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UGEE UG - 2150 P50S Tableta de Dibujo Pintura Digital Pluma
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UGEE UG - 2150 P50S Tableta de Dibujo Pintura Digital Pluma

- Negro Enchufe EU

Pantalla IPS de 21,5 pulgadas + Nivel 2048 + 5080 LPI Resolución
4.85 34 Opiniones de los usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Como tableta de dibujo profesional, la pantalla con rotulador interactivo UGEE UG - 2150 superará todas sus expectativas. Usando la pantalla IPS de 21.5 pulgadas, podría darle un ángulo de visión más amplio. La sensibilidad de alta presión de 2048 niveles te hace dibujar la línea más suave. Fácil de operar, ya sea que sea un principiante o un veterano, el UG - 2150 le permite mostrar el mejor rendimiento en el sorteo. Tiene la ventaja de la conservación de la energía y el diseño considerado.

Principales Características:

Excelente pantalla

● Adopta la pantalla IPS de alta calidad, el tamaño grande de 21.5 pulgadas brinda colores brillantes. La resolución de 1920 x 1080 hace que la imagen sea más vívida, asegura la precisión del color.

Potente toque

● Sensibilidad a la presión electromagnética de hasta 2048 niveles, 12 ms de tiempo de respuesta, asegúrese de que la escritura original pueda mostrarse perfectamente.

Diseño ergonomico

● Con un soporte estable y ajustable que evita que la pantalla se sacuda y configura un ángulo diferente para adaptarse a los diferentes hábitos de dibujo.

Durable de usar

● El bolígrafo electromagnético está hecho de material de silicona, una buena sensación táctil le proporciona una operación cómoda. Alimentado por 60mAh batería de iones de litio (incluida) para que nunca se agote.

Parámetro de rendimiento:


● Tecnología: monitor táctil cautivo

● Tipo de pantalla: pantalla IPS

● Área de visualización: 21.5 pulgadas

● Resolución de pantalla: 1920 x 1080 píxeles

● Relación de contraste: 1000: 1

● Tiempo de respuesta: 12 ms

● Resolución: 5080LPI

● Sensibilidad a la presión: niveles 2048

● Tasa de informe: 220 informes / segundo

● Precisión: 0.25 mm

● Resolución de entrada manual: 15 mm

● color de la ayuda: 16.7M

● Interfaz: USB, HDMI, VGA, DVI, DC IN


● Tipo: pluma P50S

● Voltaje: 2.4V

● Batería: batería de iones de litio 60mAh



Marca: Ugee
Modelo: UG - 2150
Precisión: 0,25 MM
Área de visualización: 21,5 pulgadas
Sensibilidad a Presión: 2048 Niveles
Resolución: 5080LPI
Resolución de entrada manual: 15mm
Sistema compatible: Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP / Mac OS 10.2.6
Color: Negro

Tamañp y Peso

Peso de Producto: 4,9570 kg
Peso de Paquete: 7,8110 kg
Tamaño del Producto(Largo×Ancho×Alto): 56,00 x 14,50 x 45,00 cm / 22,05 x 5,71 x 17,72 pulgadas
Tamaño de paquete (L x W x H): 58,00 x 16,00 x 48,00 cm / 22,83 x 6,3 x 18,9 pulgadas

Contenido del Embalaje

Contenido del Paquete: 1 x Tableta, 1 x Pulma P50S, 1 x Instalación CD, 1 x Soporte de Pluma, 8 x Plumilla, 1 x Cable de Carga para Pluma, 1 x Manual de Usuario en Inglés, 1 x Cable USB, 1 x Adaptador, 1 x Cable de Alimentación, 1 x Cable VGA, 1 x Cable HDMI, 1 x Manual de Usuario en Inglés

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Opiniones de los usuarios

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  • David
    Sí (3) Color: Black Tamaño: UK Plug
    Amazing value for money.
    I've had it now for almost a year. Excellent product. I'm very happy with it. This is my third tablet. I had a Genius i608x to start with and then I got a Wacom Intuos Pro Small a few years ago and then I upgraded to this.

    Pressure is great at 2048 levels. The accuracy is fantastic right out of the box. I just plugged it in and it worked. I have 3 monitors and I've had no problems mapping this as a 4th monitor. Well worth the investment if you don't want to spend the ridiculous $2000 on the Wacom Cintiq. No touch functionality, but it's not really a downside at this price point.

    In case you were worried about it, there is no dust between the glass and the display at all. It's completely sealed and I've had no problems with it at all. Other tablet displays can have a problem with dust getting in this one does not have that.

