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Haz reviews
  • Blake Meg
    Great for the price!
    For a low priced smart watch, this is a great choice. With low price can come some issues of consistency connecting, loading, etc but in the end it works for what’s its intended to work for and it’s not too shabby for the price you pay. The screen is a lot larger than I expected which can be a bad thing for people that don’t like large faces but a good thing for those who have a hard time seeing!

    Dec 26,2019

  • Murphy Valentine
    Needed a clock for work, this helped many!
    I bought this was with the mindset of getting what I primarily needed. A watch, not necessarily the fitness part but this watch got more of my attention just because of the nice features and aesthetics versus the other watches I checked out. I was yelled at work because I pulled out my phone to check the time, so now this should be more accepting lol.

    Dec 24,2019

  • Humphrey Hicks
    This Smartwatch has more features than I expected!
    I bought this smartwatch because I trusted their quality from a previous purchase. I wanted a more bold looking smartwatch and that's what I got! brighter screen have been encouraging toward my journey to a stronger self. I'm walking more now and I love that I can see clearly how many steps I'm taking. It even measures my heart rate.

    Dec 23,2019

  • Yehudi Stilwell
    Awesome Fitness Tracker, just the one for everything!!
    Got this amazing tracker couple of weeks back and not to mention the fast delivery as it was delivered well before even I was expecting it to be home. This is my first smart watch so I had lot of expectations from this cool device and I am really moved and fascinated by the way this cool gadget works.

    Dec 24,2019

  • Abbott Julius
    Great smart fitness watch
    I have an Apple watch, I took this smart fitness watch for a present. But since I love everything new, I could not resist and decided to see them in action. Very nice beautiful packagingI recommend buying this watch, a very high-quality product. And the price is just great.

    Dec 25,2019

  • Ina Hodge
    So far so good, Great watch!
    I am extremely happy with this watch. I need a watch for work but also to keep track of my steps. The app is so easy to use and sinc up with the watch. I love how it keeps track of everything and is super comfortable even for my small wrist.

    Dec 20,2019

  • Ethel Jonah
    Elegant, with advance features and great battery life..
    I wanted to buy a good smartwatch which is affordable but does not compromise with the quality and features. After spending significant amount of time on GB, I got this one which has everything I wanted.

    Dec 27,2019

  • Marian Gresham
    Wow! What a nice watch at a fraction of the price of others!!
    I love this smart watch! I have never been a fan of smart watches before. The bands do not feel nice on my wrist. This smart watches band is a smoother silicone than I am used to.

    Dec 21,2019