CA
    I've got two dogs and a cat and beautiful ceramic tile all through out my downstairs, i really thought my floors looked pretty good, there is a recommendation of a more through cleaning of weekly and monthly cleanings that require more time to keep it running good, i do advise to pick up your lose items like shoes and such to get a good cleaning

    Sep 30,2018