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Haz reviews
  • OutOfTouch
    Not satisfied with the item.
    As shown in the video the toy doesnt work properly for more than a few seconds. I am not sure if it's broken but i am pretty sure that's not how it should be. Once i connected it straight into a laptop USB it works the same way. After a few seconds it totally stops.

    Jan 02,2019

  • Fernando
    The order arrived within the expected time frame. Could come better protected. The products came exactly as ordered. Poor quality.

    Oct 07,2019

  • Duško
    it is funny
    Funny little thing. It works. Just place it in the USB port and let it work ;)

    Nov 19,2018

  • Tom
    Auf jedenfall ganz lustig! Vor allem bei den Arbeitskollegen
    Eine schöne Überraschungsgeschenk.Eher für Männer und eventuell für besondere Frauen,sicher nicht für Feministinnen-kann eventuell falsch verstanden werden-Ein schöner gag sicher

    Nov 25,2018

    Funny gadget
    It is an useless gadget but very funny to use it when you feel bored at work/home. It really does what purposes. The dog is cute and sassy.

    Feb 11,2019