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Haz reviews
  • Matthieu
    Exquisite guy
    This exquisite guy requires a small amount of space and can legally be placed a few inches from the wall and cannot be underestimated. This projector is turned on and projected as fast as a TV. The picture is clear and sharp immediately. It runs quietly, and if you are only a few feet away, you won't hear it even if there is no audio playback. Turn on the sound and you promise not to notice.At least for me, it works nice. All runs generate significant heat around the unit. But for this Projector, this is not something to watch out for, but know that you might heat the room a few degrees during a long marathon or game session. Summary: Absolutely, super nice Projector !

    Jun 27,2019

  • T-squared
    This is truely a great projector. My family has been using it for past 4-5 days now and thus far it has just been great and many complements. I now have everything I could ever have wanted. A single remote that operates everything and an awesome bright picture. This projector is really Bright!! Really clear!!! And Really big!! Solely focused on the most lumens and Ultra Short Throw projectors that can be set on a table below the projection. The very first review of this projector completely missed the point of the technology in this projector...which is that it uses a laser source instead of the traditional lamp. Best picture, but expensive, hhhhhhh

    Aug 29,2019

  • Stewart D.
    Magical projector!
    Magical projector. I questioned whether this or another projector with a higher lumen count should be made, but I am very happy that I went to this. It has several brightness levels and is amazingly crisp and bright. It now lives with me in a man cave and is projected onto an ordinary white wall that looks amazing and I can play in my house in the afternoon. The effect of this projector is amazing.I am also an avid game, I am very happy how the projector works with my XBOX. There is no obvious lag problem. All in all, no complaints!

    Jul 03,2019

  • Heather D.
    Will not disappoint you
    It will not disappoint you. The resolution, color, blackness, etc. are great, the picture is very bright, and even if your room is not very dark, there should be no problems. 1080P and 4k are perfect. Except for some fan noise and the initial positioning of the projector, I don't have much complaints. Once set up, sit back and enjoy your massive images and gorgeous picture quality. This is awesome, especially for gamers and fans like me.

    Jul 11,2019

  • Lee Bracken
    Awsesome projector
    This projector is awesome! We use it in a commercial environment. It runs smooth and fast, and the cooling function is great, because we sometimes keep it working a whole day, it is not a good thing for the projector. We didn't use Crestron integration, but support exists, so we are happy if we do in the future. A little heavy self-install, but I am looking forward to it. This projector is highly recommended.

    Jun 11,2019

  • Fengmi 4k
    fengmi 4k on ALR Screen
    We are the manufacturer of XYScreen,we production and sell the screen by ourselves Any interested ,pls contact me to send you more detail information and price .XYScreen sales manager-Wendy ChouEmail: / wendychou@xy-screen.comWhatsapp/Wechat/Wechat:+86 18825134099Skype:XY-screen Wendy

    Aug 29,2019

  • Nick Cardenas
    Quiet projector
    Good packaging and everything is included. My past projector was very loud, but this one is quiet, especially compared to other projectors. The remote control also has a good sensor.

    Jul 15,2019

  • Darryl Felder
    Accurate color tone. It's not the best in terms of sound output, but enough to watch movies indoors. It actually went far beyond my expectations. A enjoyable experience!

    Jun 20,2019

  • Lenard G
    Sturdy packaging
    Sturdy packagingThe packaging is sturdy and strong. Because I was afraid that the projection machine was destroyed, but it was not even wet (received it on a rainy day)

    Jun 19,2019

  • Erik T.
    Really reliable
    I have been looking for a better projector for a while. This projector is great and has super high quality as described above.

    Jul 09,2019