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Siroflo BH - 01 Auricular Bluetooth de Deporte Impermeable
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Siroflo BH - 01 Auricular Bluetooth de Deporte Impermeable

- Negro

4.54 102 Opiniones de los usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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- Tecnología a prueba de agua IP67: puede correr bajo las lluvias "luciendo" sus canciones favoritas o llevarse las músicas cuando vaya a nadar.

- Calidad de sonido superior: equipado con un chip CSR avanzado, este auricular ofrece un efecto de graves más profundo y potente. Claro, inmenso e impresionante, ¡enciende tus entrenamientos!

- Ajuste cómodo y cómodo: los tapones ergonómicos en forma de orejas y los ganchos para la oreja le garantizan una comodidad de uso del 100 por ciento. Nunca se deslice durante los entrenamientos.

- Conexión estable 1-a-2: Bluetooth V4.1 garantiza una conexión rápida y sin interrupciones hasta a 33 pies de distancia. Conexión de uno a dos: puede emparejarse con 2 dispositivos, uno se desconecta, el otro se conecta automáticamente, lo que le permite ahorrar tiempo de ajuste.

- Tiempo de reproducción extra largo: la batería de polímero de iones de litio de 85 mAh le permite disfrutar de hasta 7 horas de conversación o música continua y admite 180 horas de tiempo de espera por carga completa.

- Apagado automático: si no hay conexión habilitada en 2 minutos, la unidad se apagará para ahorrar energía.

-Indicaciones de voz inteligentes: las indicaciones de voz inteligentes le aseguran que obtendrá su estado en tiempo real.


- Versión de Bluetooth: 4.1

- Grado impermeable IP67

- Distancia de transmisión: 33 pies

- Batería: polímero de iones de litio 85mAh, 3.7V

- Puerto de carga: Micro USB

- Tiempo de carga: 1.5H

- Tiempo de reproducción: 5 - 7H

- Tiempo de espera: 180H

- Longitud del cable: 50 cm / 19.69 pulgadas

Qué hay en la caja:

- Auriculares Bluetooth

- Estuche de transporte

- Cable de carga

- 3 pares de consejos para el oído

- Clip de administración de cables

- Manual de usuario



Peso de Producto: 0,0190 kg
Peso de Paquete: 0,0880 kg
Tamaño de paquete: 10,30 x 10,20 x 4,00 cm / 4,06 x 4,02 x 1,57 pulgadas

Contenido de Paquete

Contenido del Paquete: 1 x Auriculares Bluetooth, 1 x Caja Portátil, 1 x Cable de Carga, 3 x Par de Puntas para Oídos, 1 x Clip de Administración de Cable, 1 x Manual de Usuario en Inglés

Siroflo BH - 01 Auricular Bluetooth de Deporte Impermeable - 1#_64GB

Siroflo BH - 01 Auricular Bluetooth de Deporte Impermeable - 1#_64GB

Siroflo BH - 01 Auricular Bluetooth de Deporte Impermeable - 1#_64GB

Siroflo BH - 01 Auricular Bluetooth de Deporte Impermeable - 1#_64GB

Siroflo BH - 01 Auricular Bluetooth de Deporte Impermeable - 1#_64GB

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Opiniones de los usuarios

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  • Matthew
    Will buy another
    I've had these for just over a week and I am very pleased with them. I needed to have over-the-ear headphones because those little in-the-ear wings that most headphones have just will not stay put. I'm happy to report that these stay put in a variety of situations. I've done both resistance workouts and cardio workouts with them and they barely moved. I would recommend using the standard ear plugs instead of the memory foam, however, if you sweat a lot. With a lot of sweat and/or vigorous movement they won't stay super locked in the ear canal, but I don't mind that- they don't pop out or fall off either.
    While sitting at my desk or going out for a walk, I use the memory foam plugs and they work great. They cancel 80-90% of the ambient noise and (most importantly) wind. I just got back from a walk on a very windy day and although I could still hear the wind, it was more like it was in the background- it didn't affect the sound at all. The memory foam plugs also really enhance the sound quality.
    I'm not an audiophile so I can't really speak to sound quality, but to me they sound great. Just as good as any other headphones I have ever had, and better than most. Overall I am very impressed with these, and you simply cannot beat the price. They are comfortable, they stay put, and the sound quality is good. I don't know how long they will last, but even if they only last 6 months, I will still buy another pair. I just wish they came in green. :)

