TVG KM - 468 Reloj Militar de Deportes de Sello con Movimiento Dual y Pantalla Analógica LCD Digital - Reloj de Pulsera de Cuarzo Digital con Puntero Luminosas y Pulsera de Acero Inoxidable
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TVG KM - 468 Reloj Militar de Deportes de Sello con Movimiento Dual y Pantalla Analógica LCD Digital - Reloj de Pulsera de Cuarzo Digital con Puntero Luminosas y Pulsera de Acero Inoxidable

- NEGRO WS0076401

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TVG KM-468 Seal Elite Series Military Watch: Para las personas que son valientes y de espíritu libre en la vida!

Principales características:

● Seal Elite sabor, fresco y desinhibido

● Doble movimiento y doble pantalla: LED digital y analógico

● Cubierta de mesa de acero inoxidable 304 de alta resistencia

● Movimiento de cuarzo para mantener el tiempo preciso

● Lámpara LED ultra brillante para una visión nocturna clara

● Visualización semanal y función de alarma disponible

● 3AMT de resistencia al agua, mantenerse bien en el lavado de manos y la lluvia, no para la natación y el buceo



Multitud Aplicable: Reloj para Hombre
estilo de Reloj: Circón,LED,Militar,Deportes al aire libre


Forma de la Esfera: Redondo
Tipo de Movimiento: Reloj Digital
Tipo de Muestra: Doble Demostración
Material de la Caja: Acero Inexorable


Material de Banda: Acero Inexorable
Tipo de Cierre: Hebilla de alfiler


Características Especiales: Despertador,Calendario
Resistente a Agua: 25 metros

Peso y Tamaño

Espesor de la Esfera: 1,9 cm
Diámetro de la Esfera: 4,8 cm
Peso de Producto: 0,1600 kg
Peso de Paquete: 0,3500 kg
Tamaño del producto(largo×ancho×alto): 25,20 x 4,80 x 1,90 cm / 9,92 x 1,89 x 0,75 pulgadas
Tamaño de paquete: 11,00 x 10,00 x 7,50 cm / 4,33 x 3,94 x 2,95 pulgadas

Contenido de Paquete

Contenido del Paquete: 1 x Reloj, 1 x Caja de Regalo

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  • Stephen
    Sí (1) Color: Black
    A very good waterproof budget TVG Sports Watch.
    A very good waterproof / water resistant TVG Watch, but not sure of what level of water resistance level that it is suitable for?, as the watch manual says Not for swimming & diving, as there so many choices of other similar watches in the similar price band, but with this TVG KM-468, that it is in many ways better value and even somewhat cheaper of similar comparison's and has a cool look about it and also of that more expensive look about it too, even though of it being a budget priced sports / divers type watch, also you have a facial colour choice of black or white.

    It also has a Very bright (blue) led time display and shows up very brightly in complete darkness and has Luminous hands and it also is a fairly heavy watch, as to be expected of this type of watch, but is Not as over heavy as some of similar class watches and at the same time it dosen't have that completely cheap feel compared to some and it dosen't have that cheap / tacky costume Jewellery feel about it, like some budget designs.

    So for the price ~ it's very well worth it, as I have been looking at so many watches in the budget priced watches of it's Sports / Divers style and this TVG beats so many and it also is quite user friendly watch too, but then it is limited, as it dosen't have any type of Timers in it's use?.
    The Analogue time Numbers around the Face (around the exterior Bezel) could be more clearer & bolder for viewing, as I have the black face version, but maybe the white face version might be a bit more clearer?

    Howether disappointingly it dosen't have any kind of Timers like >> a Stopwatch and it also dosen't have a any kind Countdown Timer either too, so for the usefulness, this part of the watch it is a bit questionable, but still a quite a decent watch for the price.

    Dec 28,2014

    Sí (0) Color: Black
    NONE AT ALL!!!

    Oct 15,2014

  • Nicholas
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    it can be a backup alarm clock. thats how i use it when im not wearing it. it comes with extra batteries. it comes in a cool box with a nice pillow for the watch. once you adjust the watch to make it smaller, you can go inside the pillow to get rid of the filling to make the pillow smaller for your watch to fit around. the watch comes really big but you just need to get it adjusted. dont be scared like i was when its too big for your wrist. theres a simple watch link adjustment kit on ebay for $2 instead of paying $10 at stores or malls. i am no watch expert and i didnt damage my watch even though adjusting it for the first time. the minute and hour hands glow in the dark which is a cool feature. the face of the clock has a good weight to it, the links of the watch a little light, but it still feels good on your wrist overall. the controls to change the date time etc are simple. if you need a watch with all these features you will be very pleased for this price.
    gearbest, for some reason, needs to filter their reviews. my review on another product hasnt even been posted yet. the only logical reason for a growing company to filter and confirm customer reivews is to delete reviews that are not to their liking. it is not fair and they should man up and take the heat for their products they are selling. it is not always about money. the customers are a huge part of a business and you need to treat their needs. once you get their business, it is not over yet. you cant take their money and forget they ever existed, unless you never want reoccurring purchases from the same buyer. if i was running a buisness i would be open to feedback from the customers that are actually going through the process of purchasing and receiving an item from an online store. it is not always to put yourself in the shoes of a customer if you are the owner of a business. you can forget that not all your products are perfect and there will be defect here and there. in conclusion, gearbest shouldnt be afraid to rel

