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Haz reviews
  • mongamomma
    I purchased this because I was tired using foil to wrap my nails for gel removal was too time consuming and they would often fall off,this product is very simple to use and it allows for me to quickly check the soaking progress of my remover,i have small hands so the clips are not snug

    Feb 04,2018

  • T Hartwell
    The product quality is really good,and the best part is that they're really cheap,i had a little issue cause the order took a long time to arrive but I contacted the seller and got a really quick response and they solved my problem so i'm really happy with the purchase and def

    Feb 06,2018

  • Helina S.
    These little things are very handy,not the usual way but I could pick up certain things,i spent way less time with these than I did finding unique ways to wrap acetone soaked cotton balls around my fingers

    Aug 16,2017

  • Jennifer C.
    I did test how strong the clip is with a wet cotton ball and it was pretty tight (in a good way),they will make the gel removal process so much easier

    Jul 19,2017

  • Iliyana Dimitrova
    Nail polish
    Good color, the nail polish is easy to use. Perfect product from color to varnish quality.
    From purchase to delivery it was super fast
    Not found any problems, with the product, it is awesome! Perfect product from color to varnish quality.
    From purchase to delivery it was super fast

    Mar 08,2018

  • Mackenzie
    I used these for the first time this past weekend when I did my nails,once you get to the last couple of fingers on the dominant hand

    Sep 25,2017

  • Lawrence D. Hennigan
    Very handy as they stay on very well but they do get really tight and start to hurt my fingers,i don't have large fingers either

    Jun 13,2017

  • Foch
    I got this for my wife as a gift and she wants to say `` I love the colors and how good the product is,product came intact

    Jul 08,2017

  • Amanda S.
    They are easy to use and save money,i do gel nails for other women and this is a step up from the typical nail salon

    Jul 19,2018

  • RuslaG
    Жена заказала, я лишь посредник. говорит цвет достойный королевы или императрицы. немог не согласиться.

    Dec 04,2018