    Jun 01,2018

  • Yves
    Sports earphone
    • Sound quality is surprisingly good (not great obviously) for a budget price (although I'm not an audiologist), and has a lot more bass than the Lightsky Wireless Bluetooth Earphones previously purchased for over half the price
    • Previous song (- volume button) and Next song (+ volume button) ability, unlike the Lightsky previously purchased, which only had the ability to skip to the next song
    • Call quality is clear with no issues listening and talking to people on the other line
    • Good battery life during high-volume music playback (see test below)
    • Earphones stayed in and did not fall out of ears during gym workout and cardio
    • Case provided to store earphones and micro-to-USB charging cable
    • Pairing is quick and the phone recognizes earphones right away once powered on
    • Audio does not intermittently cut out when the phone is in the pocket like other reviewers have experienced
    • Audibly informs you when powered on, powered off, and low battery
    • Earphones do noise cancellation well if the volume is high enough and music has a lot of basses
    • Bluetooth connection stays solid and connected unless out of certain range, unlike other reviewers who have experienced the opposite.
    • The range is pretty good, about 50-60 ft as long as there is a clear path opening, although minor obstacles like gym equipment are ok ( from my experience )
    No cons.

    May 28,2018

  • Howard
    wanna another one
    There were three things I looked for: one is the reviews, second is warranty and third is because of Gearbest. I did not want to pay much for the famous brands, most of whom work hard on advertisement instead of the quality of products. I gave a chance on these headphones with only $14.38(discount). The lower price than others helped me to find these great earbuds. They were really fantastic. The sound quality was pretty good. And the soundproof great also. I could enjoy myself without being disturbed or disrupted the rhythm when I was at the gym. The connected speed surprised me. The second time when I used them, they connected automatically. Though it does not take much to connect them, the function pleased me. The earbuds in my ears are soft and suitable for me. The clip around the earbuds are soft also and can be bent to wear. All i can say is that the headphones performs well and I now wanna another one in case I lose this one. After all, they have a long sensing distance. It’s a very great deal you can’t miss. I hope my review can help you and wish you good luck. Hope siroflo keep on offering such products.

    May 28,2018

  • Richard
    Bluetooth earphone
    For the price, you can’t go wrong. You could buy seven of these headsets for the price of one pair of Apple’s iBuds. That’s a huge deal for me who uses these specifically for listening to audio books and making phone calls while traveling. Music sounds okay but it’s definitely not outstanding. As a professional musician and composer, I own some fine quality headphones and honestly, these don’t even sound as good as the iBuds that come with phones. The advertised added bass response feels more like a treble cut. There is no sizzle in the high end but again, for the price and function, I am very happy with this purchase. One other kinda important thing I must mention is Amazon advertises these as “noise canceling”. Unless noise canceling means you put earbuds in your ears, there is no active noise canceling nor does the manufacturer mention anything about that on the box or in the manual. These do not noise canceling by any stretch of the imagination.
    As for being waterproof or how long they will last, I have no idea but for my uses and the price, these bad boys rock!
    No cons

    May 30,2018

  • Rudy
    Great earbuds for the price.
    The great earbuds to replace the regular headphone that came with the iPhone I had been using. I did not know how these will fit into my ears but you will figure it out and wow. With the already attached earbud tips they are muffling too much for me such that I hear my eardrum thumping like a swimmer so I changed them to the smaller size and they suit me perfectly. It came charged nearly full so you can use it right away. I jog and mountain hike for 3~ 4 hours no problem and they stay in my ears perfectly. The buttons are also easy to find and access. When it is turned on or off, it tells you so you can make sure the device is being turned on or off. The cord is not long or short and I am okay with the length as is. I listen to rock music and I will want to like more bass sound personally but overall great and perfect for the price.
    Another nice feature is when the battery is really low, it will tell you "battery low"periodically before it will power off.

    Jun 05,2018

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