    Apr 26,2015

  • JOHN
    Sí (0) Color: White
    Very surprised. Really lovely heavy well built watch.
    Everything packed excellent in nice presentation box and all parts covered in blue scratch proof clear plastic.
    Excellent watch. Very large bracelet. I had to take out 5 links, but better than being to small.
    You will not be disappointed. Took 2 weeks to arrive. I'm still waiting for the other watch I ordered to arrive, 3 weeks now but they say at least up to 4 weeks. So will wait for that to be delivered before I order any more, just in case you get the first and then the rest never turns up.
    I don't think there's another site like this that displays so many accurate photo's and details of the product.
    And each Photo is exactly what you get. Fantastic value for the money.
    Well pleased.
    John Lawrence
    Photo upload site does not work.

    Sep 27,2015

  • JB5
    Sí (0) Color: White
    Very Nice Watch!
    I am very pleased with this watch! Shipping was super fast too! From the time I received the notice that the watch was shipped to the time I reviewed the watch was six days!

    The is my favorite watch. Very stylish and very accurate. I did have to take the watch to a jeweler to get a few links taken out wristband but no it fits nicely. The watch came in a nice watch box that also included two extra batteries. The watch was very easy to set up (instructions come with the watch) and the LED for Time, Day & PM/AM. The watch's LED can also be set to 24 hour time!

    I will be buying again from GearBest very soon!


    Apr 10,2015

  • roger D.
    Sí (0) Color: White
    Excellent Watch
    I am 55 with eyes going on 65, I purchased the watch in White (face), it is beautiful. I can read the dial even with out glasses! The LED display is one of the brightest ones I have seen in a long time, (pun intended)! If you want a really nice, sophisticated, expensive looking watch with out the hefty price, this is worth considering. It has a nice balanced weight, and feel to it, like that of more expensive examples. The bracelet is very high end, double latching clasp, which closes very securely. No worries about this watch coming un-latched while swimming, boxing sharks, or flipping end over end out of perfectly good airplanes. Really nice birthday or Christmas gift
    Have not figured out what the bottom left hand button is for, if anything, function not covered in instructions.

    Mar 22,2015

  • Dustin
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    no complaints
    I mainly wanted a metal watch with digital display. this has digital display as well as analog, which is pretty cool, it's a nice bonus, plus the digital comes up on command by pressing the top right button. So for those looking to impress, it's probably for you. It feels strong, I actually set it up on accident while messing with the buttons, and then verified afterwards that i set it up right using the instructions. So the ease of use is pretty good there if I did it just messing around. The alarm is easy to set, everything is awesome about the watch. I dig it.
    the tracking, if you are in the US is kind of pointless. but rest assured, it will get there when it predicts it will, but if you are used to checking your tracking daily to see where your packages are and how close they are, that's non-existent, nothing changed on till the day i got it. I'm sure I'll buy more from this site, but your first purchase is kinda scary till you get it. once you get it though, really awesome apparently.

    Feb 27,2015

  • charlie66_us
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    great watch
    I got the watch took about 4 wks to get. was well worth the wait well built easy to set it does feel pretty heavy on arm but use to it now could have been just me. had a lot of comments of how nice it looks. it has quality workmanship, if you like this watch it well worth the money I paid 20.00 usd and still think I got a bargain. clasp works great had 3 links taken out fits great now so have had great results came with a card showing functions and how to set box it came in is very nice and and would make a great box for a gift
    none I have found and I have had it since sept

    Nov 12,2014

  • Karl
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    This watch is very good especially considering low price. Fairly indestructible, long-lasting battery and chunky credible profile.
    This is probably the 10th I've owned throughout my life, most of them lost. Got it this time prior to going in a long vacation abroad and it didn't leave my wrist for the entire trip.
    None to mention really other than to say it takes a little time becoming acquainted to the settings etc.

    Aug 08,2017

  • David
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    No complaints. It is beautiful and nice. Nothing to say... looks impressive!! I'm thinking about to buy it again for my son now.
    I'll wait for a while to see if it still keeps working well... I guess after about 6 months, I'll know better about the battery life, how accurate is the time, etc. But if you buy, you'll NEVER regret it. Really, looks like a US$ 500 watch!
    "Cons"? noooo. All is "Pros" for this watch.

    Apr 15,2016

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