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Haz reviews
  • Andrea
    Not bad
    I first got into 3D printing about 9 months ago and was immediately hooked. Part of that is because I started with a great printer, the Geeetech A20M. It was easy to set up and has been a great printer. The primary purpose I bought this printer was for its large build volume, and I found that there are many other pros that come with the printer as well.

    Jan 01,2021

  • Mark
    This machine has exceeded my expectations time and again. It has printed reliably straight from the box, setup and leveling were easy enough and I have not had any major issue with the printer to date. There are many pros. Very generous build volume. Excellent bed adhesion. Solid construction. Nice bed leveling. Great print quality!

    Nov 24,2020

  • Handsome boy
    Great printer
    The printer arrived packaged safely and tightly. Overall, printing worked well. It can print relatively fast and with high detail. My favorite feature is the large build volume. The heat bed heats up surprisingly fast and the build plate has yet to have any adhesion issues (while heated). The build on this printer is of high quality.

    Aug 19,2020

  • Andy
    This is a really good printer for both people new to 3d printing, and the experienced 3d maker.

    Dec 19,2020

  • J8J
    Great product
    Assembly is really easy, as one would hope. This printer can be up and going in under an hour.

    Nov 18,2020

  • Soki
    Recommend it to you
    I would recommend this printer to anyone looking to get into the hobby.

    Oct 01,2020

  • XXOO
    5 thumbs up
    Skip starting off with a tiny printer and buying bigger after.

    Oct 30,2020

  • LEE
    Better than I thought
    This printer has a very large print area.

    Dec 15,2020