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Haz reviews
  • Dorian
    BEST <3

    Nov 07,2017

  • Maurizio G.
    Facile da usare, comodo per le calde giornate estive, consente l'utilizzo con dispositivi micro usb e con dispositivi ligthning.. Il materiale è ottimo, resistente e molto robusto.. Utilizzato per una decina di minuti consecutivi e non ha nemmeno scaricato tanto la batteria! Acquisto super! Prezzo fantastico e prodotto molto cool! Grazie Gearbest!
    Non ho riscontrato difetti relativi al prodotto.

    Jun 09,2016

  • Jakob
    a life saver when its hot..
    my daily fan for heat when in busses.. great to use with my mobile, ewen thow you get slashed from time to time.. but good item and solid motor with powerfull effect.. its not a quit as like xiaomi but its also more powerfull in wind gen.
    none only little thing is that i have to use an small elastic to make it silent, so no noise from connection, but thats likely the phone

    Sep 20,2016

  • Juan Majeed
    All what I can say: Wow!
    A very good quality android and Iphone fan that can be a good advantage during the hot summer. It worked like magic and is powerful enough to make you feel refreshed.
    Absolutely nothing

    Jun 20,2017

  • Danny Sh.
    cool product
    Innovative product and cheap with great quality material very nice idea using it on the beach.. Love the orange color :) Thank you for your honesty.

    Jun 03,2016

  • Bruno
    very useful when it's hot!
    cheap, simple and portable. maybe one of mankind's best inventions yet! who would have thought that the micro usb energy of our smartphones could be used to cool us in the summer! i recommend it!
    the spinning fan sometimes fall off

    Mar 28,2018

  • Вентилятор
    Неплохой вентилятор. На моем смартфоне приводит к постоянному отключению телефона. На другом работает нормально. Есть разьем под Андроид и под Айфон. Крутится быстро, пластик крепкий.
    Не на всем смартфонах нормально работает.

    Jun 05,2018

  • sean
    great little fan for your Android or iPhone
    can be used on those hot days or just when you need some air. can be used on android and iPhone
    uses battery when in use

    Dec 02,2016

  • Wesley
    Mini Ventilador portátil
    Muito fofo, e gente ele funciona muito bem, paleta rodam com uma velocidade extraordinária, apaixonado pelo meu ventilador

    Aug 31,2018

  • SphunaR
    Very good product
    Very good product in good price. Delivery time - only 2 weeks. Everything works great. Good quality.
    I don\'t see any cons :)

    Jun 01,2016