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Haz reviews
  • Sheri
    I woke up this morning after using it last night and my face had literally pushed out all of my blackheads and rejected everything bad in my nose,it was amazing !!! I scrubbed my face this morning and was shocked at how amazing this product is after just two uses

    May 19,2018

  • SusieM
    I love this stuff second time purchasing,i've been using the mask twice a week for a couple of weeks and have not seen any visible improvement,it makes my skin extremely dry and is uncomfortable and itchy near the end of the dry mask

    Apr 27,2018

  • Too many books, never enuf time!
    Allowing you to use less and for your products to go farther and last longer,i'm not sure how much this would benefit my skin,you will have to be patience because the results won't come after a few months

    Feb 23,2018

  • Brieonna R.
    I had a sun mark on my face that kept getting bigger and darker,skin has a healthy glow after using,doesn't hurt a bit and I have sensitive skin,i think it helps the vitamin c serum get deeper

    Jan 07,2018

  • Deirdre Harper
    This is a very very thick mask,a little hard to get used to the smell,the amount you get is nearly insane,i feel like every time I use this product I am spending too much time

    Mar 21,2018

  • HappyMom
    Love the feeling of my pores being tightened and the tingling of my skin when I use this as a facial mask,not like any other facial mask I ever used

    Dec 29,2017

  • MidwestLady
    One of my favorite face masks evaaaaaaa,draws out the gross things out of my face and leaves it super smooth and clean feeling

    Aug 05,2018

  • Jsvisme
    Holy wowsers this stuff is great,my skin feels so tight and smooth after I use it,your face does get a little red after using it

    Sep 06,2018

  • Rosie Riveter
    Husband and wife agree that this stuff makes one's face feel cleaner and softer than any other product used previously

    Mar 18,2018

  • dwjensen
    It doesn't hurt at all (only speaking for myself) just has a nice tingle feeling that makes your skin feel `` awake''

    Jun 05,2018