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  • Jordi.
    Un cable de carga 3 en 1 muy bueno.
    Este cable de carga funciona perfectamente con cualquier dispositivo con entrada de micro USB,para iPhone o USB tipo C,el cable esta reforzado con nylon trenzado que evita que se enrede,las clavijas son de aluminio y los imanes agarran muy bien ya que tienen mucha fuerza,el paquete llego en buen estado y dentro de la fecha estimada,lo recomiendo porque funciona muy bien y por su bajo precio.

    This charging cable works perfectly with any device with micro USB input, for iPhone or USB type C, the cable is reinforced with braided nylon that prevents it from getting tangled, the pins are made of aluminum and the magnets grip very well since they have a lot of force, the package arrived in good condition and within the estimated date, I recommend it because it works very well and for its low price
    No tiene contrae,funciona perfectamente.

    It does not have contracts, it works perfectly.

    Mar 16,2018

  • True Mental
    3-in-1 Magnetic charger cable. USB Type C, IPhone and micro usb. From GearBest - Unboxing
    Cable of very good quality. Very Flexible and durable. Very strong magnets, what you can see with the rest of the film, which I put. Works sensational. I load without a prool and very quickly. I checked all adapters and act perfectly. Zero allegations. I can easily recommend to everyone, because for such a price you will not find anything better. This set is great quality! RECOMMEND
    no problems

    Mar 21,2018

  • yassine
    charging cable
    The real feels good stuff , so easy , fun plus it helps a lot . This a must have item for ya'll
    no thing , magnet obviously sticks to different stuff but no big deal

    Mar 21,2018

  • k0ka2
    3-in-1 Magnetic Micro USB 8 Pin Type-C Data Sync Charging Cable^^
    This comes with three metal adapters for IOS 8-pin, Micro-usb and Type-C connections. Connection is easy as the magnet on the cable will automatically attach itself to the metal adapter when placed close to it either side as it is reversible. The magnets are strong so it doesn't detach easily.
    Despite the description, this cable can be used for charging only. It does not support data synch. This is due to the support for reversible attachment as there is only one row of pins (unlike other reversible magnetic cables which have two rows of pins or which is not reversible).

    Jan 27,2018

  • Александр
    LED Prompt Magnetic Micro USB 8 Pin Type-C Data Sync Cable от Gearbest
    Не плохой кабель, брал по акции за 220 рублей - можно брать. За 400 не стал бы покупать.
    Хорошая цена!
    Быстрая доставка!
    магнитится не очень точно

    Jan 23,2018

  • Micro USB und weitere magnetische Ladekabel
    Micro USB und weitere magnetische Ladekabel
    The product works very well.
    Es funktioniert sehr gut, der Magnet ist wirklich stark und es gibt viele Möglichkeiten der Anwendung.
    Ich nutze es wie auf dem Foto zu sehen für mein Wireless-Headset, das manchmal während des Tragens geladen werden muss.
    Ich kann ehrlich gesagt keine Nachteile finden. Das Kabel ist bisher sehr hochwertig und hat keine Abrieberscheinungen.

    Jul 08,2018

  • Daniel
    Sencillo y práctico
    Lo uso para mi tableta que tiene el pin de carga un poco dañado, y al moverse algún cable, este tiende a desconectarse... Con este cable que es práctico e imantado no tengo necesidad de estar colocando ni quitando el cable, con el riesgo de que se me termine de dañar el pin de carga.

    Jan 09,2019

  • Santos
    Usb Cable
    Amazing cable, strong build and nice looking cable.
    The magnet is strong and the magnet pieces all fit perfectly in any of the phones I tried.
    100% would recommend this cable for anyone who is changing from regular android to type-C , with this cable u won't have any problems.

    Oct 22,2018

  • Luis Garcia
    Magnetic USB cable
    Strong Magnet
    It works for
    USB 2.0
    Type C
    Support 2.4 A
    Not too expensive

    Apr 19,2018

  • Vladimir Petrovich
    Отличный кабель 3 в 1
    Превосходный кабель 3 в 1: Type-C, Micro USB, 8 pin:
    1. Можно использовать для зарядки сразу нескольких гаджетов. Удобно брать в поездку.
    2. Качественные металлические корпуса штекеров и адаптеров.
    3. Прочная и гибкая нейлоновая оплётка.
    4. Поддерживает быструю зарядку.
    Полностью рекомендую.
    Хотел бы такой же, но более длинный.

    Jun 04,2018