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  • M. Baal
    Amazing QIDI 3D Printer
    This is the first 3D printer I have ever purchased. I had been looking at various models from different manufacturers for about 2 months.But finally, I opted for the QIDI X-Max due to the double Z-axis mounts and significantly larger print volume. With an almost 11x10x11 print area, I can print almost anything I want. What is more useful to me is that I am printing a large number of small figures. As such, the ability to easily print 20 copies of the same item at the same time is very handy and time efficient.
    There are several features that I had not anticipated needing but am grateful that they were included with this model. I am able to use the WiFi connection to send the print image to the printer where it is stored on a USB drive (16GB stick is included) prior to printing. I can also copy the GCode file directly onto the USB drive from my computer after the included software QIDI Print generates the file.
    This frees up my computer to do more image creations while the printer is busily printing the current print job. The printer comes with 2 of the print bed sheets that are removed from the printer for ease in removing the printed object. I just swap the two sheets and remove the printed objects when I have time.
    The good news is that it does not slow me down when I have several things to print on multiple sheets. In fact, I already purchased 2 additional sheets that will help me move items through the printing process faster.

    Sep 11,2019

  • J. Stephen
    A Color touch screen that shows a rendering of your model so you know you copied and chose it correctly

    The magnetic print surface works well and it is very easy to get my prints off by bending the sheet

    The dual-shaft design for the Z axis works very smoothly, and all of the steppers seem to be very nice quality and are smooth and quiet too

    The spool holder can hold up to three rolls of filament at once, though it may only be practical to put two on there so they can easily be slid to the middle when in use

    The print surface on the Max is huge. I wear a size 12 shoe and, if I print it diagonally, I can print the whole sole. Or you can print a life-sized head, and I intend to print several glow-in-the-dark skulls for Halloween this year. The Max itself is huge too though -- about 2 feet on each side, with another 8 inches on top for the dome.

    The software (Qidi Print) has a cool feature where, after you assemble your tray and hit go, it checks for a removable memory stick and if it finds one you can copy to the stick and eject it with two easy button clicks right in Qidi. Other than that it's ok, with a decent UI.

    Sep 19,2019

  • MaxG
    So effective!
    Printer was very thoughtful and that makes an excellent impression, it is on average 2 times faster than other entry-level. The level of detail is exellent with a good capacity for printed without support, it is appreciable.
    the quality of the flexible magnetic plate is exellente, very good adhesion and they even send a second.
    the number of duplicate accessories is really useful.
    It is very accurate, even in its leveling that is measured to 0.05mm and once the first is done, everything else is automatic and no need to manually intervene in this printer before a long time.
    The coil holder is very practical because it is retractable.
    In short I worked with very different printers and it is the best printer that I have used to date.
    I highly recommend fablabs, and particululliers who want a printer in their high-end garage without getting ruined.
    The customer service is very nice and they even take news if it goes well.
    So I have not found any negative points yet, enjoy!

    Nov 10,2019

  • Sigma
    Fantastic Printer Out of the Box
    This printer is excellent. The build and design of the product are great and thanks to its direct drive extruder and precise movement, the print quality is superb with no stringing or over/under extrusion. The software is a modified version of Cura, so you have a ton of flexibility with printing and materials you use, but if you don't delve into the deeper settings, the default settings and the basic configuration presented to you work great for standard materials. Tech support is excellent; I accidentally pinched and broke a lead from the heating cartridge on the included high temperature extruder assembly and tech support sent me a new hot end assembly and 2 heating cartridges free of charge via express DHL. It's hard to complain about anything here.

    Sep 27,2019

  • Kenneth
    Excellent printer for the money
    This is my 2nd 3d printer and I can honestly say I would buy it again if given the opportunity. It comes with 2 different direct drive extruders, one for standard materials and one for high temp materials. Changing those out is VERY simple and, with some trial and error, you can get some amazing prints off of this machine.

