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Haz reviews
  • Audrius Urbietis
    Excellent phone charger kit
    I have bought to be able to charge the phone without connecting wires. And finally I got this little miracle, unfortunate but did not get the for Christmas Parcel packaged perfectly. Manual short and clear. Good functioning charging must be 2A charger. Works perfectly beautifully made.
    Shipping will take a very long time.

    Dec 27,2016

  • ricascross
    wireless receiver
    I do not recommend this product to you because didn't work on my Mi5 I think that this came to me with defect so it is useless to me.I think gearbest is downgrading a lot in fact of selling products with serious problems.please do not consider to buy this wireless receiver please.

    Apr 09,2019

  • a.Varol
    Kablosuz şarj
    telefonda kablosuz sarj özelliği yoksa bu ürünle kazandırılabilir..kablosuz sarj istasyonu da olması gerekiyor.hızlı sarja göre biraz yavaş kalıyor.gün içinde telefonu bıraktığınız yerde kablosuz sarj aparatı varsa telefon sürekli sarjı tam durabilir.kılıfın altında durabiliyor.
    sarj hızı yavaş,kablosuz sarj istasyonu da olmalı.telefonun ağırlığını az da olsa arttırıyor.

    Jul 04,2018

  • Vadim Zhukov
    Perfect wireless reciever.
    This item would be very helpfull to everyone who use wireless charging. All other things works fine. Only perfect. Thanks to GearBest!
    But here we have a little issue - if you have fingerprint recognition on the back side of your phone this item can lock half of it. And you have to use charger at least 5V 2.0A anyway you can use it. See video in attachment.

    Oct 13,2016

  • Vincenzo
    Type-C Wireless Charging Receiver
    ottimo prodotto molto sottile si inserisce tranquillamente con custodia connettore Type-C ------------- great product very thin It fits easily with case connettore Type-C
    la carica della batteria con wireless changer risulta molto lenta rispetta al caricabatterie usb ************ the battery changer with wireless is very slow respects to usb charger

    Sep 16,2016

  • Carlos Saito
    Good Product
    Works perfectly, very good product, charges quite fast Fits under covers as it should Very Cheap
    Could be a little bit thinner, so it would fit lighter covers. Nothing more I can complain about

    May 22,2017

    Works as described
    The product works as promised. I tested today in my Mi 5. If you want wireless charging and don't mind to hang this on the back of your phone you should buy it.

    Jul 25,2019

  • orimkd
    usb-c wirelless charging
    excellent product for mobile phones that yet are not with wireless charging options. very light and well designed that it can be hidden under the case and is not visible that is it under it.

    Sep 26,2018

  • OsmosisIsForTheLazy
    Good product
    Works well, kind of sensitive of the positioning over the emitter.Except for the fact that it takes a long time to charge, as the output is about 800-1000mAh, it does what it's supposed to.

    Sep 30,2018

  • Dmitry
    Type-C Wireless Charging Cover Receiver
    Очень хорошая зарядка при использовании с хороший беспроводной зарядное устройство может потушить до 800 мАч в моих тестах-92% эффективности).
    На фото указана другая зарядка, думал будет до 1000мАч

    Jan 26,2018