NEJE DK - 8 - FKZ 1500mW Impresora Láser Grabadora CNC
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NEJE DK - 8 - FKZ 1500mW Impresora Láser Grabadora CNC

- NEGRO 211998101

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● Lea atentamente y siga el manual del usuario antes de ensamblar u operar la impresora 3D.

● La modificación y personalización de la impresora 3D están estrictamente prohibidas. No asumiremos ninguna responsabilidad por ningún problema resultante de las modificaciones.

● Utilice siempre el voltaje de CA correcto para su región.

● No coloque la impresora 3D cerca de materiales inflamables / combustibles ni de fuentes de calor.

● Use la impresora 3D solo en áreas bien ventiladas. Mantenga una distancia segura de la impresora.

NEJE DK - 8 - FKZ 1500mW USB DIY Impresora de Grabado Láser

Principales Características:
● Superficie máxima de grabado: 38 x 38mm
● Software de soporte: NEJE Bluetooth Laser Carver
● Formatos de imagen compatibles: JPEG, BMP (sólo 24 bits), TIFF, PNG (32 bits o menos), PCX (8 bits y 24 bits RLE)
● Tamaño de imagen PCD: 512 x 512 píxeles
● Modo grabado: talla de mapa de bits
● Entrada: 5V 0.5A
● Material del marco: acrílico + aluminio + acero inoxidable
● El láser puede reemplazar: sí
● Cada tiempo de trabajo: menos de 1 hora
● Sistema operativo compatible: soporta Windows 7, XP, 8, 10



Marca: NEJE
Tipo: CNC
Modelo: DK - 8 - FKZ
Área de grabado: 38 x 38 mm

Dimensiones y peso

Peso de Producto: 0,9000 kg
Peso de Paquete: 1,8000 kg
Tamaño de producto: 14,50 x 16,00 x 20,00 cm / 5,71 x 6,3 x 7,87 pulgadas
Tamaño de Paquete: 30,00 x 20,00 x 21,00 cm / 11,81 x 7,87 x 8,27 pulgadas

Contenido del Embalaje

Contenido del embalaje: 1 x 1500mW Impresora Láser Grabadora USB

NEJE DK - 8 - FKZ 1500mW Impresora Láser Grabadora CNC- Negro

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  • Nancy Kakalec
    This printer looks very simple but that is what is so great about it is that it is very simple, it takes a little bit to get it set up but once you get it all together and get the software configured it works great, i followed the advise of a review I read on another DIY printer and used loctite on the critical parts like the frame and motor mounts, had one little issue when I first powered it up and WOW to my surprise was the support ever good, have not printed very much yet so cant speak to the durability yet but I will update when I get several prints and hours on it

    Sep 28,2018 20:44:20

  • Thrown-Clear
    After reading reviews on several models I settled on this one because I wanted a DIY build that I could share with my middle-school and early high-school age children that had a high probability of success, i contacted customer service right away and they lived up to their reputation in the other reviews, i was impressed with how easy it was to get this printer to produce some nice prints, educational experience building and learning to use this printer with just the right amount of challenge ; and the printer works very well

    Oct 20,2018 15:43:57

  • Marcin
    ● Share your user experience of the product. Don’t include your shipping or shopping experience. (You can do that at the Order Review)● Do explain why you chose your rating.● Do explain what did you like or dislike about this product.● Describe how satisfied you were with the quality of the product.● Describe what features impressed you the most (e.g. battery life of a smart watch or the size and fit of a dress)● Compare the advantages/disadvantages over other similar products.

    Nov 11,2018 10:37:17

  • aero79
    I decided to go with FLSUN based on reviews saying how solid the build is and you could get decent quality prints amd because you didn't need to do lots of upgrades compared to say ANET, everything comes labled for the most part and instructions were fairly easy to follow ... I didn't really to need to refer to youtube, after completing the build and I was going through the setup process and I started to encounter problems with print quality ... then It got worse and it became a problem with the board

    Oct 15,2018 09:27:44

  • Elmer Jackson
    Assembly was very easy as long as you pay very close attention to the video assembly guide, once understanding the overall assembly the missed steps were solved, i thought took the longest during assembly, once I was able to plug the printer in you need to level the print bed and set the end stops, just make sure the extruder is the same distance away from all four corners of the print bed, after a very accurate set up my first print came out good with the suggested print settings and temps

    Oct 11,2018 06:40:54

  • Lezlee Maxfield Hogan
    Customer support is great, there's an incredibly large support base of hobbyists on the internet that will help you with this, had some free time and decided to buy one of these as a project in my free time, came with good instructions, everything went together well Assuming you have basic assembly experience, this printer is awesome ... ontop of that customer service is amazing ... if your a DIY kind of person I highly recommend this printer

    Oct 03,2018 00:55:34

  • Nicholas Lender
    Instructions were clear and simple for those who like building or taking stuff apart, the only step I had a few minor problems with was the electrical wiring and configuration, the prints did turn out great after a few adjustments to the build section of the bed and extruder, the first print didn't stick too well to the glass plate so I used blue masking tape and print quality improved, i do feel this printer is good for beginners

    Oct 07,2018 17:42:23

  • Sue w
    The quality prints that it is capable of is dependent on the amount of time to put into the assembly, you rush through the assembly your prints are more than likely going to be very poor, if you take your time building and make sure that everything is square during assembly and triple check all settings during setup and bed leveling you will be rewarded with amazing prints from the start

    Oct 22,2018 22:39:55

  • Retired CPA
    I saw this kit on Amazon and the price point seemed really good for a printer with this large of a build volume, the first thing I printed came out better that I had expected for my first print, i called customer service and after explaining my problems they gave me the appropriate information to get the replacement parts free of charge

    Oct 03,2018 23:50:48

  • Reader7733
    Instructions are clear, prints are very good for the price of this printer, it is a very great printer for a beginner like me, the best parts about the printer is the ease of assembly, the price is um-matched and the build of it was do-able and was straight forward

    Oct 15,2018 13:02:21

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Sea el primero en hacer una pregunta. ¿Quieres Puntos GB? Sólo tiene que escribir un comentario!

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