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Haz reviews
  • David Sullivan
    Excellent sound quality and fast pairing
    The earbuds magnetically sit in the charge base quite securely, and only come out when I intend to do so. I usually stick my thumb in the center and pull the earbud to the side to pop them out. I get several charges out of the charge base with moderate earbud use, and the earbuds and cradle weigh very little.

    Dec 24,2019

  • Chae
    Great sound, awesome value
    This is my first ear bud and frankly, I didn't have much expectations. since it was so much cheaper than many of the competitions. Other bluetooth ear pieces I've had, I usually had some problems pairing but this one paired very easily, once I figured out which one was the right (as opposed to the left) piece

    Dec 20,2019

    Easy to set up
    I was worried about the battery life, but they last far longer than I need them to. I haven't measured it, but they've never run out of power while I'm wearing them. The base station also charges them more quickly than I had expected. So none of that has been an issue for me.

    Dec 20,2019

  • cyberguest
    Things I like about this headphone:1. Great price2. Good audio – I’d say highs and mids are close to the Sennheiser, while base is not as strong3. I tested mic for phone calls, sound is not as clear as phone’s built-in mic, but clear enough for conversations.

    Dec 20,2019

  • Mark M.
    Does the job perfectly
    Sound quality is adequate. You're not gonna hear deep rich bass or anything, but then again the thins are the size of a penny. I have studio monitors If I want quality.Most importantly, the price is right. Unlike another major brand with a fruit logo.

    Dec 22,2019

  • John
    Fantastic for the price. Great customer service.
    At first I wasn't happy with the earbuds. No bass. I read some more and checked the manufactures comments. The one that helped most was making sure that you have a snug fit with provided ear pieces. It made a world of difference

    Dec 20,2019

  • Medasculo moreno rico
    This product is perfect if youre looking for a great sound quality bass and noise canceling those earphones are for you however I dont recommend for sports cause it doesn't have ipx and falla from your ear

    Jan 31,2020

  • claudiairs16
    How is this so affordable?
    When I ordered these I wasn't expecting much. I mainly wanted to purchase some earbuds so that I didn't have to deal with the tangles of earbud cords. However, these surpassed my expectations

    Dec 21,2019

  • Molly Jane
    I am impressed at the cost/performance ratio!
    These earbuds work really well. I think the sound volume and quality are both very good and they have better range than any of my previous bluetooth headphones.

    Dec 25,2019