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Haz reviews
  • Aldo Cintra
    Muito bom o flutuador! Recomendo.
    Ótimo produto.
    Simples porém funcional e muito útil.
    Ainda acompanha o parafuso universal de action cam e a cordinha (strap) regulável.
    Mesmo com o dólar nas alturas ainda compensa, em São Paulo (na Sta. Efigênia) não sai por menos de R$ 35,00.
    Comprem sem medo.
    Melhor que arriscar usar a action cam na cachoeira/mar/rio e perdê-la.
    Não encontrei nenhum ponto negativo nesse produto.

    Jun 21,2018

  • Giannis Koroliov
    Amazing value for money
    Very good plastic and screw...Does Its job just like it should
    Fits just fine with my Sony As200V (To use it with sony action cams or any camera with a typical tripod screw you need
    I am a bit worried about the strap but nothing happened yet :)

    Aug 26,2016

  • bydimitris
    Portable Floaty Bobber
    1. For all action cams
    2. Very Good quality plastic
    3. Very Well packed
    3. Nice yellow color
    4. Great price for value -- VFM
    5. The screw is very stable
    None so far

    May 10,2018

    Portable Floaty Bobber with Strap and Screw -
    My product came soon. Is undamaged
    . Low price high quality thanks for everything from georgia
    I always try to write off products with gearbest
    I am satisfied . Delivered fast. The item is quality and cheap. thanks

    May 09,2018

  • Portable Floaty Bobber with Strap and Screw
    Portable Floaty Bobber with Strap and Screw
    Buen diseño, producto ajustable al producto asociado.
    Buena material, no pierde consistencia al momento del uso.
    Buen precio.

    Jun 24,2018

  • night85
    Good thing, better than classic from gopro
    I bough this item because had experience of use original gopro at the sea. Problem with original gopro was slick surface of the Floaty and camera always wanted to slip out, special when the wave come on you).
    This item is much easier to hold in your hand and no air come in or out.
    I recommend.

    May 22,2015

  • Alen
    All perfect. It fulfills its function. Recommand. Works fine on my SJCAM. Fast shipping. Easy to hands on, have a strap to stick with your hand. Thank you very much.

    Nov 19,2017

  • Claude
    Portable Floaty Bobber with Strap and Screw - YELLOW
    Portable Floaty Bobber with Strap and Screw - YELLOW all ok fit good don't know if floating coz don't test in water yet

    Dec 22,2018

  • Emil Radvansky
    I love holding my Floaty Bobber!
    Works great. Floats well. Holds my Xiaomi YI water case very well. Solid feeling. Very nice.
    The pin got rusty after a week of use. But it still works fine.

    Aug 17,2016

  • Game Changing Rice o
    superb quality for a great price
    superb quality for a great price, much better than you would expect, working as advertised

    Feb 05,2016