Reloj de Brazalete LED de Moda de Forma de Cabeza de Serpiente con Pulsera de Acero Inoxidable para Hombre

- PLATA WS0080002

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Multitud Aplicable: Reloj para Hombre
estilo de Reloj: LED


Tipo de Movimiento: Reloj Digital
Tipo de Muestra: Números
Material de la Caja: Acero Inexorable


Material de Banda: Acero Inexorable
Tipo de Cierre: Hebilla


Resistente a Agua: Resistente a Agua en vida cotidiana

Peso y Tamaño

Espesor de la Esfera: 1,0 cm / 0,4 pulgadas
Diámetro de la Esfera: 3,1 cm / 1,2 pulgadas
Peso de Producto: 0,0950 kg
Peso de Paquete: 0,1500 kg
Tamaño del producto(largo×ancho×alto): 21,80 x 3,10 x 1,00 cm / 8,58 x 1,22 x 0,39 pulgadas

Contenido de Paquete

Contenido del Paquete: 1 x Reloj


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  • Scott
    Sleek & Stylish!
    I was surprised (in a good way) by the heft of this watch. It's reassuringly solid when you pick it up and the weight helps to keep it in place on your wrist. It's certainly an eye-catcher for the shape and finish alone, but when you light up the face to check the time, it's also a LOT brighter than I expected it to be! I'm really looking forward to using this as a dress / riding watch. I have no doubt it will turn a few heads!
    As many other people have said in their own reviews, it does take a certain amount of time to learn how to read... and (unless you're an old hat with setting watches) mine was delivered without a manual of any kind that tells how to set it. I was eventually able to figure it out, it isn't difficult, but I would have liked at least some paperwork. Another very minor drawback is the functionality. The outer bezel blinks several times before it displays the hour, then you have to press the Mode button a second time to display the minutes. I would have thought it would only require one press and the hour/minute would display on their own, swapping back and forth several times or something similar. Just as with reading it, however, this is a very minor flaw that a person could easily get used to. (The only way I can see this being an issue is if you're in a hurry and need to know the time in a split second. Ain't happening. LOL )

    Dec 21,2015 00:15:42

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  • Michael
    Slightly convoluted, but more fun watch
    The watch is pretty much exactly as expected.Two colored leds, the blues count hours while the reds count 5 minutes on the outside and single minutes in the inside.The watch keeps up with the time correctly.Simple usage, once one learned what buttons does what.Seems quite sturdy.
    The clasp closes a bit tight. It takes a bit of effort to get it open.You can't discern the set and activate button on glance.The set button does not need to kept pressed, but pressed twice. The first press will show the hours, the second enables set mode -> if you confuse the buttons you will end in set mode when wanting to see the minutes.It's a bit on the heavy side.Obviously it has not special features like a stop watch or date.

    Jun 23,2018 13:28:39

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  • orologio
    molto carino , una volta capita la lettura dell'ora è anche simpatico .
    molto carino , una volta capita la lettura dell'ora è anche simpatico .molto carino , una volta capita la lettura dell'ora è anche simpatico .molto carino , una volta capita la lettura dell'ora è anche simpatico .molto carino , una volta capita la lettura dell'ora è anche simpatico .molto carino , una volta capita la lettura dell'ora è anche simpatico .

    Jun 06,2018 13:37:34

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  • thickasabrick205
    Mens LED Snake Head Watch
    This watch is an attention grabber by anyone who sees it. You can easily tell the exact time of the day in an instant whereas others who don't own one have no idea as to how to tell the time. The watch is an excellent fit on the wrist and the dark charcoal color band goes with everything. I highly recommend this watch for its cost, appearance, and style.
    Had spent 4-5 minutes setting the watch to the proper time but once you get it figured out it's pretty simple.

    Apr 23,2015 07:06:08

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  • John Nauman
    Gort! "Klaatu barada nikto"
    This is the second of these type of watches...what can I say...AWESOME.. It will draw the attention of everyone around you...easy to set up and far it keeps great time...easy to adjust the band to fit your wrist..[right tools] .. It is sleek and looks great.... 19DFX88
    None.... so far

    Jun 26,2015 22:05:49

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  • anthony fletcher
    watch lover
    Looks very stylish and great build quality. Took a little while to work out the setting up but it's easy to read once that's done. Love this watch so much, and especially love peoples faces when they can't tell the time on it but you can..
    No instructions for setting up.... But not particularly difficult to be honest..

    Apr 08,2015 20:47:20

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  • Petar Dimitrov
    Fashion Men LED Snake Head Stainless Steel Band Bracelet Wrist Watch
    - Great price for this product;- Interesting and original watch style;- Stylish and aye catching watch;- Great gift option.
    - No flaws!

    Jul 24,2018 15:26:12

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  • kevin
    Really good price. Easy to use and I'm 80yrs young. Looks good. People say who does he think he is lol. Second watch I've bought now going to look for another two for my daughters.

    Mar 05,2016 20:25:00

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  • Karla
    Waterproof LED Watch
    Waterproof LED Watch is a beautiful product, modern, efficient, sportive! loved using it
    Waterproof LED Watch is a beautiful product, modern, efficient, sportive! loved using it

    Mar 14,2017 06:00:43

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  • John Sherwood
    Bam Bam
    Love the look, the feel and the heavy duty construction. Very sleek and sharp. Once you learn how to set it, it is a great time piece.
    None, so far. Love it!

    Jan 27,2015 13:25:40

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