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VEIKK A50 Panel de Dibujo de Tablet Digital Ultra Delgado 8192 Sensibilidad a Presión de 0,9cm
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VEIKK A50 Panel de Dibujo de Tablet Digital Ultra Delgado 8192 Sensibilidad a Presión de 0,9cm

- Negro

4.72 94 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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VEIKK A50 Reseñas de Vídeos de Youtube

VEIKK A50 Descripciones

Principales Características:

● 8192 sensibilidad a la presión para un dibujo suave

● 10 pulgadas de área grande para dibujo gratis

● 8 teclas de atajo para una operación conveniente

● Velocidad de lectura de 250 puntos / s para una respuesta rápida



Marca: VEIKK
Tipo: Pluma sin energía
Conexión: Cable
Interfaz: Tipo-C
Área de visualización: 10 pulgadas
Sensibilidad a Presión: 8192
Resolución: 5080LPI
velocidad de lectura: 250 punto / s
Distancia de lectura: 10 mm

Dimensiones y peso

Peso de Producto: 0,5360 kg
Peso de Paquete: 1,1000 kg

Contenido del Embalaje

Contenido del Paquete: 1 x Tablet Gráfica, 1 x Cable USB, 1 x Lápiz, 1 X Estuche para Lápices, 8 X Plumilla, 1 x Herramienta de Eliminación, 1 x Manual en Inglés, 1 x Recordatorio de Descarga de Controlador

VEIKK A50 Digital Tablet Drawing Panel 0.9cm Ultra-thin 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - Black

VEIKK A50 Digital Tablet Drawing Panel 0.9cm Ultra-thin 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - Black

VEIKK A50 Digital Tablet Drawing Panel 0.9cm Ultra-thin 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - Black

VEIKK A50 Digital Tablet Drawing Panel 0.9cm Ultra-thin 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - Black

VEIKK A50 Digital Tablet Drawing Panel 0.9cm Ultra-thin 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - Black

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Opiniones de Usuarios

4.72 de 5
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  • Sergio Oliveira
    Design, surface and precision are excellent, but the pen's tip isn't precise in the begin of the trace
    This tablet surprised me by the quality and design, which are great. It has a surface that actually mimics a paper texture, which on paper guides the stroke of the pencil through the gentle friction that causes the graphite trace on the paper. This makes you have some control over the handling of the pencil, and not like those graphic tables whose surfaces look like glass, where any slight hesitation misalignes the stroke. The slight abrasion of the contact maintains the firmness of the trace because of the awesome lightly satin surface. However, one thing left me frustrated: the tip of the pen will could be more fair, because when you start the stroke it does not do it precisely. Unless you start the stroke with the movement of the scratch before touching the surface of the table, because if the risk starts from a point with the tip of the pen already in contact with the tablet it will probably be a zigzag at the beginning of the trace. The gap between the tip of the pen could be smaller. I hope the manufacturer Veikk corrects that pen.

    Esta mesa gráfica me surpreendeu pela qualidade e design, que são ótimos. Tem uma superfície que imita de fato uma textura de papel, que no papel guia o traço do lápis através do suave atrito que faz o grafite deixar seu risco. Isso faz com que se tenha certo controle no manuseio do lápis, e não como aquelas mesas gráficas cujas superfícies parecem de vidro, onde qualquer leve vacilo desalinha o traço. A leve abrasão do contato mantém a firmeza do traço por causa da ótima superfície levemente acetinada. Contudo, uma coisa me deixou frustrado: a ponta da caneta poderia ser mais justa, pois quando se inicia o traço ela não o faz com precisão. A menos que se se comece o traço com o movimento do risco antes de tocar na superfície da mesa, pois se o risco partir de um ponto com a ponta da caneta já em contato com a mesa gráfica provavelmente vai haver um zig-zag no início do traço. A folga entre a ponta da caneta poderia ser menor. Eu Espero que o fabricante Veikk corrija essa caneta.

    Apr 03,2019

  • The best one at cheapest price that I’ve used!!
    Highly natural drawing feeling, smooth surface and low pen friction, realy amazing.

