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CADISEN 2019 Reloj para hombre Reloj automático mecánico Fecha Moda Marca de lujo Reloj impermeable
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CADISEN 2019 Reloj para hombre Reloj automático mecánico Fecha Moda Marca de lujo Reloj impermeable

- China Plata

4.88 17 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Principales Características

- 100% brand new and high quality.
- Precise Automatic mechanical watch. Seiko NH36 mechanical core.for accurate time keeping.
- Sapphire wear resistant mirror.

Features (Approx):
- Watchcase Diameter: 4.0cm approx.
- Watchcase Thickness: 1.2cm approx.
- Band Length (Included the case): 19.5cm approx.
- Watchband Width: 2.0cm approx.


longitud de banda
Tipo de cierre
Botón de cierre oculto
Marque el tipo de material de la ventana
Cristal de zafiro
Auto-viento automático,Viento mecánico de mano
Profundidad de Resistencia al Agua
Calendario completo,Resistente al agua,Semana de visualización
Diámetro del dial
Forma de la caja
Grueso del caso
Número de modelo
Tipo de material de banda
Acero inoxidable
Ancho de banda
Material de cajas y estuches
Material de la Caja
Acero inoxidable
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Opiniones de Usuarios

4.88 de 5
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  • -= K C =-
    Gorgeous watch, truly!
    Today, Monday the 3rd of June 2019, I just received my second to last watched that I will likely ever by, ever ever ever! Straight from China this Patterson brand watch features a beautiful Seiko nw36 a automatic movement with day and date complications. Slim dophine hands and a nice silver frame around a day date. Roman numeral at the 12 and only the brand name and the word automatic for any writing on the face. Stainless steel bracelet that's made with solid links and has that split heads 10 systems that likely also has the color in the middle of a lease. The movement is both hand winding and automatic. You can also stop II and which they call packing, to set the date exactly. On the right side of the rotor you will see the letters [S I I O] indicating the Seiko corporation group are Seiko international something leather, which is held by Epson corporation which is held by Seiko watch company is Japan. So another words is so beautiful high-quality automatic watch movement from Japan from Seiko inside the Chinese and case watch that the Chinese company brands CADISEN. The stem has three positions. The first being the hand winding position turning clockwise. The second position is the day and the date and I've note is that the date can show in English or in the kanji Chinese characters. I think that is so neat! companies like Seiko and Citizen and others use movements that can show in English and another language which are often French or Italian or this case Chinese or Arabic Etc. English is typically the most international language at this point in time in the history of this planet. So see through back shows the movements with 24 Jewel markings in the center of the rotor and you might be able to see the mainspring with the jewel in the center of it through the glass in the photos from the back of the watch. Nice display back. Although it's a very well-made watch, because it is not a screw-down crown nor is it a solid back, you can't expect high-end waterproofing unless the watch cost you a pretty penny. And although it wasn't cheap in terms of Chinese watches, and it still has five atmospheres or but 168 feet water resistance, there's nothing to complain about here. It's a dress watch and not a diving watch. LOVE IT!
    My watch. ©
    My photografz. ©
    All rights reserved. ©

    Jun 03,2019

  • Ali
    Amazing Value - A Must Have!
    This Cadisen watch has undisputed value, and let me tell you why:
    1) It has a Seiko NH36, one of the most reliable and elegant movements there is, typically found in $100-400 watches. Look this movement up, it's legendary.

    2) It has a sapphire crystal, I don't have the tools to test it out myself, however the Youtube channel JustOneMoreWatch has taken the measures necessary and did a preliminary test to ensure that it is indeed sapphire, and I absolutely trust his word. Furthermore, I've even contacted Cadisen Store here on GearBest and they confirmed the authenticity of both the movement and the sapphire crystal, so I'll take their word for it as well.

    3) It is a solid 316L stainless steel all throughout, no cheap alloy or corners cut in the construction, so it's an A+ in that department as well.

    4) The design is simple and elegant, mine measures at around 38mm in diameter, which was a VERY welcome surprise when I saw it, unlike the product description. This is realistically a plus, for many people.

    5) Cadisen is a relatively respected brand, I believe it is one of the best 5 on the Chinese market, so you are getting that slightly better reassurance and QC.

    For those 5 reasons, you'd expect to pay at least $100 even for a Chinese piece, and the fact that you can pick this up for under $50 on sale is why it is the undisputed value king for an entry-level automatic watch, and so I absolutely recommend it.

    Note: the only issue I had was that my bracelet came a little misaligned, and so one of the spring bars wouldn't go in; due to the solid endlink being slightly misaligned. Also, removing the pins to size the watch is actually quite difficult compared to other watches I own.
    If I'm being honest though, I removed the bracelet as soon as I could, and I put it on a lovely Horween Dublin leather strap from Etsy, so I am really not bothered about the bracelet at all. Happy shopping!

    P.S. Shoutout to JustOneMoreWatch's Jody for recommending this watch!

    Jul 03,2019

  • Miriam Bernard
    Striking and Reliable Time Piece
    A subtle yet striking automatic mechanical watch that attracts attention, I find myself often staring at the details. Solidly built with 5 ATM (50m) water resistance, it is my 4th CADISEN watch in several years and they all look and still work great. Using easy to use deft design, the movement is a Seiko NH36 mechanical core, which is very accurate. The case is large but feels remarkably small on the wrist, it's very comfortable despite the size, and just heavy enough to feel solid and substantial without feeling like a boat anchor.
    A little bit of history, beauty, and engineering that rides on your wrist and will last for many, many years to come.

    Jul 06,2019

  • Andy Camilla
    Love the quality&appearance
    The watch itself is just beautiful to look at. The bracelet is one of my favorite parts of the watch; not too tight yet flexible and light. Speaking of weight this watch is very light and at times it can almost feel as though you aren't wearing a watch at all.
    The case is stainless steel and of simplistic construction, and the import mechanical movement part allows the watch provides more accurate time for me. The waterproof function makes the watch easier to use, no need to worry all the time about whether you need to take the watch off to prevent water.
    Overall, a beautiful piece that catches the eye with well-built quality.

    Jul 04,2019

  • Noel Bach
    High quality watch!
    This watch is a stunner, if you love the minimalist appearance look.
    I've had it for 2 days, and thus far haven't had any issue, automatic watches always gain or lose a little bit every day, even the very expensive ones. This one is especially accurate, and has lost maybe 45 seconds over the 2 days I've been wearing it, very very good in the scheme of things. The domed, curved sapphire crystal case is another feature I love, giving it a very unusual, eye-catching, elegant look.
    This watch is so affordable and looks like it costs far more. I’m very happy with this watch, absolutely no risk buying this high-end Chinese watch!

    Jun 25,2019

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