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Haz reviews
  • Mike P.
    The lights are IP65 waterproof. They could hang on the Christmas Tree even in the rain. Suitable for festivals and parties, such as Christmas, Halloween. They looked awesome and bright at night. Got many compliments from my friends and strangers. There is also a very long cord to plug them in with. Easy to install and set up. Highly recommended!

    Nov 24,2020

  • JM
    Easy to use
    When lit they are very beautiful. Good for outdoor decorations. I had them up last Christmas and didn't want to take them down. So pretty and mesmerizing. Materials seem durable and high-quality. Hopefully, it will be enough. We had them hanging in the entryway of our home during the holidays. I would recommend it to my friends.

    Dec 15,2020

  • Sun
    Highly recommend
    They made my dimmer side of my house at Christmas light up. It's absolutely simple to put up. They are very bright and can be seen from quite a distance away. The only thing is, I wish I would have bought more. They are longer and bigger than expected. Got many compliments on them. Love these string lights!

    Dec 02,2020

  • Judy
    Amazing Product
    I put them on the tree and they will shine beautifully at night.

    Nov 19,2020

  • Leo
    Better than I thought
    The cord is slender and clear with the wire showing.

    Dec 12,2020

  • Lily
    Recommend it to you
    This is a great design. They are also easy to install.

    Oct 15,2020

  • Ashley
    Great product
    Really cool idea and actually made for outdoors.

    Nov 28,2020

  • Sheldon
    5 thumbs up
    Very nice product. Colors are bright.

    Dec 03,2020