    8192 REAL pen pressure levels, that gives You a real drawing sensation;

    NO BATTERIES necessity, that keeps You free of battery leakage, discharging of forgoten ON position pen power button (HUION) or stand-by consumption (UGEE);

    Pen pouch felt storage to transportation;

    Reduced dimensions design, using less space;

    USB cable DETACHES from tablet;


    Before instalo it You need to UNINSTALL HUION/UGEE drivers or The pen sensitivity won’t works;

    It NOT comes with The default vertical pen stand like UGEE, HUION or Wacom, and The replacdment tips comes into a little small plastic bag;

    The driver crashes when tries do define “Tablet/Monitor Switch” onto “Function” for buttons or touchpad;

    The touchpad is REALLY disapointing, because I was expecting an trackpad similar to an Laptop trackpad wirh two fingers pinch in/out for zooming, two fingers pinch rotate to rotate image and not just 4 directions “gestures” and “double finger click”;

    Abstende of VISIBLE IDENTIFICATION over the physical buttons with their respectives mappings;

    Dec 16,2018

  • fizik
    Perfect budget digital tablet
    -Intelligent Passive Technology: 8192 levels battery-free with smart chip, no need to charge, allowing for constant uninterrupted draw and creation. Accurate and quick response with the pen drawing on the tablet and it offers paper-like feeling.
    -Ultra Large Drawing Area : 10x6 inch active area gives more space and more sensitive platform where you can show your creativity and talent on.
    -8 Hotkeys &Smart Gesture Touch: Designed for both right and left hand users, 8 fully customizable express keys create a highly ergonomic and convenient work platform. The one-click toggle allows you to switch between Pen and Eraser instantly. Easily zoom in and out the pictures with hand gestures and scroll the pages and customize individual shortcut way and skip tying and clicking to improve work efficiency and create your work more freely and arbitrarily.
    -Type C interface port: Can easily plug in and out with either direction which is more convenient and stable.

    - No pen holder except the pouch.
    - Driver should be more user friendly.

    Jan 19,2019

  • Ma munn
    This is a great tablet for those who are very invested in doing digital art or animation but don't have the funds or aren't ready to spend thousands of dollars on other tablets like wacom, i really enjoy this tablet simply because it has a nice simple setup and that having a screen tablet really helps draw better because it feels more natural the only real downside I see is the drowning out of shadows/blacks but you can adjust the settings to fix it a bit

    Oct 02,2018

  • Nut
    affordable and good for beginner who want to learn to use grapic table
    the packaging is dented here and there. the tablet is not affected though. i still havent tested the usability of the shortcut key. cant comment on that.
    -small and light weight
    -easily install the driver thru the main Veikk website
    -pen size is too big for my hand (i have small hand)
    -the pen nib is a bit bouncy. doesnt feel like real pen

    Nov 19,2018

FAQ para VEIKK A50

  • Cómo reemplazar la recarga de lápiz sensible a la presión?

    tableta digital y la pantalla digital son herramientas de la pintura de la mano de pintura necesarios para los diseñadores digitales: How to replace the refill of pressure sensitive pen
  • ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la pantalla digital y la tableta digital?

    Hablando de pen displays y tabletas de lápiz, hay muchas similitudes en las tecnologías y aplicaciones parciales, por lo que las personas son fáciles de confundir los dos: Pen displays and pen tablets: what’s the difference
  • ¿Por qué el botón del lápiz salvó la función de configuración no se da cuenta de la función que corresponde?

    1. El botón del bolígrafo es inútil, puede presionar el botón del bolígrafo para ver si la luz indicadora de la pizarra será brillante. 2. Si se usa en el software, el lápiz no implementa la función que no está disponible en el software. Este es un problema de software.
  • pantalla en negro, no hay imagen y la luz indicadora de color verde y no hay respuesta de la función de la pluma cuando el monitor interactivo está bien conectado

    Aquí hay varios problemas comunes y soluciones de pantallas para lápiz y tabletas de lápiz: Common problems and solutions of the pressure sensitive pen with pen displays and pen tablets

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