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Haz reviews
  • Mont
    Português: A embalagem vem com tudo no lugar e chegou em perfeito estado. O manual é em chinês mas é bem fácil conectar pela primeira vez, e depois disso basta abrir a caixa que ele conecta automaticamente no bluetooth do celular. O fone em si é muito bom, tem bons graves e mesmo com o volume no máximo o som não "estoura". O encaixe na orelha é perfeito, dá pra treinar sem preocupação, e ainda vem com três pares de borrachinhas extras. A bateria dura exatamente o que promete a fabricante. O único ponto fraco é que os controles touch não são lá muito intuitivos, mas esse tipo de controle é padrão em fones true wireless. A gearbest demorou quase um mês para enviar, mas após a postagem eu recebi em cerca de vinte dias. 10/10 recomendo muito a compra.

    English: The package is really good and it arrived in perfect shape. The user's guide is in chinese, but it's pretty easy to connect for the first time, and after that the eardbus will connect to your cell phone just by opening the charging box. The sound is pretty good, with nice bass and good quality sound even in the maximum volume. It fits perfectly in the ear, I could workout without any problem, and it comes with three pairs of extra rubber tips. The battery lasts as promised by the manufacturer. The only con is the touch control, personally I don't think it is very intuitive, but this kind of control seems to be standard on this kind of earbuds. Gearbest took almost one month to ship it out, but I received 20 days after shipping. 10/10, I fully recommend this earbuds.

    May 03,2019

  • Marco
    Super consigliate
    Usate sia come auricolari per ascoltare musica che per telefonate.

    Ottima qualità audio in fase di riproduzione musicale, ottimi bassi e medi, alti decisamente buoni.

    Durante la telefonata l'interlocutore sente bene e senza disturbi.

    Gli auricolari stanno bene in sede, anche durante le camminate, non consigliate in fase di sport di movimento come corsa o bicicletta.

    Le cuffie rilevano immediatamente appena si applicano all'orecchio, al 10% di batteria partono gli avvisi di batteria quasi scarica (percentuale che viene anche dal telefono).
    Durata della batteria di una "giornata tipo" con 3h di telefonate e 1h di riproduzione musicale.
    L'accoppiamento con il telefono è rapido e intuitivo (istruzioni in cinese, ma ci sono le immagini!!).
    Tempo di ricarica di circa 1h.
    Un best buy confrontato con le avversarie di casa Apple.

    Jan 29,2019

  • Ferreira
    Best price/quality wireless earphones
    I searched really hard and this are one of the best earphones for the price asked. Even only using 4.2 bluetooth i never had any issues with the connection and it has clear sound.
    The quality sound sounds good, noise canceling works well and they are confortable enough.

    The only issue is that if you are watching any movie or clip you will detect the sound delay and you cant run with them, they will comeout with some movement.

    Jun 23,2019

  • Saras
    Very Good Wireless Earbuds
    Original Honor wireless earbuds. They are not too big nor too small, size is quite comfortable.
    The case's plastic is of high quality. Also the case is magnetic and this can prevent the earbuds from falling out of it if the case is open. Very good sound quality.

    May 06,2019

  • Luca
    Prodotto valido
    prodotto molto valido avendo il microfono per la cancellazione dei rumori di fondo. Unica pecca è che l'assistente vocale va solo sull'auricolare sinistro. App per l'aggiornamento e descrizione del dispositivo facile e intuitiva anche se avrei aggiunto la possibilità di vedere le condizioni del dispositivo tipo percentuale di carica eccetera.

    Jul 02,2019

  • Tony
    not bad but...
    They are good earbuds, but in my opinion they are a little bit uncomplite refering to others in the market. They work good, the audio was quite well balanced, and the case was very thiny. The charging time and the connection with the devices are perfect and fast. If they will cost 40dollars it will be a best deal.

    Apr 15,2019

  • nice product
    nice product
    nice product good quality sending product and payment services
    I recommended gearbest to shop online great support and fix problems lifetime to get your product

    Feb 17,2019

  • User
    Honor flypods
    Les écouteurs sont faciles à utiliser et ont une bonne tenue de batterie. Le son est super et les différents embouts livrés avec nous laisse le choix. Le colis a été livré beaucoup rapidement que prévu (arrivé en une semaine tout au plus).

    Mar 11,2019

  • Agam Hanzra
    Really like product Coustmer satisfaction is Gearbest priority they clear my all doubt.

    Feb 26,2019

  • Mixalis Noikokirakis
    very good
    I just got them today. They look very good. They were in good shape. It's beautiful

    Feb 11,2019