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Haz reviews
  • Billias
    8 Color Toilet Induction Lamp
    Έχει δυο λειτουργίες, είτε σε σταθερό, είτε αλλάζει αργά όλα τα χρώματα.
    Ένα κακό είναι ότι δεν κάθεται πολύ καλά πάνω στη λεκάνη.
    Ο αισθητήρας του δεν είναι και ο καλύτερος. Ενώ έχει φως στο μπάνιο αν πέσει λίγο σκιά πάνω του ανάβει. Αυτό βέβαια δεν είναι απαραίτητα κακό, το κακό είναι πως έπειτα από 2 βδομάδες λειτουργίας πλέον ανάβει μόνιμα όταν έχει σκοτάδι. Ούτε αυτό μπορεί να θεωρηθεί κακό, αλλά αν είναι ν αλλάζω μπαταρίες κάθε βδομάδα, τότε όχι.

    Jan 30,2019

  • bigD
    Toilet sensor nightlight
    This is simply a fantastic product. It allows my kids to go into the bathroom if needed during the night without switching a lot of lights on and disturbing evryone else asleep in the house. Well worth the money. It can be set to change colours or can be fixed on a favourite colour. I've probably bought about 6 of these so far and they simply are great. Just don't get them wet or the led with stop working.

    Jan 29,2019

  • montafede
    L'oggetto è stato installato nel bagno come gadget per "sorprendere" gli amici ed i parenti in visita. Non soltanto ha "sorpreso" piacevolmente, ma è stato considerato utile comunque per chi fa delle puntate notturne in bagno. Già ricomperato e mandato come regalo ad una giovane parente: sono probabili altri acquisti per accontertare chi ha mostrato particolare entusiasmo. Per fortuna .... costa poco

    Oct 30,2018

  • tarif
    works well
    useful for toilets during the night when you don't want to put on main light. i don't install it in the bidet for hygiene reason.
    this one works fine. you can let it cycle colors. but i prefer fix a color. just press the button once when the desired color is reached. three batteries can hold about 2 months
    no cons

    Sep 30,2018

  • Андрей
    Toilet Induction Lamp
    Подсветка для унитаза с 8 разными цветами !Можно выбрать один цвет или последовательно изменяющиеся восьми . Работает от трех батареек ААА (в комплект не входят)! Инструкция на английском языке !!!!!!!!!!

    Dec 06,2018

  • Rittik
    nice device with bright led and proper timing
    the sensor is quite intellectual and detects human motion correctly. the led is bright enough to light up the nearby areas. also there's a light sensor that detects light and keep the device powered off, hence it works in darkness only saving battery life. go for it.

    Nov 07,2018

  • bigD
    Toilet sensor nightlight
    I have bought these lights in the past and wouldn't be without them now. These are so convenient to use for night time toilet activity without disturbing anyone else in the household. At this price I bought 3 more.

    Apr 08,2019

  • tarif
    good deal for the price. it lights when dark and it detects motion. after leaving the room, it stays on for about 30sec. not very bright but enough to find your way around.
    the 2 i ordered work fine.
    i recommend

    Nov 16,2018

  • Sjenkie
    Toilet Ambiance Light
    Easy to use, works really well actually.
    Starts to light up when the door opens, and goes dark again if there's no activity for an X amount of time!

    Goes smoothly through the 8 Colors.

    Nov 18,2018

  • Mohammad Haseeb
    Value for money
    moderately built product. Hangs perfectly on the toilet. You can set a specific color or set it to change continuously. Value for money.

    Jan 11,2019