    - 2 extruders
    - 2 build plates
    - excellent tech support
    - enclosure with lid allows for easier printing of temp sensitive materials
    - Qidi ver. of Cura updated quite often

    - Since they're using a custom hotend setup its difficult to find parts to upgrade it
    - I have had the PTFE tubing in the hotends expand due to heat creep on several occasions (I bought Capricorn to replace and haven't had the issue since)
    - While the auto-leveling does work it would have been nice to see mesh bed leveling with more points

    Oct 06,2019

  • Walden
    It will print polycarbonate and it does it well
    I’m using this printer for polycarbonate and pc carbon fiber prints and so far it has printed well I had I few issues with qiqi slicer but I was using the old software qidi support sent me the updated version and yes it’s a basic slicer but it works better than Cura with the xmax also has other issues but they were not due to the printer it was user errors and that’s about it qidi support is better than any cust support I have ever dealt with these guys are really world class and every company should follow these guys in the way they respond to the time frames in which they respond these guys are awesome and when you ask them a ? You dont get some automated answer you get someone that has good info with out having to deal with 20 messages before getting to the point these guys are the best.

    Sep 14,2019

  • BobR
    Nice 3D printer, top-notch tech support
    i purchased the Qidi Tech X-Max printer with hopes of printing custom brackets and parts with good tolerances. The machine has surpassed my expectations. I did have one issue with the X axis which stopped working. I emailed Qidi Tech who responded immediately. Within a couple of emails describing the issue and troubleshooting the problem, a new motherboard was on it's way, shipped air-freight which only took a few days. A simple board swap and i'm back up and running. The machine is printing as i write this review. I am very happy with the printer. Sure it costs a little but for all the features and capability it has, it was money well spent and Qidi Tech stands behind their products 100%, what more can you ask of a company? I am very happy with my purchase and with Qidi Tech. Great product!

    Sep 12,2019

  • Oland
    Great product, great price.
    Pros for the X-MAX:
    1) Fast leveling is quick and easy.
    2) Prints fast, accurately and QUIETLY.
    3) Customer service is top notch, they respond very quickly.
    4) Since it prints via usb or wifi, I was able to put a cabinet into my laundry room and place the printer on top of it. My laundry room has an air vent that I can turn on, to vent out fumes/VOCs while printing ABS/PC/etc. It's nice not having to smell or hear the printer anymore.
    5) Comes with two all-metal hot-end direct drive extruders, the one pre-installed is for PLA and ABS, while the extra is ""Extruder B"" meant for higher temp filaments.
    6) Lots of cooling fans, very well thought out design.
    7) 50-Micron resolution
    8) Nice touch screen, easy navigation, responsive and fast to make selections/apply them (for example, turning the light on/off).

    Oct 07,2019

  • bart
    The printer also comes with a standard 1kg spool of red PLA filament. The tool kit is very complete and fortunately, I have not had to explore its usefulness at this time. The ability to flex the bed sheets has been very useful, but some of the smaller images I have been printing are more fragile and do not respond well to flexing. The exhaust fans are adjustable in terms of speed and can be controlled with the printing software. The filters on the fans are pretty lightweight and I am reluctant to try materials that can / will produce fumes that seriously need to be filtered. I will wait and see if the company can provide additional enhancements/additions to the current setup in order to achieve a higher level of isolation during the printing process.

    Oct 25,2019

  • Klenda
    Impressive tech, great customer support
    This is my first 3D printer and my introduction to 3D printing. Straight out of the box it printed perfectly and the instructions were easy to follow. Their customer support is top notch. When my first issue arose I sent emails to their support team who have responded more quickly than most any other company for any product. You can tell QIDI Tech is serious about making sure their customers are satisfied and they were very patient with me in figuring out my issue (had to replace a nozzle . . . newbie issue that I now know how to fix). The printer comes with a tool kit that has proven very useful and I've become obsessed with 3D printing and this printer. Highly recommend.

    Oct 08,2019