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Haz reviews
  • Dzianis
    Кто пишет обзоры то меня точно поймут, так как приходится много фотографировать и для этого нужен хороший свет, с которым бывают проблемы. Для этих целей я и задумался прикупить хороший софт бокс. Доставка в Беларусь присутствовала, но равнялась 50 долларам, а в Россию почему-то бесплатной. Выходило так что мне выгодней было заказать через посредника, ну и посреднику заплатить пришлось еще 12 долларов, что выходило выгодней. Вес в запакованном виде получилось 2.5 кг

    Aug 23,2017

  • Mark A Gatt
    Greatr piece of kit
    This studio lamp holder combined with 4 LED spotlights (E27 connectors - 6000K - also found on Gearbest) works a treat for the fraction of the price you would normally pay. Construction is as good as I thought it would be, actually a bit better. Very bright!
    Does not come with instructions and took me some time to figure out what goes where as I am not a professional, but after looking at the pictures supplied on Gearbest itself, I was able to mount it perfectly. For who is like me, starting out video or photgraphy production, I recommend this equipment as it seems to do a professional job at a very very reasonable price.

    Jun 08,2016

  • Pac Man
    3-in-1 Photo Studio Kit 4 Lamp Holder
    All good with the packaging, it was really easy to mount and everything went fine, even comes with a spare fuse.
    nothing, I'm going to buy one more

    May 16,2018

  • João
    nice product
    Hight power and nice difuse lightning. I like this product, its easy to transport trought the house.
    no cons until now, seem to be a nice product and is perfect for who needs to do videos at home.

    Mar 12,2018

  • Thessa1
    This lamp holder can do a very good job
    I like the size of the product and the quality of the 4 lamp holder head. I will be using this for photo shooting.
    The tripod looks a bit unstable and there is no carrying case for the equipment.

    Jul 25,2017

  • Pedro Alves
    Excellent price
    Excellent value for money. The item have good construction and nice materials. Do the same or more than a higher price soft boxes. Highly recommended!

    Mar 11,2017

  • Paulo
    Light Up
    The softbox works very well.

    Light comes diffuse and well balanced.
    Hight is adjustable, so it's easy to modify the light to the subject very quick.
    Very handy and easy to pack and carry.


    Nov 02,2018

  • 4 Lamp Holder
    Good, simple light box
    The stand is great, it takes 4 E27 bulbs and does the job. It has two switches, so you can decide to turn on 2, 4 or no bulbs and it comes with an extra fuse and bag.
    It doesn't stretch very much, so you can't have the light source as high as you might want, or you need to get creative to do it.

    Jan 30,2017

  • Worlon
    Photo Studio Kit Photography Lighting 4 Lamp
    Easy use, good quality. I think this is good deal for this price.
    Not realy hard to build it, but no user manual at all.

    Dec 28,2017

  • Aleksandr
    Довольно большой. Если разложить, стойка довольно высокая.

    Oct 01,2016