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  • Jolene
    I had a 3 year old phone that was starting to do weird things so I decided to buy a new phone. I refuse to pay more than $350 for a phone. There were a few phones I was considering including the Realme X50. I am very happy with every aspect of this phone ie:Looks, screen, performance and camera. Please remember you're not going to get the best of everything but at this price point the Realme X50 comes pretty darn close.

    Apr 07,2021

  • Alma
    it's got decent volume
    I've been using the this phone for over a week now, I wanted to get a proper feel of the phone before reviewing rather than just going in first impressions. The screen is great, I don't game at all so can't comment on that, but everything else looks great and there's plenty of brightness for sunny days. I don't use the speaker regularly but it's got decent volume.

    Apr 07,2021

  • Key
    This is really worth the money!
    This is really worth the money! It's slimmer than most phones but a little longer. I feel it fits in the hand better. Nice looking. Great performance! I've had it for a month and no complaints!

    Apr 08,2021

  • Paloma
    I love it
    This is one of the best phones I have ever had, and I cannot believe the price was so good. I bought this phone after watching many reviews.

    Apr 13,2021

  • Orlando
    Great buy!
    This phone is definitely a beast and it shows in build quality, features and price. The fingerprint sensor is lightning fast.

    Apr 12,2021

  • Quintin
    Great phone!
    This phone runs buttery smooth, does not overheat, I love this phone, and I would highly recommend it to literally everyone.

    Apr 13,2021

  • Lara
    Comes nicely
    Comes nicely and securely packaged in a box which could make for a nice gift to others. I recommend it to you

    Apr 09,2021

  • Rodgers
    Really great phone
    Really great phone, awesome screen, amazing cameras and processor. What i like the most is charging time

    Apr 12,2021

  • Moon
    So far so good
    I can't say enough good things about this phone. Best phone for the money hand down. It charges fast

    Apr 10,2021