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Best Seller Cojín de calentamiento para mascotas con temporizador Temperatura ajustable Calentador de cama para mascotas Calentador
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Best Seller Cojín de calentamiento para mascotas con temporizador Temperatura ajustable Calentador de cama para mascotas Calentador

- Azul l Reino Unido

Almohadilla calefactora para mascotas
5 7 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Principales Características

【Nivel de 5 temporizadores y cable resistente a los machos de 83 ''】: La almohadilla térmica tiene 5 temporizadores: siempre (configuración predeterminada, no es necesario presionar ningún botón) y 4H / 8H / 12H / 24H, puede ayudar a la mascota (perro, gato , conejo, etc.) para seleccionar la temperatura óptima óptima (86-131 ℉ / 30-55 ℃). La Cochecasa del cable resistente a la masticación protege a sus mascotas Y el cable resistente a la masticación de metal de 2.1M puede soportar 5 kg de tracción. Adecuado para su uso en casas y nidos de mascotas, también se puede usar para mascotas enfermas, gatitos pequeños, mascotas de edad avanzada o mascotas que se recuperan después de una lesión.
【Almohadilla de calentamiento impermeable mejorada 2020】: Certificados de MET. 6 niveles de calor diferentes y 5 niveles de temporizador ayudan a sus mascotas a sentirse cómodos. Función de autodestrucción a alta temperatura: (V0 RESISTENTE AL FUEGO) En casos extremos, la falla de energía pulsada o el uso incorrecto por parte de otros usuarios provocan un foco de calor local, cuando la temperatura interna alcanza 105 ℃ desorientará la capa de aislamiento entre el cable de control de temperatura y el calentar el cable para que el chip deje de funcionar automáticamente después de un cortocircuito.
【Función de temperatura CONSTANTE AUTOMÁTICA】: Actualizar los termostatos dentro de la almohadilla puede controlar la temperatura de 30 55 -55 ℃ y calentar mejor la almohadilla de manera uniforme. Superficie de PVC resistente al agua, no se preocupe, sus mascotas orinan en la cama con el calentador enchufado. La funda de forro polar extraíble es lavable. Limpie la almohadilla con un paño húmedo o una esponja. No use limpiadores de productos químicos.
【Cómodo y cálido】: el tamaño de 29.5 ”× 17.7” se adapta a diferentes mascotas pequeñas y medianas. Caliéntelo a la temperatura recomendada por el veterinario, la estera térmica acunará a su mascota con una comodidad de calentamiento suave (no deje que sus mascotas se acuesten en la unidad sin una cubierta), esta estera es flexible y se adapta a la mayoría de las camas para mascotas.
【 Prueba de seguridad y nota】: Todas las almohadillas térmicas se prueban durante 8 horas antes de salir de fábrica, y más del 85% de los productos defectuosos se pueden descubrir o exponer con anticipación. La almohadilla térmica para mascotas se usa SOLO para mascotas, NO para HUMANOS.


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  • Widi Widiya
    My Cats Fighting Over the Heating Pad
    First, two of my cats from Indonesia. I brought them to America over five years ago. Indonesia is a tropical country which is hot most of the times all-year-around. During fall and winter, they started to use our body heat to warm up. The bad thing is that they will sleep on the top of either my husband body and or my body. I hate it. Every morning, I had to get up with all my body hurt.I decided to get this one. Hoping it will work. After received it, I tried on to my calico. She's the one that always cold - maybe because she's skinny like supermodel-. Anyway, let me say this. My calico, Chantal Daisy, is super smart but also super stubborn. She would never try anything new unless she does it in her own. From cat trees to sleeping mat for cats. She just refused to try if I wanted to. But, man! When I put this one - I set it up at high temperature for fast heat- she used it immediately. I was in shock and either my husband was.The second cat I named Heinrich Artorius, black and white, just jumped over the mat and lied down as soon as possible. After two days, they started fighting over. When my calico was there, the black and white would kick her out from there. One thing about my calico, she's a fighter but she also love her little brother. She always protect him and give him what he wanted which sometimes really bad because he became really spoiled.My black cat, Maximus Thaddeus, started using it yesterday. I was in shock, because he never worried being cold. I adopted him two years ago in America and already got used to Arizona cold weather. My tuxedo one, Dareios the Just, hasn't used it yet because he does not care being cold. In fact, he loves cold weather because he has a long thick furs. He sort reminds me of Norwegian Forest cat. The resemblance of my tuxedo to Norwegian Forest cat is very close though the vet insists told us he's just domestic long hair cat.So, I am super happy with my purchase and I am thinking to buy another one if they put it on sale for Black Friday.

