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Haz reviews
  • Duane
    I also appreciate that you can dim the light as it's quite bright,i wish you could dim the coloured lights (there seems to only be one brightness for those) and the speaker distorts the alarm sounds at anything louder than the lowest setting,i thought the sunrise alarm feature would be great since I am sensitive to light but learned light really only affects me when i'm still trying to fall asleep,the worst feature is how quickly the alarm turns itself off - which has led me to sleep right through it a few times and now i'm back to relying predominantly on my phone for an alarm,even though there are different light settings,i find that the display light is to bright to fall asleep with sometimes

    Dec 13,2018

  • Masoud Kouhgilani
    This clock was easy to set up and operates as expected -- it keeps good time and is easy to read from across the bed room without glasses,the simple design and large numbers are perfect,i was concerned that the numbers might be too bright -- but while they are very visible (at full strength) day or night,they do not project light into the room to any great extent,i am able to leave the display on the `` full brightness'' setting day and night without it interfering with sleep,the new clock actually sits on a `` cable box'' that has a clock display using white leds

    Nov 15,2018

  • crabalot
    The slide dimmer on these clocks is terrific and dims the display to nearly zero so that it is still readable in the dark yet doesn't cast out into the room,i have to admit that the large led helps those among us whose arms are getting a bit short as well,the alarm on / off button could be a little larger or relocated so that it can be indexed easier when half-asleep ; it's on the back of the clock right next to a similarly sized and placed clock set button,even if the wrong button is pressed by accident it would not change either the clock or alarm time

    Oct 14,2018

  • knockonwood
    It has all the important information that you need with a very clear display,it has multiple features : a dimmer,this is an amazing clock,helpful to have the day completely spelled out for her and large enough for her to see,she was never able to see the day on her other atomic clocks,it also has a battery back up which is nice to know,the clock stands by itself and is very stable,we couldn't be happier and recommend this clock for anyone who has trouble seeing or is memory impaired,the clock display was large,american lifetime

    Oct 17,2018

  • Hotpink
    I own a few digital display la crosse technology clocks and have always found them to be reliable and easy to set up,my old outdoor analog clock went bad after many years,i wanted to replace it with an atomic clock to make setting it with daylight savings time easier,i'm retired and don't really have to be anyplace other than the golf course at a specific time,the geek in me loves these clocks and that they're insanely accurate,i'm also neurotic enough that I get pleasure from seeing all of my clocks agree with each other

    Nov 04,2018

  • Luis Claudio Albero
    The alarm clock is very easy to use,features a very simple button layout,with a small light on the display indicating am or pm,only with a different button,the display is huge and can be read from across the room,at low brightness levels the lcd gets a bit splotchy,it isn't bright enough to illuminate your entire room but it does a decent job,this is an awesome alarm clock that does a fantastic job without all the bells and whistles of a more expensive alarm clock,the large display and nightlight are also big bonuses

    Dec 02,2018

  • Jeb Bolding
    What i've noticed the most is that they have become quite obsessive about knowing the day of the week and the time,this clock is perfect with it's large numbers and letters,it has alleviated some of their distress plus it is a very sharp looking clock,it could be hung too which is a great feature,the display is extremely easy to read and I love that it gives more info than just the time,the yellow setting helps but still to bright for me,the clock looks great & performs as described

    Dec 07,2018

  • Russell Anderson
    Plus I no longer need a lamp in my room -- which is good since you're not supposed to plug anything else into the same outlet as this clock,the sound is a little tinny,the display numbers are super bright which can be annoying if you prefer a dark room,when the sunrise light comes on in the morning it's hard to look at the time since it's kinda like staring into the sun with your bleary eyes,other than those things it's a fun clock

    Nov 25,2018

  • Tiffany M.
    This unit is perfect for someone like me who just wanted a standard clock,no apps or extra features put in to bloat the price,a clock that has an alarm for a good price,a great feature to dimm the clock has been something I have been looking for for a long time,this feature is excellent for those of us that have issues with light during the night,bright display and it is intuitive as to setting time and other features

    Dec 02,2018

  • KPK
    I did all her office furniture and a floating shelf for the security tv monitor where the day clock had blended well,the clock's design made that possible with no extra effort on my part,i will not complain that it does not have radio-controlled time keeping because it is not needed and it keeps time very accurately anyhow,we went through two `` atomic clocks'' - battery operated - that did not last long

    Dec 18,2018