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Haz reviews
  • Menphis
    Another Nitecore must-have product.
    Headlamp, so easiest way to carry a light.
    Very lightweight, battery lasts around 3h at maximum power, battery indicator isnt' accurate, it flashes 3 times until almost 25%, then it started dim the lumen output.

    Anyway I'm 100% satisfied with this product, can't belive how cheap it is and how much useful it is in certain occasion, just think at when you work at evening or during the day for example in the car, where the sunlight doesn't arrive directly and there are shadow zones.
    -battery life
    -nitecore is a warranty
    -light beam diffusion
    -quality/price awesome
    - battery indicator not very accurate
    - minimum scratches on the plastic protection (they don't affect functionality, just aesthetic)

    Feb 25,2018

  • alex
    These wide beam pattern lights are very useful. First thing I noticed is that you do not have to have your head aimed just right, in order to see. This would make an excellent lamp for home repair, as you can see more. I read my Kindle at night with it, on medium, and it works better than all my more expensive lamps. I've also noticed walking the dog at night, that both of us can see, without having to alternate aiming the lamp in front of each of us. I'm glad I bought this NU10, as I have plenty of other lamps that throw a typical more narrow beam.

    Sep 30,2017

  • Petr
    NITECORE NU10 Rechargeable LED Headlamp
    Light charging headlamp from NITECORE. Suitable for shorter-distance lighting, running, night walks. Very good mechanical handling, strong headband. Sufficient performance for everyday activities, long stamina for lower power modes. I'm satisfied. I have bought this headlamp twice.

    - Very low weight
    - charging via micro USB
    - 3 power modes plus red light
    - battery charge indication
    - possibility of locking
    - very wide light

    Jul 27,2018

  • Ri
    Nitecore NU10
    It's very small and lightweight. It's not super bright but powerful enough to use it for many things like camping, fixing things at home, hiking at night, etc. I really like the red light and the different modes, I think it's got everything you'd need in a headlamp, plus it's rechargeable, I truly like it.
    None so far, we'll see how the rechargeable battery works over time, that's my only concern.

    Sep 16,2017

  • Руслан
    Nitecore NU10
    Фонарик именно для работы, без лишних ненужных функций, заряда аккумулятора на смену должно хватить. Три режима, разумно подобранные, свет широкий, холодный, максимальный довольно ярок, даже не ожидал от таких диодов! Красный свет так-же очень яркий, ярче, чем в Fenix HL30, например. Неплохой зарядный кабель в комплекте. Можно заряжать от повербанка в походе. За акционную цену фонарь очень хорош.
    Резинка светлая, маркая. Странные рантаймы красного диода - 5 часов 15 минут, в то же время четыре белых диода на максимуме - 7 часов! Может ошибка?

    Jan 10,2018

  • Сергій
    NITECORE NU10 160Lm Rechargeable LED Headlamp Dual Light Source
    NITECORE NU10 160Lm Rechargeable LED Headlamp Dual Light Source
    super light
    good quality
    original product
    nice size
    interesting design
    optimal price/quality

    Mar 15,2018

  • Review of NITECORE NU10 Rechargeable LED Headlamp
    Review of NITECORE NU10 Rechargeable LED Headlamp bought at
    Some good points are:
    Light weight
    Good quality material
    It is well stitched
    Powerfull light

    Jul 07,2018

  • Levi_X
    Nitecore NU10 Rechargeable LED Headlamp
    Quality product
    Built-in 900 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery via USB cable
    Easy-to-fit headband
    5 high performance LEDs (max. 160 Lumens) with white/red dual outputs
    Remaining battery power indicator
    Dust and water resistant
    I'm afraid of damage of rubber USB charging port after several use.

    Feb 27,2018

  • Redfox2
    This light has good illumination but makes good use by spreading it over a wide angle, a real plus if you need it to work with. It's bright enough to light up our whole back yard. I bought it for my wife to use, but now I may get one for myself.

    Apr 23,2018

  • Joe
    Very useful, long runtime
    It's the best light for close working like reading, soldering, some mechanic stuff. Even bright enough for talking a walk in the darkness. The 5mm - LEDs are some special ones... Much brighter than the common ones!
    A black headstrap with the black light woulg have been fine. Nevermind... It is still a great light!

    Sep 28,2017