    Apr 27,2020

  •  Bimbeau
    Took 5 Seconds for Dog to Decide It Could Stay
    Purchased item so incontinent old dog could stay outside in comfort in Winter. He tried it out on the kitchen floor and took to it IMMEDIATELY. I knew we had a winner. Placed it on his pad out on the covered porch and now, he sleeps in on cold mornings and is reluctant to leave his cozy little pod. I just go out to make sure it's on the appropriate temp for the the ambient air - lately, it's been at the highest setting - and that it's set for 24 hours so he can adjust his own comfort zone depending, again, on the air temp. I did place his soft sleep pads and the heating pad inside a wind-proof kennel that has plenty of room so he can figger where he's most comfortable. I covered the heating pad itself with one of his blankets to protect the unit. I should have done this years ago. HIGHLY recommend for medium-sized dog. The pad itself isn't that big - a Great Dane would have trouble fitting on it - but it's perfect for my Heeler because he can utilize the whole pad if he needs to or just lie with his spine on it and the rest of his body can be cool but he's still cozy. Five thumbs up fur shure.

    Apr 16,2020

  • Momma
    Soft pet heating pad with timer
    My dog is loving this pet heating pad! She is always cold and shivers when it is under 65 degrees, so when I set the heating pad down and turn it on, she comes running! The material seems to be high quality and the cover is soft. The cord seems very durable and although my dog is not a chewer, I’m sure it would deter dogs from chewing on it. Even though the cord has a hard covering, it is still very moveable and isn’t stiff which is nice, plus it’s a good length for reaching from the wall to the couch. The “control panel” is really nice and has a lot of setting options. (My dog seems to favor heat setting #3 thus far.) I also like how you can set a timer in case you happen to forget and leave it on for a while. As you can see in the photos, the size is perfect for my 15-pound pup and she even can use it in her bed or as a top cover to create a “bed cave.” J I would recommend this pet heating pad.

    May 21,2020

  • Mike
    Outside cat is happy
    Works good for it's intended use I have it outside in a big plastic container that a stray cat sleeps in well she's not stray anymore I guess but she stays outside so if you are an animal of mine I am going to do what I can to keep you comfortable can't help what other people do with their animals I'm just concerned about mine and I stick the temperature controller / timer under a small table that stands right by her bed so am able to keep that part out of the rain, could also stick a paper bag around the controller are set up something where the controller is not in the rain but otherwise as long as the controller and the pad is out of the rain I see no problem in using this outside even though I know it's not advertised for outside use I've been using it every night for the last three months and it seems to be doing what its supposed to be doing

    May 14,2020

  • Tamee Getz
    Dog heating pad
    oh my gosh this is the best dog heating pad in the whole wide world my Chihuahuas just adore it they are no longer cold and it's big enough for all three of them to snuggle on and the best part is it is chew proof so if you have puppies they won't get electrocuted... I could use it indoor or outdoor and I don't have to worry about my little ones getting too cold especially when they come in the house from being cold they could get right back on there and stay warm it's perfect for the two chihuahuas and especially for the teacup. and the dash hound Chihuahua the black one likes it as well... They are not use to it yet but once they realize it keeps them warm they will learn to love it... I love how you could adjust the temperature on it and set a timer

    May 08,2020

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