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  • karbon
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    Great sonic toothbrush
    The toothbrush came to Poland after 19 days from the order with a regular registered parcel. After about a week of use I have to admit that it works very well. It has a pleasant compact shape and a small weight, which makes it fit well in the hand. These features will certainly also work on the trip. The brush is made of high quality material. Also, the brush package is made to a very good level and gives the impression of a luxurious item packaging. After a week of use, the battery lost about 20% of its charge level, so the manufacturer's usage time of about one month on a single charge is quite probable. The biggest advantage is the ability to pair the brush with the application on the phone with the help of bluetooth. While the application itself is not very graphically refined, it has cool options for personalizing the brushing programs and dental cleaning statistics, including estimates of toothbrush wear.Generally, the Oclean Air toothbrush is a very successful purchase and allows you to enjoy the effectiveness and accuracy of the sonic record for a fraction of the price offered by the competition. I recommend it to everyone.

    Nov 08,2018

  • Electric Mike
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    Die moderne Version der Zahnbürste
    Dank Fast-23 innerhalb von 24 Std geliefert.Schon die Verpackung ist hochwertig und Edel.Genau so ist es bei der eleganten und schmalen Zahnbürste. Mitgeliefert wird das magnetische kleine Charging Pad (benötigt ein USB Netzteil 5V/1A, das nicht zum Lieferumfang gehört) und eine Anleitung in Englisch und Chinesisch. Selbstverständlich wird auch ein erster Bürstenkopf mitgeliefert. Wenn mann den vollen Umfang der Möglichkeiten nutzen will benötigt mann die Oclean App (gibts im Playstore/Appstore). Mit dieser lässt sich die Zahnbürste problemlos per Bluetooth verbinden. Sie dient zum Einen um die Daten zu erfassen (wie oft und gut wurde geputzt) und um spezielle Reinigungsprogramme zu starten. Beim Einrichten kann mann seinen Zahnstatus beschreiben und bekommt dann eine Empfehlung für die passenden Bürsten. Das putzen selber funktioniert super und erzielt einwandfreie Ergebnisse.

    Aug 01,2019

  • Sebastian Maranski
    Sí (0) Color: Pale Blue Lily
    A great toothbrush.
    This is my first sonic toothbrush. I am very positively surprised by its operation. The toothbrush cleans well and copes with the removal of coffee and cigarette deposits. The dedicated application has a lot of different washing modes - for beginners, deep cleaning, polishing, whitening and much more. I advise beginners to see instructions on how to buy a toothbrush, because it differs from the traditional cleaning of ordinary toothbrushes. He will never come back to the usual toothbrush. And even just a moment I updated the software on the brush by the original application :) I recommend to everyone this great brush.

    Mar 05,2019

  • VS
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    Oclean Air review
    We bought this toothbrush as a replacement of Oclean One as it had some problems with charging. The shipment was very fast and took 10 days to Lithuania (EU). This toothbrush is a little bit smaller and lighter than Oclean One, Furthermore, it is cheaper and has no carrying case as Oclean One, but the functionalities and the power are the same. It has the same and easy to use Oclean app where you can create your own brushing program. I use 1min of level 4 cleaning and 1 min of level 4 whitening. Bluetooth connection was easy to establish. It came with the latest firmware.

    Jan 21,2019

  • IGOR
    Sí (0) Color: Pale Blue Lily
    Oclean Air Intelligent APP Control Sonic Electrical Toothbrush
    Oclean Air is a compact sound brush that is a small copy of the popular Oclean One model. Its main advantage is compactness, and considering that the motor and technical parameters are almost the same as in the older model, and the cost is much lower then my advice is to buy! Cleans well, I had no discomfort. The gums are no longer inflamed as after common toothbrushes. So my order was successful. The store was well packed and quickly sent - I recommend to cooperate

    Dec 20,2018

  • Marcin
    Sí (0) Color: Pale Blue Lily
    Super szczoteczka.
    Bardzo fajna szczoteczka. Lekka i nieduża. Super myje zęby, dużo delikatniej niż rotacyjna. Po umyciu wrażenie bardzo domytych. Wysyłka z magazynu z Polski w dwa dni. Inpostem. Po aktualizacji oprogramowania do nowszej wersji działa dalej, nie zawiesiła się jak się niektórym stało. Ogólnie polecam. Fajny zakup. Pierwsze kilka myć trochę kosmos, łaskocze. Ale szybko można to ogarnąć.

    Feb 03,2019

  • MarkoS
    Sí (0) Color: Pale Blue Lily
    Oclean Air Intelligent APP Control Sonic Electrical Toothbrush - WHITE
    Best toothbrush ever! Highly recommend! I had the oral B rotation brush before this and there is a day and night difference. My dentist even said I have amazing brushing technique with how clean my teeth now are. It’s weird feeling the first few times but then you get used to the pulsing.

    Sep 29,2018

  • Mac
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    Perfect choice
    Works great, I will never switch to the normal toothbrush. Oclean app is not that useful though, some of the options are for nothing I think (like setting the colour of your teeth), but it's good you can adjust work of the toothbrush to your needs. I also like that the ring around the button has no color in this version. USB cable works with typical phone charger. I recommend to everyone.

    May 11,2019

  • Jakub
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    Review after half year of using
    it's perfect toothbrush because the size is very comfortable very similar to normal toothbrush. usually I charge once per 3 weeks, so you can easily take for a trip without charger. what it's the most important it's very easy to achieve Vero high quality of cleaning your teeth in short time

    Aug 16,2019

  • manolina
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    Spazzolino molto buono
    E uno spazzolino che soddisfa le mie aspettative, ho usato due Braun e un Philips, poco rumoroso, efficiente, le testine durano tantissimo, l'unico punto meno perfetto, per questo 4 stelle, è il pulsante sensitive che ha iniziato a dare problemi da un po' di tempo: è molto sensible, basta sfiorarlo, ma appunto da un po' di tempo non risponde sempre allo sfioramento...

    Mar 06,2019