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Haz reviews
    HYSTOU P06B i3 7100U Mini PC
    + хорошая производительность всех компонентов (для данного ф/ф)
    + приятный алюминиевый корпус
    + полностью бесшумная система охлаждения
    + активированная ОС Windows 10 Про 64 бит (лицензионная)
    + экономичный (потребление энергии 10-15W в офисном режиме)
    + хорошие мультимедийные возможности (аппаратное декодирование)
    + наличие двух распаянных слотов для оперативной памяти (возможность апгрейда)
    + хорошие возможности BIOS (более сотни настроек)
    + быстрый SSD накопитель с MLC памятью
    + наличие двух SATA III разъемов для дополнительных накопителей
    — порты USB 3.0 расположены сзади

    Dec 25,2018

  • Andrej
    HYSTOU P06B i3 7100U Mini PC / Barebone
    I only bought a box without ram and a ssd unit. I already had all this. When the PC arrived, I built a 8GB DDR3, 128 MSATA disk and 2.5 hours disk disk into it. Installing windows was running without problems, but the driver for the sound card was never picked up. So I used other methods to find the driver, and it also succeeded. I like the topic a little and it is beautifully hidden and invisible on my desktop, but it is still fully accessible. I can always get to all connections. Generally I have no remarks except one. It has only one slot for the frame. I did not get any information about how much I have, and I was just a bit disappointed at this. However, the PC is ok.

    Dec 05,2018

  • dvmade
    Guter leiser PC - Absolut für das Büro geeignet
    Der PC wurde gemäß Spec geliefert. Einbau der 2,5" SSD war problemslos möglich.
    Eine Treiber-CD war enthalten, allerdings erscheint unter Windows eine permanente Gerätewarnung.

    Leider ist es mir absolut nicht gelungen irgendeine Linux Distribution lauffähig auf das Gerät zu bekommen. Ich konnte keine Firmwareeinstellung + Linux Kombination finden, die nach dem Setup von der SSD gebootet hat. Die Livesysteme waren aber fast alle lauffähig. Es war auch einfach zu viel Gefrickel. Sehr schade.

    Deshalb kam nun Windows 10 Pro 64 bit zum Einsatz, was ohne Probleme (außer siehe oben) seinen Dienst verrrichet.

    Von meiner Seite für ein Windowsgerät eine Kaufempfehlung.

    Dec 17,2018

  • Daniil
    Nice PC.
    Some useful info:
    - It has only ONE(!) ram slot (you can install only 1 ram module).
    - It supports ONLY DDR3L (and didn't support DDR3 1.8v!!!).
    - It have an open BIOS (you can change anything).
    - It didn't contain 5.8Ghz WiFi module (only 2.4 Ghz).
    - Also it didn't contain Bluetooth 4 module, contains only Bluetooth 3 and it didn't support BLE.

    If you will keep in mind this params and it is ok for you -- it is great PC for this value!

    Nov 12,2018

  • L
    It is a really usefull computer for TV , no noise generated and it takes almost no space.
    It works snappy becase of SSD. It is easy to dissasemble and switch the SSD or RAM.
    Included you get cables to put anther Disk on the computer.

    Oct 10,2018