    -The colours are great! Almost as good as my Dell Ultrasharp monitor.
    -After a bit of getting used to it, being able to see where you're drawing is amazing. So much better than using a normal desktop drawing tablet like the Wacom Intuos series. It's a lot more natural.
    -Getting 1920 x 1080 resolution at this price point is amazing
    -PRICE. PRICE. PRICE. I got mine for $493.
    -Shipping was quick. Only 13 days from ordering to arriving.
    -Two pens
    -Plenty of extra nibs
    -The stand is pretty solid and really easy to adjust on the fly.
    -Works with 220v power outlet (This I was a little worried about when ordering but it turned out not to be an issue)
    -Has HDMI
    -Has VESA mounting holes if you want to mount it to a wall or other stand
    -Driver software just works right away on Windows 7 64bit. I had no problems installing it or getting it to run.
    -Glass shows up fingerprints and smudges really easily. I would recommend getting a smudge guard for your drawing hand.
    -This is a bit of an air gap between the glass which the pen touches and the actual display, but from what I understand this is also present on the Cintiq as it's a consequence of how the pen technology works. Doing the 9 point calibration in the driver software make the gap pretty much disappear though.
    -Pens have to be recharged. Although I charged mine for just a couple hours on the first day and I haven't had to recharge it yet and there are two pens any way.
    -The glass is shiny, which could be distracting for some people to draw on although I got used to it.
    -The pen can squeak on the glass surface some times if the glass isn't clean.
    -The pixel refresh rate isn't as good as other screens, so I wouldn't advise using this screen for gaming because there can be some ghosting. Although it hasn't made a difference at all when I use Photoshop.
    -The driver software doesn't let you assign keyboard buttons to the buttons on the pen.
    -If you've used a Wacom before it comes with different types of nibs such as a felt tip, spring tip etc. There are no alternative nibs for the Ugee tablets at the moment.

    Overall it's just great value for the money. The $2000 Wacom Cintiq models are just too expensive for most people to justify and this provides most of the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. If you need a drawing display, don't hesitate to get this one.

    Jul 18,2017

  • Cindy Avelino
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: US Plug
    Very good but not perfect.
    Well, this tablet is very good, I work with it everyday and it gives me all I need. The only problems I found using it are the screen reflects the lights, and it's difficult to use it in a bright sunny day so, in some darker values works, I have to close my window to be able to use the tablet. Another issue of the screen is that it scratches easily. Although the scratches don't bother me much.
    I loved that the one I bought came with 2 rechargeable pens, while I am using one, the other is charging. The battery life is good too.
    The drivers are easy to install and use, they aren't annoying and don't brake the PC configuration like the Wacom ones (I used the bamboo and intuos 5 pro ones for years).
    Overall a good tablet with a fair price, I liked to use it more than the Intuos and Bamboo from Wacom, but this comparison is unfair I think.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Raymond
    Sí (2) Color: Black Tamaño: US Plug
    The biggest pro is the screen size. I'm upgrading from a Bamboo CTH 460 which has a drawing space of about 7 inches, so this is definitely a huge upgrade.

    Other pros include ease of setup. Plugging in the cables was simple enough. The fact that the calibration is spot on as soon as I turned it on is nice.

    The sensitivity is great. I'm able to make lines thick or thin as I see fit, based on pressure. Really, I'm just glad to have a tablet that I'll put to great use, and basically a second monitor that'll also be utilized in a number of ways.
    No cons yet. I'll have to use it more, but I really like it so far.

    Mar 04,2017

  • Owl
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: UK Plug
    The product is technically very good and works exactly as advertised. It is very good value especially when compared to the very expensive wacom tablets. The adjustable stand is very good, my only gripe is the positioning of the power cable which can get in the way of the stand a bit if it is adjusted down to the lower position. Having said that, I don't find I use it in that position much, I cannot speak for others though.
    My dislikes are the dispatch time, it seems inordinately slow to get things sent despite paying for faster shipping. Once sent, the shipping is fine, it is just the warehouse dispatch that seems to take forever.

    Jul 29,2019

  • Nazarov Ilya
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU Plug
    Планшет достаточно мобилен, учитывая его габариты и вес - при желании можно крепить на кронштейн и это будет идеально для маленького рабочего пространства. Это отличный и, наверное, самый лучший аналог Wacom Cintiq. Поверхность экрана тактильно приятна, визуально очень комфортно работать - рабочая площадь просто огромная.Отклик достаточно быстрый, для матерого иллюстратора не чем не уступает по скорости, в отличии от Wacom. Очень рад этой покупке и в дальнейшем буду еще заказывать в этом магазине. Рекомендую всем!
    Не обнаружил за все время пользования. Надеюсь, ресурс пользования планшета будет очень большой - время покажет. Недостатков нет.

    Nov 04,2017

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