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  • Rafael
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    Melhor Custo Benefício
    Existem diversas opções de óculos VR no mercado, mas quando se analisa a qualidade de construção e o preço, nenhum chega perto do óculos da Xiaomi. O óculos é extremamente confortável, o local para o celular é bem seguro, não se corre o risco de cair e apesar das instruções informarem que ele funciona com celulares de tela até 5,7 polegadas, eu testei com um Zenfone 6 antigo e ele funcionou muito bem. Não posso garantir que ele vá funcionar em todos os celulares de 6 polegadas, mas no meu caso foi uma boa surpresa. There are several VR glasses in the market, but when it comes to construction quality and price, the Xiaomi glasses are the best option by far. The glasses are extremely comfortable, the place where you put the cellphne is really saftey, you dont run the risk of drop your cellphone. And despite the instructions that said that the glasses only work on cellphones with screen with maximum 5,7 inchs, i tested on my old zenfone 6 with 6 inches and it worked out really well.
    A única coisa que senti falta foi um ajuste nas lentes. The only thing i've missed was the lack of adjust in the lens.

    Jan 18,2017

  • Peter
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    Wonderfull toy for the prize
    Make no mistake this is not a helmet, nor it is any good for professional usage of serious gaming, this is a cheap and easy to use introduction to VR. Actually considering the prize the build quality is above what I would expect, even from Xiaomi. So to put it bluntly it is a very good toy, gimmick, to try, it is not something with practical added value. Definitely worth the money though, especially it you are thinking about buying some serious VR gear and did not have any previous experiences. Recommended. Even the packaging look good, so suitable as gift aswell. Also keep in mynd that FHD (full HD, 1080p) display wont be enough, with such phone/phablet you will see the pixels. 2K is what should be used with this glasses.
    The app is in chinese only, however you can use it with Google VR app without any problems.

    Mar 17,2017

  • Asish Patro
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    Best deal
    Xiaomi Mi VR Play is a well design and well finished product. It is distinctive because in order to place your phone you gave to open a zipper. It is certainly not the fasted way to insert a phone in a VR Headset, VR Headsets like Merge VR, Deepoon, Homido VR and Leji mini VR have a much more accessible compartment for your iPhone. On the other hand it is one of the most safe headsets for your smart phone. Chances of falling out are near to none and the rubber on the front and back protect your screen and casing.

    Jul 29,2017

  • Daniel
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    Muy buena calidad de construcción, puedes poner un movil de 4,7 a 5,7 pulgadas, es impresionante la sensación de estar dentro de google street o ver videos en youtube en 360 grados. Lo mejor es utilizarlo con un movil de pantalla 2k pero yo lo uso con un xiaomi redmi note 2 a 1080p y para una primera experiencia en esto de la realidad virtual es estupendo. Hay muchísimas aplicaciones que puedes usar con estas gafas, además incluye un botón en la parte de arriba para poder interactuar con algunas de las app. Totalmente recomendable.
    ninguno, si quieres una primera experiencia buena y barata en esto del 3D, estas son tus gafas.

    Apr 02,2017

  • dadă
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    xiaomi vr glasses
    glasses are good quality, high quality lenses, at this price you can not buy a better product. The zipper of the glasses does not allow the phone to fall, the straps are elastic enough, everything is perfect for such a small price.I am satisfied with the product. Delivery was fast, thanks grabest.

    Oct 25,2017

  • Kaio Alencar
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    Me surpreendeu!
    Produto me surpreendeu, superou minhas expectativas! Lentes ótimas! Com bom angulo de visão e imersão INCRIVEL! Realmente vale MUITO o valor pago por ele, bonito, leve, pela aparência e construção deve durar muito, a forma de por o celular por ziper é muito bom e seguro, já tive problemas com outras marcas que usam travas de plástico onde a mesma quebrou e o celular foi ao chão, com esse aqui nem tem perigo, recomendo demais!
    Nada contra, simplesmente ótimo, vale muito o valor pago. Realmente é uma otima compra sem sombra de duvidas! O valor dele compensa demais.

    Apr 21,2017

  • Jesús
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    Another great product by Xiaomi. Great VR Glasses, nice build quality. I bought the black version and it looks great. It fits for 4.7"-5,7" phones. It has on its upper side a small button that allows you to interact with the screen when watching VR videos. The straps fit will on your head. It's not big so you can take it with you if travelling
    It doesn't cover completelly your eyes on the sides so lights gets in. That's a bit bad. It's get a bit uncomfortable after a few minutes of use. Specially on your nose. That part where you put your nose is not completelly well designed so it doesn't feel really comfortable after a while. That could be improved. But overall the quality is great, specially if you consider its price :D

    Jan 12,2017

  • Giuseppe
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    VR Xiaomi Visor
    The viewer is of excellent quality, the materials are very durable and at the same time ergonomic, supports the phone in it very well, the quality of vision through it is very defined and engaging, considering his excellent value for money. It provides an immersive experience and very positive overall. The brand is a guarantee.
    The viewer has no against noteworthy considering that it is an economic one. It would have been better if the sides would adjust to the curves of your face, better than it does now, but it is not serious.

    Feb 26,2017

  • Chad
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    Very cool VR Headset
    It's sits really well on my head, the button makes it easy to select items in the Cardboard app or other VR apps. My phone fits in very snug and doesn't move at all. Search for Mi VR QR code in order to get the right settings in the Google Cardboard app, then it works like a charm.

    Apr 10,2017

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    Fast shipping.Best quality for this price
    I am totally satisfied. Its perfectly fits on my head. - Very good building materials - Very convenient closure - Adjustable straps included - Logo MI - High quality circular lenses Well built glasses by Xiaomi. Easy to use.

    Dec 02,2016